Editor’s Note: A Danny was originally reviewed on Okinawa Hai on December 14, 2011; you can read a PDF copy of that original review HERE. The post below is an updated take on this attraction, published December 16, 2016.



Indian food! Now that I have your attention, allow me to impart some spice-laden wisdom about a particular Indian restaurant, A Danny Indian Restaurant, and why it’s worth a visit.

A Danny Indian Restaurant

The name, A Danny Indian Restaurant seems a little convoluted, but don’t let that put you off. This is some seriously good food. I’m both biased and extremely picky when it comes to the subject of Indian food, simply because it is my absolute favorite cuisine. So, how does A Danny stack up? In short, pretty well, but allow me to divulge a little more.

A Danny Indian Restaurant

Located a stone’s throw from Camp Foster and easily accessed from Highway 58 (it’s behind Sukiya; if you’ve gone past Warp furniture heading north you’ve gone too far!), it has a decent amount of parking and is in a prominent location. The restaurant itself is spacious and clean, with a good amount of seating. They can accommodate large groups but if you plan to visit on a Friday night or the weekend it may be prudent to book ahead.

A Danny Indian Restaurant

There is a well-stocked bar, booth seating that is slightly enclosed, giving you privacy and that VIP feel, and a huge window into the kitchen so you can watch your food being cooked. I like this feature in particular. It’s interesting to watch them prepare and cook the naan loaves of bread. The decor is actually fairly modern and not all that Indian, but overall the atmosphere is great. The staff is, for the most part, polite and helpful.

Let’s talk business now. The food. It is amazing. As mentioned previously, it’s all cooked to order, so you know you’re getting fresh. They have some great value sets available, which allows you to sample a good portion of the menu without breaking the bank (so you can try a naan, curry, and a tandoori dish on most of the sets, even more on their most expensive set).

A Danny Indian Restaurant

By far their best offerings sit in the curry section of the menu. They have a pretty good selection, including vegetarian-friendly options. Actually, one of my favorite dishes here is the chickpea curry. You can choose the spice level of each curry, and each one comes hot off the stove and packed with flavor. If you aren’t feeling curry, they have tandoori dishes too.

A Danny Indian Restaurant

This is also a pretty decent selection and goes great with a salad. They also do naan sandwiches, a great option if you’re looking for a light option at lunch time.

A Danny Indian Restaurant

Wash it all down with a drink from the aforementioned bar! A Danny has all sorts to offer. For those of drinking age who have foregone driving duties, you can sample beers, wines, and spirits, as well as cocktails. Underage or designated drivers need not despair, there’s plenty of sans-alcohol options too. Soft drinks, hot drinks, and smoothies are top of the list (especially the matcha smoothie, it’s divine!), but you can also try a traditional Lassi (yogurt drink, often with fruit in), or jazz it up with an alcohol-free cocktail.

Want the food but not the dining experience? A Danny offers take out! You can pick up and peruse a menu at the restaurant, or call to order. They have mini versions of the menu you can take home, handy if you want to order out but like to decide before you go. Another thing they have, if you’re feeling particularly brave/ hungry, is an eating challenge. If you can consume 5 curries, 4 rice dishes, 3 naan’s, and 2 tandoori’s in 1 hour, you will be the proud (and at time of writing, only) owner of ¥10,000 A Danny vouchers, and a nice mugshot of you (probably looking full and a little sick!) will go up on their wall of fame for all to admire.

Lastly, price. It’s pretty fair, you get what you pay for. You can save money by ordering sets though, and at A Danny, they accept dollar, yen, and card as payment, which is very convenient. Ready to give them a try? Here’s a location to help you out:


A Danny

Phone: 098-863-6683

Payment:  Yen, US $, credit cards

Address: A Danny Indian Restaurant, 2 Chome-12 Chatan, Chatan-chō, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa-ken 904-0116, Japan
Google Map

GPS Coordinates: 26.3024179, 127.76130119999993

Directions:  From the Foster Commissary Gate, take a right. Just past the 3rd light (Hamby Town San A) take a left into the Sukiya parking lot. Follow the signs to A Danny.



  1. We ate here here on a Friday night were subtle changes the biggest was a new menu which did a poor job at describing the curry types – suspect – new management or old management was trying to cut costs. The quality of the curry was disappointing at best. Suggest going to ajitoya or Napal spice kitchen.

  2. We have enjoyed A-Danny for quite some time. They have a great atmosphere that is welcoming, clean, spacious, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. They also have some superb Indian food that is by far the best we have consumed in Okinawa. I am writing this review though to compliment them on their stellar customer service. We go to A-Danny’s on a somewhat regular basis and typically we dine in. Yesterday, we decided to order take-out for the first time. Upon my husband returning home with our food, we realized, they had accidentally left a meal out. Since, I previously worked in F&B for a number of years I thought it would be best to notify them. Therefore, they would be aware for future customers. I assumed they may also offer a credit of the meal we paid for, but did not receive, for a future visit. However, when I called they were very apologetic, and the manager insisted on delivering the missing meal to us himself. I told him it was not necessary but he came anyways, delivered the missing meal, and for our “inconvenience” he even brought a complimentary 6-pack as a surprise for us. We were happy customers before, but they went above and beyond for the sake of customer service, and it genuinely meant a lot to us! A very special ‘shout out’ to Baba, the manager, who handled the situation like the true professional that he is. Baba is awesome, A-Danny is delicious, and I hope y’all will enjoy A-Danny too!

  3. This place is horrible. The first time I went I ordered the chicken curry and my wife ordered the seafood curry. The chicken curry was pretty bland and the seafood curry tasted fishy. It was horrible. I’ve had great seafood curry before and this was not it. It was the wrong type of fishy. I love food but this was the one time I’ve left curry on my plate. Avoid this place. Many people love it and I assume its because it looks very nice inside so they feel like they are eating at a fancy restaurant.

    • I forgot to post about the second time. I never wanted to go back but my coworker was driving so I didn’t have a choice. We all ordered the butter chicken curry and it was very bland. without much taste. and it smelled like armpit in the restaurant

  4. A-Danny in Camp Foster is fantastic! I have two favorite restaurants in Okinawa and this is one of the two. I’ve been here twice and could eat hear every day if possible. The restaurant has a beautiful décor and ambience and the lunch sets are superb. I have a family of 7 and we all love this place. This kids set is super good. Only one option but the kids really enjoy it. Bon Apetit!

  5. It is on the first floor underneath HIS travel. (Near the Son A outside Camp Foster Commisary Gate) This is our favorite Indan curry place on island, and now we don’t have to drive to Naha to eat there anymore!

  6. Went there today…incredible food! I love Indian food and this has the largest and best tasting naan hands-down. (The naan is as big as my head, if not bigger,and crunchy yet chewy…)Upon ordering you choose your spice level which i liked, too.

    Our lunch only cost Y800 (lunch special) that included a drink. The curry itself came in a small bowl. I used the naan to ‘scoop’ the curry and could not even finish my plate. (sooo much naan)

    The atmoshpere is modern and very clean. So much better than other Indian restaurants on island. The service was great, too! There were not many people inside…I hope business picks up…I would like to go back often!

  7. there’s one in in the kitamae/chatan area. it’s behind the sukiya fast food place. from foster commissary gate heading north on 58, it’s right after the araha beach light. if you turn left after the koban, police box, you will drive under an arch and park around the back of the building. the store front does not face 58. you should look for a yellow a-danny sign.