Editor’s Note: Coffee Casa was originally reviewed on Okinawa Hai on April 16, 2008; you can read a PDF copy of that original review HERE. The post below is an updated take on this attraction, published December 14, 2016.



This is my friend and me after having coffee and brunch outside of Coffee Casa.


If you don’t live by Kadena Air Base you may not know about Coffee Casa, but if you do live in Sunabe you may have heard of it. It’s the cutest little coffee shop where you can get freshly brewed coffee, homemade bakery treats, and pasta or sandwiches for lunch. In the morning you can choose from bread plates.

coffee-casa5    coffee-casa4

There are different types of bread options such as french toast, cheesy toast, or the homemade bread baked fresh, and it’s served with scrambled eggs and your choice of bacon or sausage. I have yet to eat there for lunch, but the menu option of sandwiches and varieties of pasta especially fettuccine will have me coming back for more. For my first time, however, I ordered the lite breakfast plate which is eggs, sausage or bacon and your choice of smaller scale bread. I chose the lemon coconut and it did not disappoint!

They have hot or cold coffee, lattes, espressos, etc. My favorite part is, of course, the pretty designs on the lattes!


My little girl loved the “movie theater” seats while she waited for her cinnamon walnut bread. I had a taste and it was to die for! Also, there’s a toy area for the kids to choose something to play with and bring it back to their table. Perfect when you want to chat with your friend and your children have something new to entertain them with! It doesn’t matter what you bring it’s just something new they want, right?!

coffee casa

The decor is very retro and hip. Perfect little place to meet for coffee, small lunch, or sit out on the deck and get some work done.



Coffee Casa

Payment: US$ or yen (no credit cards)


Hours: 7am-5pm

Phone: 098-936-8141

Website: https://www.coffeecasa-okinawa.com

Address: 3-51 Miyagi, Chatan
Google Map

GPS Coordinates: 26.3308512, 127.74451769999996

From Hwy. 58, turn onto the street with Lawson’s and US Auto Sales Car Lot on the corner.  Go down this street past 2 stoplights.  At the 3rd stoplight (the last one before you hit the seawall), turn RIGHT.  Go down for about 2 blocks.  The street will begin to widen.  Coffee Casa will be on your left-hand side of the street.  The small bldg. will have a front wooden porch with a green awning and is next to Kebab House restaurant.

parking: Parking can be a bit of a situation. You have to find street parking that isn’t blocking a driveway or entrance to a house. I was able to find a spot down the road from the shop, so keep that in mind when meeting a friend or eating with little ones!


  1. Parking is awful as it only had four cramped spaces. The coffee was pretty good but smokers in the front ruin it if you are sitting near the door as the smoke blows in. All in all a good cup of joe!

  2. I am shocked at the reviews…I had to double check if this was the same cafe casa I am use to….Cafe Casa is close to my heart, one of my favorite coffee places. I go there at least once a week for their lattes. Yes parking is not fun but there are other options like parking the sorrounding area side streets. Problem fixed! I have not tasted coffee like theirs anywhere else on Oki. Its the best!

  3. Parking here is terrible, I had to move my car several times during the course of my latte. Also, there is no wifi whatsoever. Seems like a regulars hangout and outsiders are not welcome. If you live within walking distance it is worth a shot, if not pass it by or you’ll be up every minute moving your car.

  4. I visited Coffee Casa today at lunch and there was only one person working the cash register and making the drinks. Took a long time over 25 minutes for my coffee and pastry. The parking situation is awful as the space is very limited. Not worth another visit.

  5. I know the owners very well and for everyone saying mean things on here of course she has to serve the cheaper coffee to customers at a higher price. That is how they need to make a profit to stay in business. If it wasn’t for the many people drinking one coffee all day and sitting in the place they could get better coffee. So if you don’t like it don’t come!

