American Kitchen l Okinawa Hai

American Kitchen is a recently opened fast food place for one-stop delicious meals. Ordering take-out here is easy – I called ahead and by the time I got there it was ready! Piping hot and oh, so tasty! From the menu you can select several kinds of pizza, including fresh sausage, pepperoni and four kinds of cheese. They also have beef sandwiches on a fresh hoagie bun, tacos, taco rice, beef curry stewed to perfection and full of flavor, and chicken Thai curry.

American Kitchen l Okinawa Hai

I have personally enjoyed their BLTs, ham and cheese melts, clam chowder and minestrone soup. The restaurant is run by the same folks who own the Rose Garden, and they guaranteed my food to be fresh and prepared to my liking. I was able to ask for extra mustard for the beef sandwich, and a cappuccino topped with foam.

I think you will find, as I have, that there is such a variety of choices for your lunch and dinner. You can also buy imported potato chips, jams, and chilled beer. It is a little taste of food heaven just to be there.

Oh, and before I forget, the pancakes are to die for – soft and fluffy, topped with whipped cream and berries, or caramel apples. I will be back for more after tasting these superb dishes.

The diner-like atmosphere is so pleasant, and if the weather is nice the terrace with tables and chairs is available. Soft music is playing as a pleasant crew awaits your every request. The young Okinawan servers are so polite and the inside is immaculate.

Directions: From Kadena gate 5, go straight across Route 23 and continue straight. You will pass a Mr. Donut on the right. As soon as you pass it, look to your left and you will see A Price Supermarket. American Kitchen is right next to the supermarket, just before Lawsons.

Phone: 098-930-1313

Hours: 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

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American Kitchen l Okinawa Hai


  1. I first tried the pizza here and it is the best I have had off or on base. Then the beef sandwich, which is also excellent, not that thin steak like a Charlie’s steak sandwich’s on base. I used to love Charlie’s tacos. But I believe I have found a new favorite place to eat taco’s. The sauce is very tasty. The meat is seasoned to perfection and the shell is perfect, crunchy, but does not break apart with each bite. Recently they added a cheeseburger to their menu, the set comes with fries and a drink. The meat is juicy and like the taco meat seasoned to perfection. Their fries are better than McDonalds. Although parking is limited in front of the restaurant, you can park at A-Price and the Do-it-Yourself store, even at the Larsons. In closing I recommend American Kitchen to all. Go there and see for yourself. If you have ever eaten at the Rose Garden the owners are the same. Great food and good service is always appreciated, and you will receive both here.

  2. I am visiting from Hawaii and stopped at American Kitchen for lunch. I had the set menu cheese burger and it was great. It was delicious and the price was so reasonable. In Hawaii we would pay $12.00 + for a meal like that. They also have great coffee at a resonable price. I think the coffee is better than the major coffee house chains and much more reasonably priced. Before I end this, I need to add that the cheese cake is one of the best I’ve had. I would highly recommend you try American Kitchen and see for yourself what a great place it is.

  3. Not really impressed with the food here. After reading about the great reviews, I thought I would give it a try with my daughter. I had the tacos and it was not to my liking, it had a sweet taste to it. My daughter had their pancakes and it was just okay. She too, thought that is was okay; she usually can finish a med. size pancake at Climax and she only ate half of it here. We will not be coming back, with the abundance of restaurant choices here in Okinawa, skip it!

    • American Kitchen has my vote! I ate breakfast there and the pancakes were light and fluffy. Best I’ve had on the island. You can also order an extra egg to go with your set breakfast if you want more than one egg. Another day we had lunch there and the chicken curry was excellent. I think, for the price, it is a great place to get a good meal at a reasonable price and the atmorphere is pleasant and clean.

  4. This is one of my Favorite places to eat! Very convenient and close to my house, quick service and great customer service. I have caught the owner here several times and he and his wife are great people. The tacos are the best on island and the blt & beef sandwiches are my favorite. They also serve breakfast food but I have yet to try but looks and smells very delicious. Great place to eat if you want to leave happy!

  5. This is MY place! The coffee is a masterpiece! The pizza is not the weird cheese, soggy crust Okinawan, but instead it tastes like an Italian craftsman is in the back somewhere. I have eaten here often enough to have tried just about everything on the menu, and nothing has disappointed. The cheesecake is amazing! The real gem is the owner, Ray. It’s a good day if you can catch him here!

  6. I have had the opportunity to eat at “American Kitchen” on several occassions. It is a wonderful cozy place. The owner is “Ray” and he is eager to please. I have eaten the toco salad, bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich,clam chowder soup,and the four cheese pizza. If you order a take out pizza, the box will tell you how to heat your leaftover pizza if you have any left. I live on Route 23 and I see the big sign looking at me while I am driving home everyday. I have to say to myself, not tonight. It is great that I don’t have to drive far to get some delicious fast food that doesn’t taste like fast food. I recommend American Kitchen if you want a change from the typical fast foods. I can’t wait to try the pancakes!

  7. My wife and I just ate there and it was delicious. I especially enjoyed the beef sandwich and my wife said the tacos were on par with other places here on island (except Charlie’s of course)…overall I will go back and be recommending this place to others.