Dokamea front

So the other day my family and I were out looking for a quick place to eat near the house.  We wandered over toward the farmer’s market and saw a restaurant that looked promising.

So in we went.  After standing around for a bit and looking at the menu with pictures of the food, but no English, a really nice Japanese woman came up to us.  We were a bit confused that she didn’t want to take our order or seat us, but then she showed us the machine that we are supposed to use to order.

Dokamea ticket machine It took a while, but we finally were able to match what we wanted to the buttons on the machine.  It was like a Japanese “I Spy,” and the kids loved helping.  The little machine popped out the tickets and we handed them to the gentleman behind the counter. Then we sat down to wait.

There are two American style tables and about ten tatami tables, a drink station offering water and tea, and an ice box containing pickled Goya and radish, which was pretty good.  When the food came out we were in shock.  There was so much of it!  The portions were huge, and it was so delicious.

Dokamea inside

My husband ordered something that came out on a sizzling skillet and it was hot the entire meal.  We ordered a salad with ramen and cold meat in it for my daughter and it came in a stainless steel bowl with ice cubes in it to keep it cool.  My very picky son ordered a dish with rice, meat, and a wonderful sauce, and despite the large portion, ate almost all of it.  I ordered the soba, which came with rice, seaweed salad, and fried chicken balls.  I can’t think of anything that wasn’t delicious and we all swapped bowls and tried each others food since there was so much of it.  We ordered six meals and a side of dumplings for just under 5000 yen –well worth it, in my opinion.  Everybody was full and very happy with what they ordered.

Dokamea food

Dokamea – Ticket Restaurant

Payment:  Only Yen is accepted

Hours:  The hours are 10 am to 11 pm.

Phone:  934-0757

Address: 1 Chome-8-3 Noborikawa

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.36787270601792, 127.81834150484588

Directions:  Go out Kadena gate 3, continue on past Shields.  At 329 when 26 dead ends, turn left into the far right lane.  The restaurant is immediately there on your right across the street from the farmer’s market on the bottom floor of the Takara building. It’s an orange and red building.  There was no English anywhere, but it’s called Dokamea.


  1. Went here today with a friend. Good food and they do have an English menu they will bring out to you that you can look over before ordering from machine. They had fish on display on bed of ice; I am guessing you can select and have it fresh cooked for you there. They only had tea unfortunately but little salad bar had yummy pineapple! FYI: leftover boxes were needed for the sets we ordered (mine was C and came w yummy Gyoza, soy based Ramen soup w awesome meat and veg and half boiled egg, and some fried rice). Takeout boxes r under ice/drink bar but they are
    20¥ each.

  2. Took the family there today and all said is true – lots of food, all Japanese, but lots of pictures to help you decide. We were not assisted at the machine, which wasn’t a big deal. We will certainly go back again and try more items. I kind of preferred the ambiance compared to Arashi, but they were very similar. This place is more open and bright. Good tasting food – I would recommend!