Editor’s note:  We have been informed that this restaurant was closed for six months, but as of March 2015 the bar section has reopened, with the full restaurant planning to open again in summer 2015.


Crocs Crab
Crocs Crab

A delicious restaurant in American Village, Crocodile’s is easily one of the best places that I have eaten on while on Okinawa. Its atmosphere is fun, cool, and romantic for those who are looking for it. Their menu (surf and turf) offers delicious choices such as fried crocodile, fresh salmon carpaccio (940¥), tuna carpaccio (800¥), steaks (ribeye 1950¥), filet mignon (2400¥)) and chicken, crab legs, lobster, desserts and even hot wings!

Crocs Meal
Crocs Meal

They also have a wonderful drink menu or Shirley temples, mai tais, and beer. Most of the meals come with mashed potatoes, steamed veggies and either rice or bread.

Crocs Outside
Crocs Outside

For seating, there is an indoor are that is quiet and private and has a waterfall wall to set a nice tone to the evening, or there is an outside area which includes a bar or tables around the bar.

Crocs Bar
Crocs Bar

On Friday and Saturday nights they have a live fire show (which I was lucky enough to catch!).  They also have a live crocodile outside (hence the name).

Crocs Fire
Crocs Fire

It’s a little pricey, but the food is worth it. Not more expensive than any of the Sam’s places that we have been. For my husband and me, the bill came to about 7000¥. I ordered Chicken Cordon bleu (1700¥), He ordered Fried chicken (1400¥) and we got an order of the fried crocodile (840¥) for an appetizer, along with 2 Shirley temples and two cokes.

All in all, this place is wonderful! We were super impressed with the service, food, and atmosphere.  ENJOY!

Crocs Front
Crocs Front

Payment: Credit Cards, Yen, and Dollar

Website:  http://crocodile-okinawa.com/

Sun- Thursday 5pm-1am
Fridays and Saturday 5pm-3am
Closed on Tuesdays

Phone: 098-936-9306

Directions: Go to American Village. If you are in the parking lot across from the Ferris wheel, face towards 58 and you will see the huge red crab.

**I would definitely call for a reservation if you have a large group or want to sit inside. They will sit you in the outside area without one.


  1. This is as of February 2017. Looking for a place to eat on a Monday night and stumbled across this place with my girlfriend. First, the atmosphere looks trippy. Akin to movies like beetlejuice, pee wee herman and stuff. Not for everyone but we liked it. There are 4 bathrooms all with different art styles and they are all weird, but they weren’t very clean. There’s giant jenga and a pool table to play while you wait for your food which is cool. The food is NOT bad at all. In my opinion you don’t walk into a place like this expecting a filet, you go for the normal stuff. I got the jambalaya, which was really good. It had an okinawan spin to it with egg and a little bit of spicy which i enjoyed, plus it was a ton of food for 900¥. Girlfriend got the Seamans Stew which stole the show, also a ton of food for 900¥. In short, go here for the trippy atmosphere and items on the menu well priced, you won’t be disappointed.


    We tried Crocodile Restaurant & Bar by American Village

    We got there at 7pm and when we walked in there was only two people there sitting at the bar and the entire place was empty. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that on a Saturday night. The bar tender was very nice and directed us towards a table and gave us menus and ended up being the one to take our order…I didn’t see any other waitstaff.

    I ordered a filet & snow crab. Husband got Surf & Turf which was Ribeye & a few shrimp. With those meals you get a choice of steamed rice or Indian rice. I picked steamed and my husband wanted Indian rice but the bartender was like … ‘If u get the Indian rice is going to take a long time and the other rice is ‘faster’ so he took that as a hint to *not* get the Indian and he just went with steamed.

    Our meals came with a very small salad and a small vegetable soup which was mostly broth and not much ‘vegetable.’ The food came out and the crab legs were good and the steak was ‘okay.’ It wasn’t what I expected for a filet and I got a huge fatty bite and after that didn’t want to eat much more of it.

    The meals were supposed to come with baked potatoes but they told us they only had mashed tonight. We said fine… We were supposed to get corn on the cob based on what the menu said, which I love and was excited about but instead got a very teeny cup of regular corn.

    We were supposed to get mixed vegetables as well but they didn’t arrive on the plate as well. Neither of us got our rice after all the big deal made about what was faster. I didn’t want to complain about the four things that were off or wrong. I just let it go.

    There was loud clubby music playing that would be suited for a night out at the bar. The 2 guys at the bar got up and started playing at a pool table that happened to be right next to our table and they both were smoking which was not fun to smell while eating our VERY expensive meals.

    My thoughts were the mix of people drinking, smoking, playing pool and being very loud and the club music being very loud didn’t seem to match the VERY expensive Steak and Lobster dinners on the menu.

    1/2way through dinner around 7:30pm we turned around and the entire bar was absolutely full all the way around with people enjoying the drinks but absolutely no other diners came in the entire time.

    When we were done I didn’t even want dessert. I just wanted to pay the check and go home. Maybe they were having an off night where no waiters or diners showed up…. I’d recommend this place for drinks at the bar but not for a dinner that was 7400 yen and missing half of what was promised in that confusing environment.

  3. Honestly, save your time and money don’t step in to this OVER priced place. Food was average at best but prices were like if you were eating at a 4 star restaurant. Never been so mad for over spending on this pice of s****bucket of a place.

  4. Great place! The food was great, awesome service and good ambience. Had to try the fried crocodile appetizer…good stuff. The steak & lobster were delicious. Lots of good drinks to choose from also. Gotta get the coconut ice cream for dessert!

  5. Went there on sunday, they have a live crocodile there named coco, great for my toddlers to oogle over. We ate fried croc, soft shell crab, kids meal, grilled red snapper, salmon crepe, seafood stew, orion beer, vodka martini = OTD 8100 yen. Food was good, would return again! Definitely kid friendly!

  6. This place has the best coconut ice cream ever. Everyone should definitely try. And the fried croc is really good. We went during March and it was still pretty cold outside so we sat inside and it was still pretty cold inside so dress warm if your going in the winter time. My little one ate with her coat on.

  7. I like this place & the ambiance is very nice. It’s in my top three favorite restaurants along with the Garlic House and Sauce Live. We spent about $75-80 for the two of us and paid with our MasterCard. We went on a weeknight so there was no fire show for us.