50's Cafe l Okinawa Hai!
50's Cafe l Okinawa Hai!
Many who lived in the Courtney/ Ishikawa area knew of the delicious burgers found at 50’s Café. These same folks were probably as disappointed as my family was when the brightly colored sign pointing to the establishment was taken down for good. I am glad to say that after taking the 224 shortcut around Courtney, I stumbled back across this great representation of Americana which had not closed but merely moved.

50's Cafe l Okinawa Hai!

After stopping by for lunch I can tell you that the food quality is still as high as it was before. The ingredients are exceptionally fresh. The buns are custom ordered from a local bakery, the patties are 100 percent beef, and the lettuce, tomato and onion look like they were picked that day. I can also say that the French fries were crispy and perfectly salted.  The overall experience of biting into a 50’s Café burger is the perfect balance between the crunchy texture of the lettuce and grilled buttery bread blending with the smoked char of the beef cooked on an aged seasoned grill.

50's Cafe l Okinawa Hai!

You also cannot beat the value when you consider these are gourmet quality burgers for much the same price as the fast food counterparts. Most of the main items are around the 500 yen range.

50's Cafe l Okinawa Hai!

Yet as some things remain the same others are destined to change. The owners have decided to no longer serve any breakfast items, though you can still get great tacos and burrito rice. The Café is also more of a takeout style place. There are a few picnic tables outside and a small bar with stools inside but the seating options are far more modest than before. Parking is also limited as it is only found directly in front of the store.

50's Cafe l Okinawa Hai!

After my meal I chatted with the owner of 50’s Café, Mr. Oshiro, who explained the reasons for the move and changes. Apparently the location was the primary problem before. Business was great on the weekends but dead on weekdays. It was difficult to maintain a profit so he moved to a busier street and focused on selling quality food for customers on the go. The move has been a challenge as his Japanese clientele has increased but his targeted American base of customers have thinned out. If you enjoy his food, you can do him a favor by spreading the word.

Despite a few noted changes, the food is still delicious enough to warrant stopping by and stepping back into the 50’s Café. All items are displayed on the wall in English with pictures.

50's Cafe l Okinawa Hai!
Menu – click to enlarge

Payment: U.S. Dollars or Yen.

Phone: 098-923-2550, Mr. Oshiro speaks very good English.

Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., Closed Mondays.

Website: 50’s Cafe

Directions: 50’s Cafe has moved inside the Don Quixote Mega store in Uruma. You can find the store off the 33 (road that runs from Comprehensive Park past AEON Awase.

502-1 Shioya Hamahara, Uruma, Okinawa 904-2231
(〒904-2231 沖縄県うるま市字塩屋502-1)

Map Coordinates: 26.3474938, 127.8578632

50's Cafe l Okinawa Hai!

50's Cafe l Okinawa Hai!
Editor’s Note: The previous review of 50’s Cafe was originally reviewed on Okinawa Hai on February 14, 2013; you can read a PDF copy of that original review HERE. The post below is an updated take on this restaurant in its new location, published December 1, 2014.


  1. I have to concur that the state of cleanliness leaves much to be desired considering the dirty kitchen located near the washroom. From what i understand the move was due to loss of health certificate at previous location. Definite No go zone for me.

  2. Yes I never heard of the place before they went to donki hote (Don quijote, http://www.donki.com/en/store/shop_detail.php?shop_id=322). I agree 100% they best fries I have had (for their category). They are medium cut fries, crispy outside, flaky inside. Their burgers are great too. The philosophy of this place is not bigger is better, but perfect is better with perfect balance and perfect crunch. Go and order the bacon cheeseburger set its the best deal between the burger and fries you will be stuffed (Y1100; 1/3 pound burger).

  3. Just a heads up, 50’s Cafe has moved inside the Don Quixote Mega store in Uruma. You can find the store off the 33 (road that runs from Comprehensive Park past AEON Awase. The new accommodations look terrific and the food is as good as ever. There is also an advertisement with a map in the October Okinawa Living.

  4. This place is awesome! the food is fresh, cooked when you order,and good portion sizes, and the staff is very friendly. I have been enjoying their food for awhile to me they are the best place for burgers or anything else they have on their menu it is all good. I have tried alot of these so called burger places here on island and again to me this is the best place for taste and size. I wish them many more years of success.

  5. This place was super kool to visit. I especially like that fact that it has an awesome view of the ocean as well. You can chose to sit inside the 50’s themed style Dinner or relax outside on the deck with an amazing view of the ocean. Great find!!

  6. This looks strikingly familiar to a restruant that was close to Camp Courtney back in 2008-10 when I was there, it was between Courtney and Shields, then I believe it moved to Gate 2 street, then I think it closed. I couldn’t find the post on it here (although and I sure there was one at one time) I wonder if it’s the same place.
    Anyway, they had the best burger and fries in the area. Love, Loved the fries. And the 50’s Diner decor was fun too.