We’ve recently asked our writers to submit posts about on-base restaurants. These maybe obvious to most of you, but for those PSCing to Oki, it’s fun to know what “home food” they can expect.


Chili's Front

Chili’s Grill & Bar: Like no place else! 

Chili’s is one of our favorite restaurants. Since it’s close to us, we go there often! It is always busy, so make reservations or be there early.

The restaurant has a fun atmosphere. They have an open bar, booths, and the usual tables. Their staff is also very friendly. I usually get strawberry lemonade or a coke or occasionally a margarita. (Taxis are available to drive you home, if needed.)

We have tried all their appetizers (guilty!). My favorite is chips with the Artichoke and Spinach dip which also comes with salsa.  The dip is very creamy and cheesy. Another favorite of ours is the chips with queso. I also enjoy their buffalo wings.

Chili's Chips

They have a wide variety of items for lunch/dinner. We have tried some of their sandwiches, burgers (all of them actually – and YUM!), quesadillas, fajitas (brought out on a hot, sizzling platter that tells everyone at the restaurant you ordered Fajitas!). Our favorite chicken meal is the Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers. My husband’s favorite burger is the southern smokehouse bacon burger.

Chili's burger

I recently ordered the huge Chicken Mesquite salad. I really enjoyed it even though I am not much of a salad person!

Chili's Salad
Chili's Paradise For desert, we have tried their chocolate molten cake and the white chocolate molten cake – both are delicious. We found the white chocolate one a lot sweeter than the chocolate one. But our favorite is the chocolate chip paradise pie — and it is truly paradise! It has a chocolate brownie base with cake on top- which has some coconut and it is topped with a scoop of ice cream and drizzled with nuts and chocolate. The brownie at the bottom is warm and has a slight chewy texture. To die for. Makes my mouth water just to write about it!

The “Bottomless Express Lunch” is back by popular demand! $8.95, Mondays – Fridays , 11 am – 2 pm (Enjoy Chili’s bottomless soup and salad served with our house-made chips and salsa. Choose from our Baked Potato, Southwest Vegetable, or Chicken Enchilada soups and pair it up with our Caesar or House salad. Unlimited refills! Extra charge for chili)

Chili’s is where you get your money’s worth. My husband and I eat really well under $30. They also have a breakfast menu. But I have never seen it. We always show up around 11am and have the regular meals. But I have heard from my neighbor that their pancakes are delicious!

Chili’s provides car seat slings & high chairs and a kid’s menu. Your child gets coloring sheets and crayons to keep him busy.

They also have catering service.

Hours:   Monday – Sunday, 1100 – 2200

Phone Numbers:   To contact Chili’s or place a To Go order call 959-4454.

Chili's Map

Chili’s Too

A smaller version (with a more limited menu) is located in the USO near Kadena Gate 2.

Hours: Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m. – 9 p.m, Open 24 hours from Friday, 7 a.m. to Sunday, 9 p.m.

Phone:  For Chili’s Too or place a To Go order call 959-6495.

We have never been here but since it’s open 24 hours on week ends, we will surely give it a try. You can look up their to-go menu and more information at the following websites!


Chili’s Too


  1. My husband went for lunch with is co workers, and when he got is receipt back the waitress put her cell phone number on there! I already called her to let her know she’s a skank. And she was also supposedly married cause wedding ring. Work on your professionalism chili’s!

  2. I like the main chilis. Strawberry lemonade is awesome, and I usually get one of their salads with grilled chicken. Ithe chicken doesn’t exactly taste the same as in the states, but it’s fine. I’m not a fan of chilis too, I ate there once and got sick. Probably just a one time thing, but I’ll just stick with regular chilis. I’d obviously rather go get some sushi off base, but chilis is convenient and reminds me of home. 🙂

  3. i went there 2 weeks ago and it was good i enjoyed my steak, my service was great and it was packed in there, i felt like i was back in america, fat people, heart clogging food, but if u actually got something healty you wouldnt have that issue, people complaining about how slow the service was and all the typical signs that we as american haven’t evolved! i say check it out

