Should You Bring The Kitchen Sink?


I’m really interested in organics and locally grown produce and so was thrilled when a friend told me of the restaurant in the COSTA VISTA HOTEL.  She said it’s all organic or locally grown food (but I haven’t been able to verify this).  Either way, what a fantastic deal for a huge buffet!  It only works out as a deal on weekdays for lunch (11:30 – 2:30) when it’s 1700 yen per person (under 4 free) — for dinners & weekends it’s double the price.

There was a great salad area with gorgeous green beans, a whole slew of hot dishes, a rice/noodle/curry table, pizza/pasta/omelets on another, juices/teas/coffees, and a table packed with desserts.  I arrived with my 2-year-old (who loved it) and my newborn in arms (dumb me I forgot to bring in the car seat)…  when one of the waiters noticed, he BROUGHT ME a fully reclined stroller!!!!  So, great service as well.  We loved it and it has a FAB view since it’s fairly high up.

The Estrella Bar will probably be visited on a fun date night sometime as well…  they have various whiskeys that they pair up (you can taste 3-4 for 2000 yen, or so) — half are from Scotland, the other half from Japan. My hubby is a Scotch fan, so I think it will be a fun tasting to do sometime — and the view from the bar is just as great!

I’m a little unclear about the Hotel.  It has the EM logo and when I looked that up found it’s related to some sort of healthy additive made in Hawaii but discovered by a professor on Okinawa.  Little confused by that — but it clearly shows their interest in good health.  Couldn’t read any of the info about their Wellness Center & Spa, but am hoping to find out more.  Will let you know.  Enjoy.

Phone: 098-935-1664

Address: 39 Kishaba, Kitanakagusuku

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.302993, 127.79389349999997

Directions:  Leave Kadena at Gate 2 and drive down until the 330 intersection and take a right.  Turn left at the light that comes right after the Rose Garden Italian place.  Go up the hill for awhile until you arrive at a beautiful hotel — that’s the Costa Vista.  When you go through the main doors, you then walk until you see stairs on your right that take you down to the Estrella Bar and the Casa Verde Dining Area.



  1. We really liked Casa Verde. We went yesterday for lunch and the atmosphere was so nice 🙂 The food was good as well. Almost everything they sold there had the EM logo on it, which stands for Effective Microorganisms. All I can think of is probiotics when I hear EM so I need to do my research because I don’t know what it really means. They had croissants, fresh fruit, pizza, pasta, salad, curry, soup, fish, and other local dishes. We really enjoyed our time there. Great for a lunch date! I felt like it was a mini getaway…lol!

    If you’re coming from Foster, make a right out of the Macaroni Grill gate onto 330. At the light, before you get to the Rose Garden Italian Restaurant, make a right. If you pass the Italian Restaurant and A&W you’ve gone too far. Just make a u-turn to get back on track. The road will go downhill and then up. Follow the road all the way to the top of the hill. On the top of one of the buildings you’ll see a green EM sign with green circles. Parking is free. Yen only.

  2. I didn’t realize that this was the big white building with the “green circles” up on the hill that is so visible from Camp Foster. I’ve always wondered what that building was, and finally explored the area recently to find it. I was intrigued by the spa, too – did you ever make it up there for a spa day?