  6. Nice location, but the parking is terrible and inconvenient. The staff seemed very helpful and the coffee was about as good as the local Family Mart. Over priced and seemed liked a day care center with all the little kids. Not my cup of tea and would not go again with the high prices and atmosphere.

  7. I am new to Okinawa and just moved in across the street and decided to check this place out. Upon entering the casa you are greeted with an aroma of something decaying. This might be due to the garbage that was piling up by the back bathroom wall. I went to order and waited about 5 minutes for the lady to take my order. I looked at the baked goods they had and she stated I could have the lemon cake at a discount since it was from yesterday or the new one was 80 yen more. I passed on both. I sat down near the front door on a two seat table and waited for my coffee as I enjoyed my books on the iPad. No wifi was available here. My coffee came pretty quick and it was nothing special. About 10 minutes into my drink I was asked to move my car so someone could pull in. Living across the street and not having my car there I politely said it was not my car as I live across the street. The lady went back and got another employee to ask me the same question, to which I stated it was not my car. About 1 minute later I have some American lady yelling at me due to the Coffee Casa staff telling her I refused to move my car and they are started being belligerent. I told the staff is this how you treat your customers? The staff member replied that the American lady is a long time customer and they need to move the car. Now a male employee from the back comes out and takes my coffee and asks me to leave in “my car” and not come back since I won’t listen to them about moving it. Being new here to Okinawa, I just got up and went back across the street walking as the male employee said something in Japanese to me with the American lady looking in awe thinking I just left my car there. As anyone would expect for my next 3 years I will not visit that place again. Not worth the rudeness and the coffee was about as good as what I make at home. Stay away if you are driving a car parking it there. You WILL have a bad experience if you are not a regular customer.

  8. Visited this morning after shopping. The prices are high and the coffee sucks. A pretty bad experience altogether from the start. Waited about 5 minutes for the lady to help us and then another 10 minutes for the coffee which came out cold. Lots of smoke like others on here have stated blowing in from the patio. Even though there were kids in here the second hand smoke isn’t healthy for everyone. My first and last visit at this place. Save your money and go to another place.

  9. From all the comments this place used to be a good coffee shop 5 years ago, but it seems to have taken a turn for the worst. Roach and ant infestations just grossed me out last time. The cake was left out all night with this things running around and then they serve it the next day to customers. No thanks.

  10. One word: Terrible. This place looked like a child day care center. Screaming kids and their moms everywhere. The coffee was like the stuff you get at Family Mart for Y100. I will pass on this place and never visit again.

  11. After reading JNV’s review I went today for a quick bite to eat and a cup of joe since I was in the area. Room was full of cigar smoke from the people smoking out front. Stunk really bad. They seem to allow smoking all over the patio right in the front door. The cake must have been old because it tasted hard and was quite expensive. The coffee was about the same as you would get at the commissary, but for Starbuck’s prices. Overall this place is disappointing.

  12. Now I have to write a review, as I went here with a good friend last Thursday, and absolutely LOVED this place. I have no idea why there are negative reviews, because our experience was wonderful, and I’m already planning to take another newbie friend with me next week! I ordered the large “decaf” iced almond mocha latte and when it came out it looked like a milkshake! The whip cream was amazing and my friend informed me it’s homemade. I really wanted a bagel as well, but didn’t realize I had ordered the “bagel plate” which came with a bagel of choice (I chose the cheese bagel) with cream cheese, scrambled eggs, and bacon (I believe you had a choice here too, but I just saw bacon and didn’t pay attention to the other choices). Note, you can just get a bagel, you don’t have to get the bigger “plate” version like I did. Coffee Casa was pretty packed while we were there, so we chose to sit outside (by far the best choice anyway). The parking situation is a little hairy, as you may get blocked in by another patron and have to ask them to move their vehicle so you can get out. However, this happens all the time, so most people are really nice about it, as it’s the norm at this coffee house. The “parking” is a narrow lot next to Coffee Casa that fits 2 cars side by side, but can fit 3 cars deep in each side by side spot (so 6 cars total before you’d be parking out in the street). Other than the parking situation, this place is a MUST GO if you’re here in Okinawa and want a good breakfast/coffee spot to try. I wish I could upload the pictures I took there… they would further prove how DELICIOUS the food and coffee was during my experience!

