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Do you miss going to a restaurant where you know exactly what you are ordering and/or getting?  If so, Double Decker Café bar is perfect for you.  They have a fun environment and have almost anything that you can think of.

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I found out about Double Decker from a Japanese café guide.  The restaurant is located in American Village, part of the Seaside Bowl Mihama.  They have the regular restaurant dining style with two levels, and the bus as dining area also with two levels.  It is very interesting since you feel like you are riding on a bus, but dining in at the same time.

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They serve appetizers, salad, rice omelet, rice casserole, rice bowl, pasta, pizza, rib steak, fish and chips, chicken nuggets, hamburger, wings, desserts, and a wide variety of drinks (alcohol and non alcohol).  Their alcohol beverages are all 500yen on Wednesdays from 5:00pm.  They also have magic shows on Wednesdays from 8:00pm to 10:00pm.

I ordered their seafood with tomato sauce pasta, and my husband ordered the curry rice omelet.  Both were really good.  Our 2 year-old daughter ate most my pasta.  I guess she really liked it.  They have friendly staff, and an American-friendly menu.  Food prices are not too bad.  They have their own parking lot, which is really nice being located in American Village.

Double Decker Cafe Bar

Hours:  The restaurant is open all week from 11:30am to 2:00am.  I guess it becomes a bar at night.

Payment:  They take all major credit cards (Visa, Master, American Express), yen, and dollars.

Phone:   098-926-1991

Address: 9-2 Mihama, Chatan

GPS Coordinates: 26.3159584, 127.7562566

Directions:  From Kadena Gate 1, turn left on 58 towards America Village.  After passing A&W, turn right on the next light where Terrace Garden Mihama Resort is.  Turn right on the second light where the Depot building is.  Turn left on the narrow street behind Make Man (home center with a monkey on their orange sign).  There is a sign for Double Decker on this narrow street.  You will see the red bus on your left side.  They only have about 4 parking spots (clearly marked for the customers only), so if they don’t have any available spot, keep driving and turn left on the first alley after you passed the red bus.  This will connect you to the Seaside Bowl Mihama parking lot.  Park there and access the restaurant from the Seaside Mihama Bowl by following dog’s paw prints on the ground.

Click on the small photos for a pop-out of the menu and a map.

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  1. I went there last night with my husband and my daughter.

    First of all, this isn’t really a place for kids, that’s for sure. Its pretty much a bar with a bus attached to it. The bus side is non-smoking, and the otherside is smoking.

    Secondly, the feel of the bus was pretty cool for my daughter, but the tables and seating are pretty small. It’s definitely more of a couples thing, or a couple of single people just wanting to hang out and chill.

    Lastly, the food was not that great. I ordered the cheeseburger for my daughter because of the previous review of the chicken nuggets, but that wasn’t any better. The meat was hard, like it was cooked previously and just heated in the microwave. The bottom bun, for some reason, was soaking wet. I ordered the fish and chips thinking it was like fish sticks, but it was more like small (very small) pieces of fish, dipped in batter fried and then re-fried. My husband tried the octopus, thinking it was a meal, but it was more of an appetizer, so he had to order something else. So he ordered the seafood kimchi bowl. I’m really a seafood person, but my husband said the food was ok. I think he was just hungry, so he didn’t really taste the food…lol

    The garlic toast and their honey toast (dessert) were pretty good.

    So I don’t really want to give them a bad review because it could have just been the certain foods that we ordered, maybe the other food is just as great as the first person that posted info about them, but I just wanted to give you guys our experience. It is kinda pricey and I don’t recommend going there with kids or a big group of friends.

  2. I went here tonight and the food, and service were awful. My teriyaki burger tasted like meatloaf. My son’s chicken nuggets were soggy. The prices are a bit high as well. Soft drinks are $5 each. We don’t plan on going back ever again.