Ever have one of days when you don’t want to cook, but don’t really want to go out either?  Well, I have those days once a week.  With work, kids, and a husband travelling the world, there are days when I want to be served in a homey atmosphere where I can just eat, lounge and just veg.  Sort of like days when we decide to eat dinner in front of the TV instead of at the dinner table.

Agena Outside

Agena Soba Restaurant is just the place where I can do just that, but someone else is cooking and someone else is cleaning up.  The kids already know the drill.  We walk in, they remove their shoes, get their kiddie chairs and go to the tatami area of the restaurant (they also have American style seating).  I follow them and rest my back on the wall and after placing our orders, just watch Japanese TV, look at pictures in those Japanese comic books, or just sit and watch the kids do their thing.  Usually, there are other Japanese kids there and my boys play with them.

Agena Inside

Each set, which is usually $7 or less, comes with a bowl of soba, a salad, your main dish (which is usually huge) and mochi balls with soybean powder sprinkled on.  There’s a lot of different sets—chicken katsu, curry,  Japanese style roast beef, fried rice, noodles, shrimp tempura, chicken karaage… the list goes on and on.  They do have three new additions to the menu:  Chicken karaage, shrimp tempura, and a pork dish. No one speaks English here, but they do have an English menu.

Agena Chx

The service is always great and food is always wonderful.  Nothing fancy.  Just simple Japanese homestyle cooking.  Do note, though, that at lunchtime, the restaurant is usually packed to full capacity.
Directions:  From Camp McTureous, turn right and keep driving until you see a semi-T on the road.  Agena Soba, a white building is on the left with soda machines in front of it.  If you’ve passed Kentucky Fried Chicken, you’ve gone too far.

Hours: 11:00 am to 9:30 pm

Phone:   972-2211

Payment:  Japanese Yen

Menu:  Click for larger view
Agena Menu  Agena Menu 2


  1. We ate here today- the menu is a little different & prices are a little higher. The portions are massive. The staff friendly despite little Japanese on my part. My kids liked it. We will order only one set for my 7&11 year old to share next time- tons of leftovers.

  2. Great recommendation. Been on the island a month and just stopped in to this little restaurant. Easy to find, and plenty of food on the plate at a great price!! A family of four can eat a full meal (with leftovers) for $20-25.

  3. One of the best places we have been so far, been on island three weeks. There was plenty of food for five , two boxes of leftovers with a sixteen year old. Then the price was the best only spent 2100 yen. Tha will be a regular stop for us.

  4. If you go and eat at the restaurant and your little one takes a comic book to “read” I would suggest you give it a good once over. My daughter got a book to look at and thankfully I looked first because it very inappropriate, I would say for anyone, to look at.

  5. I agree w/Kara! Love, love, love seeing new posts around Mct. I think we’re often left out of things on this end. My family and I are headed here tonight for dinner. Definitely don’t feel like cooking and it sounds like a perfect meal, nice simple home cooked stuff at a decent price. I will let you know how it is, but it looks pretty good to me. Thanks again!

    • I know you McT and C folks are always saying you’re left out — I, for one, would LOVE to hear more about that area, and I’m from “the land of the Big BX” — but I *know* you have to have great places up there!!! These are all reader-submitted, so if you feel left out, it’s b/c no one from up there is sharing with us!!! I’d love to find some good eats up that way, so please tell folks familiar with the area to get postin’!! 😛