Blue Outside

Today we decided to have dinner at Blue Seal. Blue Seal is well known for its delicious ice cream, but they also have really good dinner options!

Blue Wall Menu

My husband and I got burger combo meals (about 550Yen a la carte, 800Yen for combo)).  You have the option of getting mild fries or spicy fries (which aren’t really too spicy). And your drink is included, too.  Once you place your order, you take a seat in one of the great red booths.

Blue booths

Blue drinks Your drinks are brought to your table along with a table order number.  And within 15 minutes your meal is in front of you!  I got the Teri-Mayo Burger. It was chicken thigh in teriyaki sauce and a good amount of mayo and was delicious. My husband got the avocado burger — also delicious! And, of course, we ended dinner with a yummy scoop of Blue Seal ice cream (270 Yen per person). What a great dinner for 2000Yen!


Here are the yummy flavors of Blue Seal ice cream offered:

• Vanilla

• Vanilla and chocolate

• Chocolate

• Mango tango

• Strawberry

• Strawberry and cheesecake

• Chocolate cookies

• San Francisco choco mint

• Ban-pa-co

• Pistachio

• Chocolate cookie swirl *NEW*

• Okinawan salt cookies

• Benimo

• Shiiquasa sherbet

You can also get most of these delicious flavors in soft serve too. Each scoop/soft serve is 270Yen, you can choose from cone, waffle cone or cup. Blue seal also offers delicious smoothies.

Hours:  10am – 1am, daily at the Chatan location

Chatan Location:  Directly across from Camp Lester (next to Starbucks) on 58. Leaving the commissary gate on Foster, turn right and you’ll see it on your left across from Lester. Leaving Kadena Gate 1, turn right and it will be on your right across from Lester.

Website for other locations:


  1. yes, there is a location between Starbucks and Autobacs across from Lester. There’s also the big one on 58 just after Arin Krin, before you get to Kinser. Then there’s another in Depot Island upstairs over Pink Dracula. Not to mention all the kiosks and other little locations all over the island – probably too many to think of right now.

  2. Is this the place with the neon ice cream cone, says BIG DIP? Right before the Starbucks and AutoBacs? The map location looks like this is the same place but I don’t recall a “Blue Seal” sign. It was daytime though…

  3. We love Blue Seal’s ice cream. Another reason to love them though, they do currency exchange! We’ve had some euros we had been holding onto for years now. Since banks are closed on Sunday we stopped by Blue Seal to check out their rates for exchange, and they were awesome. No fees charged, and the rate was maybe 3 euro less than the market exchange rate. Didn’t check the dollar-yen rate, but I almost want to bet it would’ve been better than community bank. Plus you get a coupon for 100yen ice cream!

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  5. Some Blue Seals have the tapioca drinks, some do not. I think the one by Starbucks on 58 does not, but the new one in Depot Garden does, if I remember correctly. Can’t remember about the big one. I love the mango with the tapioca balls and vanilla soft serve on top. Used to eat them for lunch all too often! 😛