Sunday, June 16, 2019


Okinawa Matsuri
The Matsuri Okinawa show is the perfect introduction to all things Okinawa. Matsuri translated is “festival” and this show was a festival of color, history, dance, and tradition on stage. The show is translated in English so you truly become apart of every dance and performance on stage. Learning about Okinawa’s culture and history brings so much more meaning to living on this beautiful island. The performers are often coming down the aisles and interacting with guests making you feel part of the show and excitement. Starting with a narrated history of Okinawa in English, the Matsuri show then walks you through a journey of Okinawa’s most wonderful traditions dance by dance. Dances such as the Ryukuan Dance “yotsutake”, Taiko drumming (Chijinshu Wakata), and exciting dragon dances. A large Shisa playfully engages the audience by “biting” heads and bouncing through the aisles delighting all the children especially! The dragon dance was gracefully mastered by a team of performers also coming through the aisles enabling a very up close and personal view with the dragon! The Eisa dancers and taiko drum performance are Okinawan standards and in this theater brought the sound to a whole new level enhancing the performance and highlighting the precision.