Cafe Cielmer l Okinawa Hai!


Cafe Cielmer l Okinawa Hai!

It was the weekend before school started, and a celebration was indeed needed. Instead of going to the regular hot spot restaurants in Okinawa, we decide to take our two school-age children somewhere new. Café Cielmer is located on the Sunabe seawall right above the popular hair salon Borjon. I spotted it the week prior while walking the sea wall with my kiddos; it was lit up with welcoming windows that would reveal the gorgeous view of the Keramas at sunset. I knew immediately that I must try this Café.

We arrived to Café Cielmer around 6:00 p.m. on this late August evening. The seawall was swarming with prospects taking in the sunset and enjoying the cool breeze that was blowing in before nightfall. We proceeded to the second floor of the building, which allows Café Cielmer a perfect ocean view. To our surprise the place was completely empty. The décor was alluring, like an advertisement from Pottery Barn, with whitewashed beach-like tables and chairs that had a French country feel.

We sat at the table closest to the window to take in the gorgeous sunset. A professional young lady arrived at our table with two menus and carafe of ice water. My two hestitant kids began to ease into the restaurant setting, as this kind lady pointed out that the loft above the main dining area was for kids. They found some cute Japanese toys and books to play with while my husband and I enjoyed a glass of wine.

The menu was quite simple. Although Café Cielmer offers lunch and dinner, it was designed to serve the meal in courses (much like many fine dining restaurants). We decided to order different entrées to sample more of the menu. All meals included salad, soup, bread with authentic olive oil, pasta, main dish, dessert and coffee or tea.

My husband and I enjoyed the variety of flavors. The salad was a splendid mixture of leafy greens, traditional sesame-style dressing, tomatoes, pickled carrots, and chick peas smothered in a glorious tomato-based sauce.

The soup was served in a little cup and although small in portion, it was full of flavor. The next course of the meal was the pasta, which was served a choice of tomato, basil, or cream sauce. This was my 13-year-old’s favorite, served with a very light cream sauce which had hints of garlic, butter and wine. It was also topped with Japanese mushrooms, bacon slices and parsley.

By this time, my ravenous hunger earlier was becoming satisfied … yet we still had two more courses left! The kids were calm and happy as the sunset mesmerized us. The food was as artistic and delicious! I finished the entire course, and right behind it came the delicious desserts, which were served with coffee or tea. I was more than pleased with this dining experience the ambiance embraced us.

After we dined we walked the Sunabe seawall, and all agreed that this was a great way to celebrate the start of a new school year!

Directions: From Kadena gate1, take a left heading south on the 58 and get into the far right lane to take the first right at the stoplight toward the Sunabe seawall. Follow that road, at the second stop light take a left heading south after one block turn right toward the seawall. Café Cielmer is the second floor of a tall white building along the seawall (above Borjon Hair salon).
Hours: 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Friday & Saturday; 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. Closed on Tuesdays.
Payment: Yen or U.S. Dollars
Phone: 098-989-1327
Address: 1-64 Miyagi Chatan-Town, Nakagami-gun
GPS Coordinates: 26.3283292, 127.74481779999996


  1. Just an update. This place was cute and delicious. However, this place does not take credit cards. They take yen or dollars. Also, the last turn is a right toward the sea wall. Thank you for the post though! We ventured and tried this hidden gem because of it 🙂