If you’re in the Courtney/McT area looking for a decent meal for a decent price, the Chinese Dragon is the place for you. I’ve been there twice now, and both times our food was tasty and cheap. Lunch sets consist of the main course, rice, soup, chicken nuggets, pickled veggies and a drink four about Y650.

This was Jen’s Beef chop suey set:


My Beef and Veggie set:


Eden’s monstrous size bowl of Mizo Soba Soup:


Toss in a side of gyoza and I guarantee you won’t walk away hungry.


Diners can choose between extremely roomy western style booths:


or traditional Japanese tatami mats:


The staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is extremely relaxed. The locals treat it more like a casual family gathering space than a restaurant, with small children tumbling around the tatami area, and older kids running around the restaurant.

Keep in mind, this is not haute cuisine.  Your taste buds are not going to spasm in ecstasy. But it is way better than the gluey Manchurian Wok fare offered up at base food courts. And it’s so affordable you can treat the family to a night out without applying for a loan to do it.


The Chinese Dragon

Payment: They do take Yen. Unfortunately I forgot to ask if they take credit card or American dollars.

Hours: Open 11am – 11pm 7 days a week

Address: 4 Chome-12-1 Midorimachi, Uruma

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.3770039, 127.85521930000004

Directions: Chinese Dragon is located on 75, 1.5K south of Courtney’s commissary gate on the left hand side of the road. If you’re coming from Kadena area, head up 330 (which becomes 75) until you pass the 8. The Dragon is just ahead on your right.


  1. Had ramen dinner for two @ the Courtney location tonight and only spent $12 total. Hubby had the Okinawan ramen and I had the garlic ramen and both were delicious! Be forewarn that the regular ramen not labeled Okinawan come out in ginormous bowls! I barely (with several breaks) finished mine. Great prices. Good food. Broth was very tasty. Will definitely come back!

  2. I love the one at Courtney, but im very dissapointed about the one at Foster. I feel like they are anti-American. The first time we went we waited about 15 minutes to get service and the locals that came after us were getting served first. Then we walked out!

  3. Dragon is a cheap eat with huge portions. Yes, it is pretty dingy and I have witnessed on more than one occasion the chef taste what he is cooking and then put the tasting utensil back in the cooking pot. This being said, I have still been there several times and it has been packed every time. My opinion of the food has changed–I really enjoy the ginger-flavored pot stickers, while some of the soups are bland. The other item I like is the BBQ beef–I believe that is what it is called on the menu. All in all, I am a foodie who appreciates high-quality food. This isn’t one of those places, but you can’t beat the bang for your buck. They are very hospitable even when my kids spill drinks and make messes. Near the jug of self-serve water is a jug of complimentary self-serve tea. It is hard for my kids to reach the table if we sit in the booths, but they do have tables and chairs as well as a traditional Japanese tatami mats on the floor. Two adults and three children left stuffed without eating everything we ordered for 1,200 yen.

  4. We really enjoy the one by Courtney…cheap and large servings! However, we recently ate there for lunch and I found a chunk of kanji in my teeth! Uck. They do allow smoking, so as long as you don’t mind swallowing smoke with your bite, it’s a decent place to go on a low budget. Not very kid friendly…the tables make it hard for little ones to reach, with no highchairs. (Not sure if they have boosters, they’ve never offered those either)

  5. I’ve been to the location near Foster as well as near Camp Courtney. Although they are owned by the same owner, the Camp Courtney location does seem a bit cleaner…Foster’s location (in terms of cleanliness) leaves a lot to be desired, but I guess if you cook with woks and oil ALL THE TIME, the walls are expected to be dingy. That said, if you can stomach the “greasy-spoon” like atmostphere, the prices are really affordable. Monstrous portions too.

  6. Yeah I agree with you Paul. I went to the Courtney one and I was not impressed at all. Being Chinese myself, I can’t believe they call that Chinese food. The service was bad and the glaze over the main dish helps with the look but not the taste and the egg drop soup was just bland. It may seems cheap for the helping but I have a lot more healthier and tastier options for even cheaper price around the corner.

  7. My kids love this place. It’s a ton of food and my two younger ones will usually share. It’s a hole in the wall chinese place so go to it expecting that. I think it’s family run because I have seen the same 8 or 10 workers there for the past 5 years. It sure beats McDonald’s for nights that I don’t want to cook and it’s cheaper too!

    They will take dollars.


  8. We use to eat at the Dragon near Foster and I haven’t noticed a difference in service but I did notice that the one near Courtney seems a little cleaner. I don’t look closely at the floor as I enjoy the fried rice – almost the best I have tasted on-island. I also enjoy their gyoza. It isn’t a gourmet outing, as Dasha mentioned, but good for a quick meal to feed large families or for those who like leftovers!!! Great post Dasha – you never cease to amaze me!! Can’t wait to do lunch soon!!!

  9. Dasha, I’m glad to hear your comments. I too was not impressed with it. So many people rave about it, but I really wasn’t pleased at all. For a cheap meal it is ok, and I can understand people liking it for that reason, but not for quality of food, or cleanliness of facility.

    It is most definitely a chain owned by the same people though.

  10. Alicia, if you come out the commissary gate, take a right on 58. Take a left at the Cow Cow car lot, and it’s down the street on the right hand side. It’s kind of hard to miss, I’ll go by and get a picture from the outside for you and add it to my post. Personally, though, I wasn’t impressed with it the time I tried.~ Dasha

  11. Definately seems to be a sister branch to the one near Foster. I love the food at the Foster branch, tasty, generous and cheap, but the service is not great and the interior is rather dubious, guess thats what cheap gets you.

  12. Great place to go, super cheap and it is pretty good food!! Not to mention a HUGE helping 🙂 They have iced tea in a cooler or water for free. They do take US dollar, but no credit cards!
    Only downside for me ->> you are still allowed to smoke!
    Thanks for the great post Adventurist Dasha!!