    • I meant to say “so many negative reviews” as I do understand that on any given day, someone will get bad service, bad food, etc… I will admit that I’m not a coffee connoisseur by any means, and I did order a “decaf” iced latte, so I cannot voice for their coffee at all. Overall, our food and coffee were very good, and I will definitely go back. I’m hoping my next experience is as great as my first was!

  13. With all these negative reviews I was hesitant to try Cafe Casa. I met up with a couple of friends there this afternoon and was disappointed. Cake I ordered tasted old and was hard, the coffee was expensive and tasted like they used old beans. The place was a mess and dirty all over. I will never visit again.

  14. I was honestly not impressed with this place. The convenience was great but the food and drinks are not up to par. The food can be made easily at home and really have nothing that makes it stands out. The drinks especially for a cafe is disappointing. I ordered the coconut latte and it was so bland I thought I was drinking water. I tasted no coconut and even my wife agreed when she tried it out. My recommendation is to take the 5 min walk or 2 min drive to hearth to which the food is ten times better, the coffee strength is good with good taste and the location is awesome. Also the hearth is open way longer. Hope this helps.

  15. Wow. I guess I went on a good day. Service was courteous and quick. Iced mocha was very delicious and fresh, fluffy banana pancakes were to die for. Will give it another go even if the prices are about what you pay in the states.

  16. I don’t know what happend to this place. It is absolutely terrible now. Coffee sucks and screaming kids everywhere. Place looks like a tornado hit it and prices are outrageous. Don’t bother going there anymore….

  17. Surprising to say the least. I stopped by during my walk to take a break and get some coffee. As I entered I could see the mess the place was in with food all over the floor and kids playing. This is not your usual coffee shop as it is geared to mothers and their children. The coffee was over priced and it did not feel welcoming. The coffee was mediocre so definitely not worth the price. I pretty much left and that was that. I wouldn’t come here again, but if you are a mother with children this is a great place to take your children instead of the park, as they have toys, books, and other materials. For the business professional or average coffee visitor stay away, as you will be disappointed.

  18. One thing I love about Oki Hai is the chance to brag about my favorite off base restaurants and eateries. I’m sad to say that I have nothing to brag about after my recent trip to Coffee Casa. The place is literally how others have described it in previous comments. The coffee was not hot… or even warm, really. It tasted rather stale. My friend and I had to sit outside, which was actually better for us because the inside was full of moms and noisey young children. As far as parking goes, I never expect to get convenient parking when we visit the seawall area, so no big deal on that. However, I wound up being blocked in by a mom with a mini-van, and she was not very polite when I asked her to let me out. I’d say the highlight of our visit to Coffee Casa was a friendly neighborhood kitty who showed up on the front porch for some pets. Besides that, it was a disappointment.

  19. The reviews on here pretty much sum this place up. Cheap low grade coffee for expensive prices, screaming kids all over, and poor attitudes of the staff. The smoke from the front is awful as is the smell of smoke on your bread from the staff finishing their smoke break and touching the food.

  20. Just went there for a coffee over the weekend despite all the bad reviews on here. I should have heeded this as the service and coffee was beyond terrible. Cup was filthy had old stains on it. Place was stinky and eggs & bread all over the floor at the big table not to mention dirty dishes sitting there. If this was the US the health department would have shut them down it was so bad. Don’t make the mistake I did and heed these reviews and save yourself from this disappointment of a coffee shop.