  4. I have eaten there many times…I have never seen bugs or a terribly unclean atmosphere. I am picky about that and I frankly have been unable to feel comfortable eating in most of the places on Oki because of the “unclean” feeling. This island…as nice as it can be is loaded with roaches and rats…so I think all these places are going to have that problem. As far as the comments on fatty foods. I am very in shape and athletic. Food does not make people fat…it is abuse of food and lack of the physical that does. Lets not twist the facts ….Macaroni Grill and Chilli’s too are both great places to eat in moderation. ENJOY 🙂

  5. This is clearly for those that are afraid to try local foods. Chilis is typical American rest. which serves fatty foods, overly priced, with horrible typical American service! If you want to be fat and overweight…then this is the place for you. If your excuse is the language barrier…dont worry, they’ll have someone that can communicate in descent english.

  6. It’s gross, it’s typical, it’s not cooking, it’s not a restaurant, it’s a microwave reheating facility for precooked, chemical filled, “food-stuff” items. The worst of America showed up to represent overseas. I’m embarrassed. But dang, I have to admit my hypocrisy….i like the chips and salsa (if not stale), I do, I do, I do…but nothing else! Nothing!

  7. I’ve lived on Okinawa for many years. Chili’s had always been one of my favs – healthy or not. However, the last two times I’ve gone there in the last month or so, I’ve noticed a decline both in the food and the service. It would not surprise me if there are bugs there – it’s not the cleanest restaurant I’ve ever seen. For now, I’ll eat elsewhere.

  8. My family had dinner at the main Chilis very recently and we were so disappointed. It was our first time eating there as we prefer to cook at home and also to explore the options off base if we eat out. Chilis parking lot and entry way had a strong burnt smell and we thought that was odd. It was crowded but the wait wasn’t too long. The service was slow. The food was EXTREMELY hot and overcooked. My 6 year old’s corn was so hot she could not touch it. When it cooled, it was mushy. My husband burnt his tongue and I burnt my lip on our appitizers, almost at the same moment. It was as if the cook was deep frying everything (including food not meant to be fried) and maybe reheating in the microwave too? It was just unbelievably hot and we had to wait to eat it, after waiting to be seated and waiting on slow service… It wasn’t worth the time or the money. We will never go there again. Not even sure if I want to try Chilis 2 either? It was that bad. As for the empty headed spouse comment, I don’t understand why making your point about Chilis needed to include insults to any group of people? How does that make your review more credible?

  9. I only see one empty minded person posting here. It’s ridiculous to say that just because we all live in Okinawa, we should never eat America food on base. Do you only eat American food while living in the states? Yes, it’s true that they were shut down for a bug problem. It has since been cleaned up. We do not eat at the main Chilis often because of the extremely slow service. We do enjoy Chilis Too though from time to time. The service is always great in there!

  10. I enjoy Chilis and Chilis Too because it’s nice to take my toddlers out (I have twin 17 month olds) with out having to completely wrestle them into compliance and obedience. Perhaps it’s just me, but at off base restaurants I feel like our family needs to be very obedient and polite. Which Is often more easier said then done with my two. It’s nice to have on base places to eat because I feel like if my girls get a little more rowdy and loud Americans are used to it at a family restaurant. I would love to be able to explore more, but dealing with a full bowl of soba my girls are trying to get their hands on while asking the server for more water in Japanese is often more stress then I would like during a nice meal.

  11. (Im the 1st Ashley- 3rd comment)

    I wasn’t saying bugs were at the places I eat because I have never personally seen any. For example I’ve never seen bugs at Chilis but others have. And I don’t know the sanitation codes for Japan. I was just saying I think bugs are more common than people think and just because you don’t see them in the ones you love doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

    And I’ve been to MANY off base restaurants all over the island. I prefer off base, but it does get expensive sometimes like others said.

    I will try Chilis Too soon, we have never went there!! 🙂

  12. I agree with the others. It’s not right to call us empty headed just because we eat on base. Yes, eating off base is great and we prefer it, but sometimes it’s more expensive or not exactly convenient to pull out more yen than you need on the weekends.

    I do have to say though, that we don’t go to the main chili’s. We always go to chili’s too. They have all our favorites, and there’s never much of a wait. We get fast, quick service and our food tastes a lot better there.

