Here on Okinawa Hai, we like to think we’re having a conversation with all of you. Whether we’re discussing our plans for Saturday night, or talking back and forth about what we think of our housing situation, or sharing the joys and pitfalls of living overseas, we love knowing there are as many opinions about all of these topics as there are readers of this site.

Most of the time we roll with the punches and let things flow as naturally as we can in the hopes that we are fairly serving and representing our community. Sometimes we have to raise our voices in order to preserve this site as a safe and trustworthy space for people to speak openly and candidly.

Okinawa Hai has in place a comment policy which ensures that we all agree to disagree and turn the other cheek and do unto others as you would have them do unto you and live and let live and smile on your brother.

There are five rules.

1. We do not accept anonymous comments.

An anonymous comment has many guises.

  • a comment posted with the name “anonymous”
  • a comment posted with an initial only
  • a comment posted with no name at all
  • a comment posted with an invalid e-mail address

We reserve the right to remove anything that falls into this category, at the discretion of the editors.

2. Comments that are abusive or contain personal attacks will be deleted.

This blog has a diverse audience with a thousand different sensibilities and opinions. We really do want to hear from you. We want to hear your candid and honest feelings, opinions and experiences. Sometimes there will be conflict. We won’t always agree and that is fine. MORE than fine.

Just play fair, and remember: this site is for kids of ALL ages. Any comments containing profanity, expletives, or acronyms referring to such may be deleted.

3. You are responsible for the comments you leave.

Remember how your mom used to tell you, “Think before you speak“? Same goes for comments you leave on this site. Once you submit a comment on a post, it’s out there for everyone to read. As long as you’re not violating the other four rules we’ve got here we’re going to leave it up, for better or for worse. If you suspect what you want to write this very second might come back and bite you later, don’t leave that comment.  Take ownership for your words, because we won’t.

Okinawa Hai does not assume responsibility for comments left by readers of this blog.

4. Comments must be relevant to the post.

There is a goldmine of information in your comments. Especially when the comments are related to the post.

So if you have a question that is only loosely connected to or not connected at all to a post but you just had the notion to ask about where to buy dog collars right NOW even though you’re commenting in a post about how to hang pictures on cement walls then hold your horses. Stop and look for an article on THAT topic.

5. No blatant advertising.

Self-promotion for one’s business in the comments section is not allowed and will be removed by the site manager. If you wish to advertise in an official capacity, please contact our advertising manager at advertising  {The one exception to this is if you are a business owner who has had a post written by a third-party, and you’re commenting to address reader concerns, or to update any information that may be outdated.}

These are the rules. Anyone found to be repeatedly violating them can and will be blocked from leaving future comments at the sole discretion of our editors, who have the final say on such matters.  We’re all about free speech – heck, that’s why most of us are here, no? To preserve that right? – but not at the expense of others.

Ready to play?

Go forth and comment.

Legal Disclaimer: Okinawa Hai does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of any information on this site (either posts we’ve published or comments left by our readers); what you choose to do with anything you’ve learned here is your responsibility.  All published posts are reader-reviewed and submitted; as such it is up to you to determine if this information is accurate and without bias.  If you find information to be incorrect please leave a comment on the post or email our content editor with the corrected information.