Cat Cafe 1
Cat Cafe 1
Cat Cafe 4
Cat Cafe

First of all, I love cats. I have even been referred to as a crazy cat lady. So when I heard there was a café where cats just hung out with you I was amazed and had to go. If you love cats, too, then this is a place you must go to. Especially if you love cats but may have a family member who is allergic so cannot have one as a pet. It’s also a great place for someone who may live in a house that is not pet friendly. You can go spend as much time as you want with these cats and never have to scoop a litter box. The cats here have been rescued and for some of them, this is their permanent home. I have been told that some cats are brought in then adopted out. I have been twice and almost all the cats from the first time were still there.

When you walk inside you will need to take your shoes off and grab a pair of slippers to wear. Also the lady will spray your hands with a disinfectant when you walk in to make sure you are not passing germs to the cats. If you go up the stairs where the tables are you must remove the slippers.

Cat Cafe Menu
Cat Cafe Menu

There is a menu; however, it is in Japanese only. The only English the owner has written down are some drinks. She does not speak any English at all. The drinks are Pineapple Juice, Mango Smoothie, Pineapple Smoothie, Lemonade, Banana Milk, Cocoa Milk, Green Tea, and Coffee. She calls it a “drink set” and you pay 720Yen. All you get is the drink and the reason the price is high is because it’s also like a sitting fee that goes towards the cats’ care. I believe some of the other things are cheaper.

Cat Cafe Drinks
Cat Cafe Drinks

There is food, but I you should have someone to translate the menu because I think it may change sometimes. I know there is Omelet Rice, Taco Rice, Mushroom Pasta, and some other pastas; but you’d need to know exactly which one to point to on the menu since the lady does not speak English at all. I have always just gone there to hang out with the cats so I only get a drink anyways.

Cat Cafe Inside
Cat Cafe Inside

The cats will be all over the place. They love to hang out in the bowls on the floor, on the pink couch, in the cradle, and even on the table you may be drinking or eating at. So if a cat lying beside your drink is a problem for you I wouldn’t go here. The cats are very well taken care of and clean though, so don’t worry.

Cat Cafe 3
Cat Cafe 3

You are allowed to take photos, but do not use a flash!

Cat Cafe 2
Cat Cafe 2

There are also some items for purchase such as bags with cats on them, magnets, pens, and random cat knick knacks.

Cat Cafe Exterior
Cat Cafe Exterior

Directions: From Foster Commissary Gate take a left. Go up to the light at 81 and take a left. Make your first right(it’s at a light), it’ll be like a sharp turn… like a U-turn almost. Start looking UP and you will see at the top of a white building “CAT CAFÉ” in red letters with an arrow. BEFORE you get to that building you will make a left. It’ll be the first left and it’s a tiny road (it looks like it’s going into a parking lot almost, but it’s a tiny road). Make a right at the next road (it’ll be pretty immediate). The café will be shortly up on the right. There are parking spots right in front and the wall is painted with some cats.

Payment: Yen

Hours: CLOSED on holidays
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 1200-2000 (final visiting 1900)
Wednesday 1200-1800 (final visiting 1100)
Saturday&  Sunday 1100 to 2000 (final visiting 1900)

Note: Last time I went she did not open the place until 1:30pm for some reason, probably had a personal reason. So just know mainly one person runs this place.


PLEASE REMEMBER the lady does NOT speak English AT ALL so if not being able to communicate bothers you then you should not go here. She will understand if you say drink and show you the list of drinks. Last time I went I just said “Pineapple” and she understood.


  1. “Cat Maru cafe okinawa 7 d okinawa inform hours of change business hours is becoming as change of the following month / Tue / Thurs / Fri B 12: 00 ~ 20: 00 (last visiting 19:00) Wednesday 12: 18:00 (final visiting 11:00) Saturday / Sunday 11:00 to 20:00 (final visiting 19:00) If the other there is a change in opening hours & store holiday, and at 00 HP blog. i will let you know .”
    – I copied and pasted this from Google translate on the new Neko Maru cafe business card.

    The website is actually

    I love exploring new unique and rare cafes in a foreign country. The cat cafe experience was different in a good way since it is something not common in North America.

  2. right hand board says (in order):
    Omlette rice
    (sauces – demi glace, white cheese, or catsup)
    taco rice
    mushroom pasta
    tuna/tomato cream pasta
    eggplant/tomato spag.
    roe spaghetti
    (sauces cream or lemon clam)
    all 680 yen
    French toast
    Ice cream set (choco and can’t read…)
    either for 380yen

  3. IF someone will update photo, I will translate the menu. The current photo has (in order):
    (left board)
    pineapple juice
    mango smoothie
    pineapple smoothie
    banana milk
    (following are hot/cold) cocoa milk
    green tea milk
    cafe mocha
    cafe au lait
    milk tea

  4. I went there today, and its still the same as whats been posted so far. The owner is very nice, and although doesn’t speak much english, she understands more or less what you’re saying. The cats are adorable. Remain forever vigilant over your coffee creamers and sugars. The little guys’ll steal them from you the second you open the container the owner brings them to you in. Overall, its a wonderful quiet spot very close to base. Very few americans seem to know of it, so if you’re trying to get away from that “military town” feeling, this is the spot. Plus you get to play with kitties!

  5. Went here recently and noticed a few changes since the article was written. You can pay 525 Yen for 30 minutes with the cats or 1050 Yen for unlimited time and a drink. She will give you a receipt when you enter with the time stamped on it to keep track. She gave us a run down of the ‘rules’ of the cafe in Japanese with enough English and hand motions thrown in to get her point across. Essentially you can’t take pictures with flash, pick up or feed the animals. The place was very clean, and the animals are obviously well cared for. I would agree that really young children would probably not be the best to bring here, but I imagine older children would do just fine. It’s a bit pricy, but a unique experience that is fun to do at least once while you are in Japan!

  6. To the previous comment~ I am very sorry I totally forgot to add to the post that it would not be a great place to bring young children– most cats if they haven’t been in a home with children get very nervous by their quick movements and their voices. It is supposed to be relaxing for you and the cats. Though I did mention very clearly in the post that they do NOT speak English…sorry if you missed reading that. As far as 750Yen per hour they only have ever charged me and people I know 750 for the drink set (which is just a drink– sounds expensive but also includes you being there). If you order food it’s the same. They use your money to help care for the cats! I am sorry if you had a bad experience. 🙂

  7. Hi we went today and thought I would share….They do not speak any English. They do not like active children, they have to be calm and quite. It is like a library….quite, serene, peaceful….not cool and playful. It is 750 yen per hour per person…..If you want to go in everybody has to pay. Even three year olds.. Over all I got the impression they had rather us not be there.

  8. I can’t wait to go! I can’t have a cat because my mum and little brother are allergic. But I’m always bringing stray cats home and attempt to persuade my mum and dad (mainly my mum because my dad doesn’t really mind) to let me keep it in my room only. But that do sent work, so when my mum told me about this I was sooooooo excited! XD

  9. I checked out the link you posted and if you use google chrome it will translate the page for you. The fourth tab on the top is the menu (in english if you translate the page!) That way you can order food if you decide to!