  13. Yikes! So many harsh comments about Chilis. As much as I love eating off-base at all the local places, (sushi, soba, curry- yummy!), every once in a while, I just want a little comfort food from home. Chili’s is great for that. Free refills, crayons, and singing on your birthday- all fun! Actually, we go to Chili’s too because it’s quick and there’s never a wait. And, no, I’m not empty-headed for that.

  14. Wow Ashley….how are you going to call spouses and dependents empty headed just because they want to eat at Chili’s? I mean yeah I don’t like it but I do like to eat at Chili’s too occassionally because I really like their food. But my family has also taken advantage of all the off base establishments as well. I agree with Shannon, you shouldn’t judge people before you meet them. That was very immature of you.

  15. I have a few months to go before I arrive in Japan, so I love these articles that give me an idea of what is there. My daughter and I were both excited to see that there is a Chili’s on base for one reason only – SALSA! It’s the only thing we like from Chili’s.

    Before any ignorant soul goes making the assumption that we are empty-headed, however, I’d like to point out that we also look forward to exploring the restaurants available off-base. Our purpose in trying to get an overseas assignment was to expose our daughter to another culture. Of course, not everyone is in Japan for that reason; some are there because that is where the military sent them. If they choose not to expose themselves to the culture as much as others might, that is their choice. Additionally, I’m sure it is probably cheaper and more convenient at times to eat on base rather than head off the reservation, as it were.

    I think you have probably figured out that I was a bit offended by the empty-headed military spouse and dependent comment. That’s myself and my child you’re talking to and all I have to say is this – don’t judge those you don’t know. Many of us would surprise you, and even if we don’t, we deserve respect until you know us well enough to lose that favor.

  16. First of all, I would like to say that Chili’s is disgusting. Most people haven’t been on island long enough to remember when Chili’s was “closed for renovations.” If you were here and remember that fiasco you will recall that once it reopened there weren’t many noticeable renovations. Why? Because Chili’s got shut-down by the health inspector due to lack of sanitation, primarily in the kitchen, not for renovation purposes.

    Secondly, if Chili’s was a clean restaurant I still wouldn’t eat there because it is completely unhealthy. Additives, preservatives, excess trans-fats, saturated fat, sodium, etc. in their meals is ridiculous. And people wonder why America is the fattest nation?

    Lastly, for the girl who mentioned that bugs are common in restaurants, perhaps she should consider eating in different venues from the ones she normally selects. Bugs are NOT common in restaurants that meet the health department’s sanitation code.

    I think people need to venture off-base, experience the food and culture Okinawa has to offer. When are most of the people stationed here going to have an opportunity like this again? Probably never. Open your mind, learn something, and branch-out so you’re more than another empty headed military spouse (or dependent) with nothing to show for your time here.

  17. I’m pretty sure ANY food place is going to have bugs at one point. It’s just a fact of life. FOOD=BUGS. I know its gross… but it’s true. Especially in a warm & humid climate like this. You’d probably be surprised at how many places have bugs, rats, etc. Just sayin…

    My husband LOVES Chili’s. He loves the steak. I’m sick of it because he used to always want to go there! Although I still go because its close and its American food and better than the “base” restaurants.

  18. I will NEVER EVER eat at the main Chili’s(across from the post office) again. We ate there when we first arrived on island and I was almost done with my meal when I noticed there was a BUG under my chicken tenders. YUCK!! It looked like it had been fried with the tenders. GAG…now Chili’s too on the other hand I LOVE! We go there quite frequently. 🙂

    • Honestly- worst experience!!! We had an hour & 15 to kill before a meeting & knew dinner would be late if we didn’t stop somewhere prior to our meeting. My husband and I were seated in the bar area @ there were 7 ppl at the bar and 8 open tables on the bar side. They weren’t busy for a Sunday at 4:30. We sat for 15 minutes and not one person greeted us or even took our drink order. Needless to say, we left pissed. As a former employee to Chili’s while in college stateside- this is embarrassing for you guys & you can bet our friends will hear about it & we won’t be visiting again. While looking around concerned (sign for any server or manager that somethings not right) I noticed a few female servers talking in the back nearest the kitchen & playing with their hair. Big no no & gross!!!! Very poor customer service chiliheads! :/