  21. Just took a visit here this morning at 10am. No parking, so I just parked on the side street without any problem. I was here with a friend and after 5 minutes was rudely yelled at to move my car from the Casa’s parking lot which I wasn’t even parked in. Several kids screaming and playing with toys from the cubby hole by the counter. They seem to encourage this with the toys and other toddler materials. Far from a relaxing atmosphere and as other posters stated, I do not recommend this place either with the rude staff and smokers in the front.

  22. I should have heeded the information on this website before visiting this cafe. Cake was old and crusty on the sides and the coffee was cold and tasted like garbage. 980 yen down the drain. Burnt once, but I will never visit again. Place wasn’t packed when I went but I wouldn’t expect it with this kind of food/coffee.

  23. Coffee Casa is going down hill in my humble opinion. I was a regular going there about 3 times a week. Yes it is true what others say, they did change their coffee to the Lavazza brand which is substandard, however, the casual visitor there is not a coffee connoisseur and will not know the difference with all the sugar and flavoring added to it. The place does have extremely slow service with a smile and you sometimes come out smelling like smoke depending on the wind thanks to the smoking in the front of the store tables. Way overpriced for the items and lack of parking. The one big issue I had there was I left my coffee because the barrista asked me to move my car and wait then move it back after another car parked. I then came back to find the other barrista dumped my coffee and gave my table away. Due to this one experience I will never visit here again.

  24. I went to Coffee Casa on Sunday and it was not your typical Indie Coffee Shop. Prices are expensive and since my last visit 3 years ago before I left they have changed their coffee to a cheaper brand, but the prices went up, go figure. When I went there were empty tables and I read a book and wasn’t asked to leave, maybe due to there being empty seats, who knows. Anyway, the atmosphere was less than ideal and it took about 12 minutes to get my coffee and food with nobody waiting in front of me. There are other better coffee shops around town and this one will definitely be a pass for me in the future.

    Rating 1-10
    Coffee 5
    Ambiance 2
    Interior 7
    Speed of Service 3
    Cleanliness 4

  25. I’ve lived here for almost 5 years and am a regular at coffee casa for 2 things. Their banana pancakes for my 2 boys and their Spaz signature espresso 🙂 we go every Sunday and sit outside, I’ve never been asked to leave or witness this and my children are very well behaved. I live right across the street from them so parking is never an issue. You can find screaming kids anywhere buy I’m not shy to ask someone to handle their child if they are being crazy but that’s just be anywhere lol. I went to climax and it was 10x worse, I’ve been to places where our meal was $100 and there were still screaming kids… To blame it on stay at home moms is a little harsh :/ coffee casa will be heavily missed when I leave!

  26. Just arrived on island and thought I would check out this quaint local coffee shop. Place was packed with screaming kids playing with the toys Coffee Casa has supplied for them in their cabinet. Sat down on the small two person table with my IPad and within 10 minutes was asked to leave to free up space for other customers. I didn’t even finish my coffee or cake and paid a pretty penny for these items. She stated regular customers can stay longer and if I keep coming back then I will be recognized as a regular. Seems like a crappy attitude to have as at least I should have been able to finish without rushing for the price I paid. I will never visit that place again as not only the service and attitude, but the coffee was not that good and below par with Climax Coffee.

  27. I’ve been to Coffee Casa twice now (I live in the area and don’t have to bother with finding parking, otherwise I probably would not have gone) and can’t complain about the service. Granted, it was a little earlier in the morning than most people would leisurely get up and stroll to a coffee shop on a monday-tuesday morning, but there were few patrons, and no wait for a clean table and a quick order. Banana mocha over ice was by far the best, but I will agree it is a little on the pricey side.

  28. My wife and I ate here twice in the last week since we got so many good reviews from our friends and we love it! The food is great and the staff is very friendly. Had the apple custard toast with eggs and spam…yum!
    Just type “Coffee Casa” into your iPhone maps app for directions.

