At almost the moment we boarded the plane to Okinawa, my husband said “I hope they have a Fuddruckers on base”. Having never seen one on a military base and having sent his beloved 200 pound cast iron charcoal barbecue off to storage, he just sighed in despair. Sigh no longer, my hamburger-loving husband.

If you’re like my backyard grill loving husband and are craving a real beef burger slipped between a toasted bun, drive the scenic route to Nago and take a seat at Captain Kangaroo. The first thing you’ll notice when entering ‘Roo’s is the eclectic assortment of comfy chairs and couches -some of which are reminiscent of the military’s loaner furniture. Then there‘s the surfer-themed posters and knickknacks, and Marley’s greatest hits playing in the background. So not exactly Fuddruckers, but Fuddruckers doesn’t have this incomparable view:


The menu includes taco rice and a wonderful looking cheesecake, but we came to satiate a craving for burgers and were not disappointed. The English speaking waiter recommended the Roo Burger: a toasted sesame bun with perfectly grilled beef patty, melty cheese, crisp lettuce and delicious creamy sesame sauce, snuggled next to your choice of wedge or regular fries. It is easily one of the best burgers I’ve ever had, combining the taste of the backyard barbecue with the Japanese kick of sesame.


Captain Kangaroo is well worth the drive up to Nago. If you think it’s too far to go for a burger, just remember the drive to Fuddruckers is a whole lot longer.

And why not make a day of it in Nago and visit the custom made shoe shop that is just up the road from Captain Kangaroo!

Captain Kangaroo

Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat 11:00 – 19:30 last order. Sunday 11:00 – 20:00. Wednesday closed.

Address: 183 Umusa, Nago

GPS Coordinates: 26.5952706, 127.95815889999994

Directions: Take 58 north to Nago (or the Expressway until it ends and joins 58), then left onto 449. Captain Kangaroo is less than a kilometer on the left.

Telephone number: 098-054-3698



  1. We love this place, have been coming here since 2012. We stop here every time we are up north. We usually have a big group. The hours are Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat 11:00 – 19:30 last order. Sunday 11:00 – 20:00. Wednesday closed.

  2. If you go just a bit down the road, you will hit ToTo la Bebe, which was the first place winner of the Ginoza burger festival. Try the Avocado burger with wasabi, it is phenomenal. They also make everything from scratch.

  3. by far the best burger on the island! My wife and I just ate here yesterday. she had the teriyaki burger and I had the barbecue burger and it was so delicious!if you love burgers, and you’re making a trip to the aquarium, this place is a must!

  4. I ate at the Chatan location and also saw that today will be their last day. However, they had a sign up saying that the Nago location (referenced above) will still be open. It’s a sad day; their Sparky Burger is (IMO) the best burger on the island.

  5. The American Village location is closing down December 2nd! I am so sad it didn’t get more press as it is truly some of the best burgers I’ve ever had. Get out and enjoy it while you still can. Inside Dragon Palace (Across from Makemans and next to Sushi Go Round/Jon Jons building)

  6. I’ve eaten at the one in American village, it’s delicious. Try the sparky burger, it’s won awards! Covered in fried onions… Omg yum. This is the place my husband is going to want to eat the day he gets back from deployment. After Coco’s, of course.

  7. Hello folks. My wife tried this place out when we were passing through Nago once, and it was hands down the best burger I’ve ever had! Tonight we were strolling through Mihama’s Dragon Palace and saw that theres one their also now. If you walk inside dragon’s palace as if you’re coming from starbucks, it’ll be past the staircase on the right. I haven’t had the Mihama one yet but I’m bringing some friends along and we’ll be seeing if it lives up to the name this Saturday.

  8. We ate at the one in American Village last night & it was good 😛 My husband was impressed. It’s located on the first floor in the Dragon Palace building…at least that’s what I think it’s called.

  9. Awesome burger. Between this place and Gordie’s there’s plenty of places in the states that could learn a few things. Some friends and I spotted this place after spending the day at Mt. Katsuu and almost passed it up. I’m glad we turned around. Definitely going back.

  10. We LOVE Capt Kangaroo! Even better news? There’s one in American Village now!!! It’s tucked away in that building with the arcade on the top floor, a 3d simulator type show on the bottom floor, and a department store called “Joshua.” We just stumbled upon it the other day and were so excited!

  11. We always go here when we decide that we want to go for a ride on the bikes (motorcycles) This place has, by far, the best burgers we(my husband and I) have ever eaten, not just talking about in Japan either. My favorite is the Mexican Taco Burger and my husbands is the Teriyaki Burger. The guys that run the place really have a great thing going there. I’ve seen a few people mention Gordies, Gordies has nothing on Captain Kangaroo. ‘Roo’s is definitely worth the drive, every time.

  12. I ate here today, really not a bad burger. Lots of different salts and spices to add to the fries to add a little kick too.

    I’ll be going back one day when I can take a little more time and relax. Sign says that they close at sunset, but I suspect that is when the party starts going.

  13. We will have to give this a try as Jet City and Ishi are our favorite burger joints, Jet City being awarded the 4th best burgers on island-we are still continuing our search for the 1st place winner.

  14. Here is an option for a closer and equally delicious burger dive in Chatan called Gordies Burgers. I do not know the exact street but it is at the end of Chatan near KAB flight pattern. It is on the corner at the end of the street where the Seaside park and the baseball fields are. It is a small joint, but totally makes up for it with the taste of their delicious burgers.

  15. I will DEFINITELY be trying this place next time I am up north. I only wish I had known about it last week as we were up at Neo Park. It’s hard to find a great burger here. I look forward to giving it a try!