According to the locals, the best shops for local t-shirts and original designs are Island Spirits and Island Brothers (unrelated stores). Both are owned by local surfers, and the owner of Island Spirits donates a percentage of sales to the Okinawa International Clean Beach Club. Sweet! Also, just off of Kokusai is Heiwa Dori (Peace Street). This is where people go for real bargain shopping with much cheaper items. There are many unusual gift shops in this area, so take the time to explore it! It is the third street after the post office on the west side of the street.

Kokusai Street View

Most of the stores are open by 10:00 a.m. and stay open pretty late. Some of the main side streets and shops close around dark because Kokusai has a nightlife separate from the shopping day. It is always busy with clubs, bars, and cheap places to eat until very late on the weekends.

Kokusai Shop
Kokusai Figures


  1. I’ve eaten at Steakhouse 88 and it was an overpriced greasy spoon diner. If you have 4 hours to spare waiting for food, then eat at Captain’s Group. The service was absolutely horrible and the dinners are overpriced. It’s definitely a tourist trap catered to the typical tourists that have big bucks to spend.