CJs Exterior
CJs Exterior

When we first arrived to the island a few weeks ago, jetlagged and still scoping out our new surroundings, the familiar was a comfort. This was what we found and more at CJ’s Sunset Grill at Torii Station.

CJ’s food is American style – burgers, hotdogs, pulled pork sandwiches, ribs, fries, pizzas – for those times when you’re just not feeling adventurous and crave a taste of home. My favorites are the tender pulled pork sandwich and the soft crust pizza loaded with bubbling sauce and cheese. My kids also love their jumbo sized hotdogs and fries. One hot dog is enough food for two hungry little ones! Customers order at a window and pick up their food when it is ready. Service is quick and friendly and plenty of seating is available either under an adjoining pavilion adorned with tropical ceiling fans or outside on the patio.

CJs Sandwich
CJs Sandwich

Now let’s talk about the view. Wow! You can’t get any closer to oceanfront dining than at CJ’s. The restaurant is situated directly on a gorgeous white sandy beach. Coming from the parched plains of Kansas, I drank in the sky blue sea and salty breeze until my head started to spin. And if gazing at the sea isn’t enough enjoyable enough, you will be entertained by the occasional military plane or pair of helicopters flying overhead.

CJs Torri Beach
CJs Torii Beach

For those with children, CJ’s is my dream play land come true. We are all familiar with grueling, head splitting hours spent in stuffy fast food restaurants trying to wear our kids out. When the waterslide next to the restaurant is open (Fri -Sun 1000-1800), I am able to enjoy a tasty lunch at a table with a clear view of my little ones while they cruise up and down the slide as many times as they please. Two hours later, they are ready for a nap and I am rejuvenated by some much needed quiet time by the sea.

CJs Pizza
CJs Pizza


Directions: Head straight through Torii Station’s main gate (on Hwy 6 – 2 km west of Hwy 58). Turn left at the t- intersection. Continue to follow the road as it veers to the right towards the beach. Parking lot is through the beach gates. Walk through the playground to reach CJ’s.

Phone: 644-4008

Hours: 1100-2000 Mon-Sun

Payment: Dollars preferred, but yen and credit cards are also accepted.

Menu:  Click for larger view

CJs Menu
CJs Menu


  1. Heard about this place and had e-mail contact with the managers even.
    We smoke meats and are Kansas City BBQ Society certified Judges. We have competed in several contests and even placed #1 with our brisket. We have smoked dozens of briskets here on Okinawa and in the states. We have smoked many Boston Butts, turkeys, fish, chicken, ribs, nuts, cheeses, if it can be smoked we’ve probably done it.
    There is no smoke flavor in CJ’s so called brisket. What they served me and the wife yesterday was not beef brisket, some sort of beef roast probably. The pork wasn’t pulled, it was chopped. The color photo menu shows beans, corn bread, slaw with carrots in it. Not what they serve. The best part of the dish meal were the 4 onion rings as the side.
    We don’t have time to try anything else there, maybe the burgers are ok, the cheese steaks looked good.
    If you want honest, down to earth, real BBQ you won’t find it at CJ’s, Naps, or Seaside BBQ either.
    Wait until you get back to the states and hit a mom and pop joint for BBQ, not a chain restaurant.

  2. Take 58 North (that would be a right out of the Foster Commissary Gate or Lester’s Main Gate) until you get to Route 6. Route 6 is quite a ways from Foster on 58, so don’t get worried that you are going to far. You will pass Kadena Air Base Gate 1, Kadena Air Base Gate 4, Hwy 74 on your right, Hwy 16 on your right (it may say Furugen to the left on the sign) and then shortly after that you will see the sign for Route 6. Keep in mind that you are staying on 58 until you get to 6. I just listed those other roads as landmarks for you. Turn left onto Route 6 (towards Cape Zanpa). Stay straight on 6 through several stop lights until you see the main gate of Torii Station on your left hand side. There will be a gas station and a Family Mart on the right before you reach the main gate on the left. Turn left into the main gate and go straight towards the water. You will come to a stop sign, stay straight. You will come to another stop sign, turn left. I believe the first paved road on your right is the one that leads you down to the beach with the big white U.S. Army Torii Station sign overhead. If it is not the first paved road, then look down all the roads on your right until you see that big white sign. Turn right onto the road with the sign and go straight to park. After getting out of your car, if you are looking at the water take a left, walk down the beach past the Restrooms, Scuba Locker, etc and there it is. We love their pizza and their Margaritas are AWESOME! Hope you find it.