  29. Went to Coffee Casa with my husband today. The service was very slow even though the only other customers in the place already had their coffee and food. When they brought my drink to the table, there was a fresh pink lipstick print on the side. Obviously the cup hadn’t been washed because the lipstick was still in the shape of a lip and very bright. I showed the worker and asked for a new coffee. She brought me out a cup with spots of bright pink where the lipstick mark had been. I don’t have much confidence in a place that believes it is okay to simply wipe lipstick off of somebody’s coffee cup instead of giving them a whole new drink.

  30. Ditto what Joan said. Coffee Casa used to be decent but I wouldn’t go there now even for a free cup of coffee. By the time you find parking (Coffee Casa has parking spaces, but they are usually filled with minivans…), find a place to sit (Coffee Casa has seating, but it’s usually filled with moms and kids…), it’s not worth the mediocre coffee you’ll be served. But hey! If you are a mom with small children who doesn’t work and has ample time to sit around a coffee shop drinking bad coffee while your kids bang toys on the table and throw spoons on the floor and you don’t try to do anything to stop them because you’re too busy chatting about what so-and-so’s wife wore to the bbq last Thursday, then this might be the perfect place for you.

  31. Coffee Casa has gone down hill. I used to crave their coffee drinks. However, I’ve gone several times in the past few months, each time hoping to get the same good cup of coffee that I’m used to. Instead, I was served what I can only describe as room temperature, weak coffee. On top of that, I’ve noticed that Coffee Casa has gone from being a quaint little neighborhood coffee shop to being the hang-out for large groups of American moms and babies who take up half the place and never seem to leave. If you can find a couple of seats squished into the corner, plan on listening to the babies scream and throw things around while their moms ignore them altogether for the sake of gossiping with their friends.

  32. I used to be a regular customer at Coffee Casa but I will not being going back anymore. The past two times I visited CC, I was served a latte that was luke warm and tasted like old coffee. When I asked for a new drink, I was given another luke warm, stale coffee. I thought maybe CC was having a bad day, so I decided to give it a try a few weeks later. Once again, I was highly disappointed with the coffee they served me. As always, it took them nearly 20 minutes to make my drink, despite having few customers, and it tasted really blah. For the kind of money they charge for a cup of coffee, I will not be returning.

  33. Went there on Monday afternoon and the place had a lot of homesteaders camping out including as mentioned in earlier posts. I ordered a Moca with some cake and sat outside enjoying the weather. After 20 minutes I was asked to leave to free up more space by the lady worker there. When I asked her why not ask some of the others inside who have been sitting there longer. She stated they are frequent customers and since I wasn’t I had to leave first. Wow, shocking to say the least. The coffee that was dripped to make my moca was nothing special and more expensive than Starbucks. I would never return here in the future. Some indie coffee shops are a hit, but this is a solid miss 100%. Do not go if you want any type of service.

  34. I went there today. The service was TERRIBLE!!! They only had 2 people working and the shop was full. We had to wait forever for a table because they had not cleaned them off and when we did try to order they did not help us. I stood at the counter for a while and the people that worked there just ignored me…. So, we packed up and left!! I am never going back!

    • If you’ve lived on Okinawa for any length of time you know that service is slow a lot of the time nearly everywhere. It is not bad service, it is just Island time. You have to be a bit more easy going when it comes to service on Okinawa. At least the slow service is always greeted with a smile. I’ll take this service over the kind you see in the states that tries to get you in and out as quickly as possible. Also, you’re not tipping!

  35. I still enjoy Coffee Casa and I’ve never been served coffee that tastes like old drip coffee. The last time I went to Climax, I could tell the coffee they gave me was made from a pre-mix. It didn’t taste bad, but it was not a “real” coffee drink. I will say that the one thing I do not like about Coffee Casa is that every time I meet friends for coffee, there is always a large group of moms and babies/toddlers/preschoolers who take up most of the seating and let their kids be as noisy as they want to be. It’s not very pleasant if you wanted to chat with a friend. If it’s cool enough, we have to sit outside, but usually other adults snatch up the outside tables first to avoid having to sit inside.

