Editor’s Note: Cafe Yabusachi was originally reviewed on Okinawa Hai on March 7, 2007; you can read a PDF copy of that original review HERE. The post below is an updated take on this attraction, published July 1, 2016.



Cafe Yabusachi is located in the southern portion of Okinawa overlooking the Pacific Ocean in a place full of stories, legends, and beginnings. Cafe Yabusachi is surrounded by the blue sea and the sky, and is a great place to have lunch, tea or a wedding reception. My family and I have not explored much in the southeast area of Okinawa so we were so excited to go try a new cafe and explore the area.

Cafe Yabusachi is in Hyakuna area of southern Okinawa and the cafe’s name – Yabusachi – comes from “Yabusatu-utaki” which is one of the 7 sacred places of Okinawa and located near the cafe. It is believed this is the place where the goddess, Amamikiyo, the creator of deity, landed after descending from the “Land of Gods” and buried in her hands into the soil and plants to create the Ryuku Islands. The entire area where the cafe is located has long been called Yabusatsu no Urabaru and worshiped as a sacred place.

cafe y view

We decided to go and have lunch and upon arrival, you are taken in immediately with the panoramic views of the ocean. This seems to be a very popular spot with the local Japanese; we were 5th in line at the time of opening at 11:00, however, we did not have to wait long before we were seated.   We were lucky enough to sit outside on the balcony overlooking the ocean. The cafe has a very clean, crisp decor with a modern atmosphere and the wall of windows draws your eye immediately to the view of the ocean.

white fish Cafe y

salmon 600

The menu was in English and our staff was very accommodating. I ordered the white fish with a wine sauce, my son ordered the cream pasta with salmon and my husband enjoyed the hamburger steak. The dish my son ordered came with salmon but he doesn’t like fish so the staff was very nice about changing the dish and actually brought the salmon on the side as an appetizer for my husband and me.

hamburger steak 600

cream pasat Cafe Y 600

The meals came with a set which included soup, drink and a salad bar. There are desserts and other drinks you can order off the menu. Our meals were reasonably priced varying from 1200.00 Yen to 1500.00 Yen. They only take Yen no credit card.

They also have a Tea Time from 3:00 pm to sunset. If you are looking for a destination wedding, they do cater to wedding receptions and advertise birthday cakes. They offer a wedding reception package that you can customize. According to the cafe’s brochure, they have 5 or 6 cakes available that are cooked daily but will take orders up to 3 days in advance.

35 coffee 600
Cafe Yabusachi also sells small items to include 35 Coffee; a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the coffee is donated to the Coral Reproduction Project.

The drive to the cafe is really nice and there are many castle ruins, natural springs, shopping, and beaches to stop at along the way.   We visited the ruins at Tamagusuku-jo site, Hyakuna Beach, Mirabu Beach, Ukinju-Hainju Springs, and the Kakinohana Springs.

I highly recommend taking a day and explore this beautiful section of the island.

Cafe Yabusachi

Website: http://yabusachi.com/
Facebook Page

Payment: Yen only

Phone: 098-949-1410

Hours: 11:00 a.m. until sunset, closed on Wednesday (open if it’s a holiday)

Address: 646-1, Hyakuna, Tamagusuku, Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture 901-0603

GPS Coordinates: 26.1417584   127.7954698

Directions: This is not the fastest way, but the easiest way. Take the Expressway south and exit at the Nishihara Jct/Haebaru. After you pay the toll and exit, the expressway continues. Get off the expressway at Haebaru Minami IC. Turn right at the first stoplight onto Highway 507. After about 5 minutes of driving, the road curves to the right. Follow the street and take a left at the first stoplight to continue on Highway 507.

Stay on Highway 507 all the way to the end. Highway 507 ends when it hits Highway 331. Turn LEFT onto Highway 331. Pass Route 17 and 48. After passing 48, you’ll still have to continue for another 3-5 minutes while seeing the ocean as you drive. After the second stoplight from 48 (no stoplight at this junction), start driving slowly. You’ll see the cream colored two story building with a crane painted on it on your right. Take a right into a driveway.

Plenty of parking available on site