  36. Coffee Casa has gone downhill. They are not the same as when you posted this article. The coffee now is mostly old drip that they use for lattes. The food prices went up and the serving size down. Now the place opens 7am each day; however, last call on coffee is 6:30 unless it is take out. The food was bland and also not what I was used to. I recommend skipping here and visiting either Climax Coffee or Starbucks.

  37. Tried Coffee Casa for the first time today. Loved it! I will most definitely be making return trips. I ordered the french toast and an iced latte. The french toast was very good- filling but not heavy. The latte was good as well. My total bill was 860 yen, which is great for both coffee and food off base. By the way, Coffee Casa is located conveniently close to the ocean view Cocok’s. My friend and I had lunch at Coffee Casa, and then walked on over for pedicures at Cocok’s.

  38. If you are looking for delicious and low sugar birthday cakes, then you must try the birthday cakes made by Terumi. I have ordered two cakes from here. One of the cakes was for a 2-yr old’s birthday party. The parents and the children loved the cake. Plus, the parents stated that they didn’t feel guilty allowing their children to eat the cake, since it was made with a small amount of sugar. As long as I live on this island, I will be ordering all of my cakes from here, rather than on-base.

  39. HEllo everyone. Wanted to thank you all for your valued comments and for visiting our humble neighborhood cafe. I wanted to let everyone know that we have made a new homepage http://www.coffeecasa-okinawa.com We have also added a blog where we will try, when we have time!, to put new menu items, weekly specials and other topics of interest.

    We will be closed on Christmas Day. Have a safe and joyous holiday season from all the staff at coffee casa.

  40. Besides being open on Wednesdays, now, they open at 6:30 on Thursday. They don’t advertise this time; but, the owner, Terumi, informed me they have so many customers waiting that they open early on Thursday. Also, the exchange rate she uses is 100 yen to $1, despite the bank exchange rate. So, eat great food, drink wonderful coffee, and be merry.

  41. THANK YOU Okinawa Hai! I visited Coffee Casa this morning for the very first time. It was heavenly to say the least. I had a fantastic breakfast of decadent blueberry cream cheese toast along with fluffy scrambled eggs and crispy bacon…YUM! I also indulged myself in a iced caramel flavored coffee that had the creamiest whipped topping that i think i have ever had the joy of tasting! MAJOR Thumbs Up on this place!

  42. Gotta love when the barista draws a tiny cat (yes, really!) in your latte foam. Plus they have decaf espresso (unlike S-bucks – with the exception of the one across from the movie cinema, so I’ve heard). Great atmosphere and child friendly, too. The owner was very kind and gave my son a wooden puzzle to play with while he inhaled his cheese toast. Can’t wait to try those bagels, every time I try to go to the shop, it’s closed. See you all at Coffee Casa this weekend!

  43. The new owner is a baker – her desserts and homemade treats are amazing. The new menu is great and I’ve yet to have anything bad there. And now there are t-shirts too! Breakfast is delicious, had it today. They have a breakfast burrito, french toast, and egg combos. Their bagels are now going to be Cactus Eatrip bagels too – a friend of mine hooked them up with that shop! Mmmmm….

  44. We all love Coffee Casa….haven’t been to it since the new owners took over but I have heard it is just as good if not better so I am definitely going to have to get over there soon. I have a cute little picture of my mocha too with the beautiful whipped cream artwork on it….just love it!!!!

  45. Absolutely LOVE Coffee Casa! The bread is fantastic and I love their tuna salad and BLT sandwiches. And the iced banana mocha coffee! I’ve detoured on my way home as much as 20-30 minutes to get one of their coffees when the craving strikes! My little guy loves their whipped cream too but unlike Lan I try not to share ’cause I’m selfish that way. Hate whipped cream everywhere else except for Coffee Casa’s! It’s a lucky thing we don’t live by the seawall or we’d be broke from my addiction.