Most of us have probably smelled Four Seasons from the ferris wheel and movie theater, and some of us have been tempted enough to eat there. The latter will likely agree that this restaurant is a fun experience, romantic but child friendly setting, and plenty of food! Four Seasons in a teppanyaki restaurant that has many menu options ranging from cheese stick appetizers to Kobe beef main dishes and sushi sides.

Upon entering, diners are directed to a table with a grill in the middle. The nice thing about Four Seasons is that each grill only seats two to three people, unlike the grills that seat numerous parties in the States. This creates a more personal, romantic experience and also provides a personal chef for a few fun minutes. At least one of the locations has a party room as well.

4 Season interior

After placing an order from the English menu, guests are served a small salad and soup of the day. This is only the beginning of a barrage of food to follow. When the chef arrives, he will present a card with three side dish options: a pasta dish, a potato dish, and a vegetable dish. After picking two and requesting the steak temperature, the show begins.

4 Season soup:salad

First, the side dishes are prepared and served followed by the main dish. Seasoning shakers clank and fly through the air, knives are craftily shuffled from hand to hand, and the main dish lands beside the side dishes. After the exciting show, it is time to enjoy the delicious food.

4 Seasons food We have always ordered steak and have tried all the side dishes, never being disappointed. Being a picky steak eater, I am impressed that my steak has always been cooked perfectly Medium Rare, as requested.

The cocktails are also pretty amazing. My favorite, although a little expensive, is the Mai Tai served in a fresh pineapple who dons cherry eyeballs and a cute hat. Let’s not forget the delicious pineapple chunks inside.

4 Season cocktail This is not a cheap restaurant, but great for a fun, romantic night out on the town. The menu on the website provides an idea of the prices alongside pictures of dishes. We usually order a steak dish each, including all the trimmings mentioned above, plus a cocktail, totaling fifty dollars.

Hours: 11am to 11pm

Phone: 098-926-1329 (Mihama Location)

Payment: They accept Yen and Credit Cards.

Address: 2 Chome-5-2 Mihama, Chatan

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.31742003493289, 127.75947413949689

Directions: There are four locations. The map below is for the location in Mihama, on the corner of 58 and the road with the Movie Theater/Ferris Wheel. The website shows the other locations on Google Maps as well.

Website:    The site is mostly Japanese, but there is a mouthwatering video that needs no translation. Their locations and phone numbers are also listed with Google Maps referencing their locations.

4 Season Sign


  1. I read all the rave reviews and heard from other people to check this place out. I went on a Saturday night so I admit that it’s a busy night. I had Kobe beef and lobster. It was just okay – beef was cold in the middle, lobster seemed to be forgotten and by the time it made it to my plate was really overdone. Seasoning is virtually non-existent even with the splash of soy on the side. For the price, I expect better. So far, my only meal in Okinawa that wasn’t fantastic so I’m not usually a complainer.

  2. Editor’s Note: Due to technical difficulties this comment was not saved on our server. We are re-publishing it now to continue the conversation on this post.

    From Robert on 9/22/13:
    “We’ve been to a lot of teppanyaki places in Okinawa and this is best by far. They also have Kobe beef, which you can’t find at most restaurants. It’s more expensive, but higher quality food & service. It’s definitely not the same as Capital (much better here). Agu pork, Kobe & lobster are the highlights :)”

  3. Use to go to the Gate 2 one when in the area, was stationed at Futemma, so went to Sam’s Anchor Inn much more and liked Sam’s much more, but thought Four Seasons was good too! Wish there weren’t so many haters out there, if you don’t like it, that’s OK to say so, but don’t hate! Others love the place, so maybe it’s just not for you.

  4. Went to the 4 Seasons (outside Gate 2) in 1981 prior to PCSing to the Philippines. My folks let me bring a friend. Back then, the food was amazing….kobe beef, lobster….the only downside was that i was seated downwind of the air conditioners. My glasses, hair, and face was covered in steamed grease! Still a great memory! and for the record, the yen rate was pretty much the same as it is today.

  5. We like Four seasons, but dislike the price. Lunch is semi reasonable, but dinner can get really expensive. If you like this style food, but not the prices, try Capitol. It’s a short distance up the road on 23. Same food, better prices.

  6. Once again I have to comment in order to save people, this place sucks overpriced not enough food and no show!!!… go to the garlic house. We ordered a surf n’ turf kind of meal; the meat was overdone and underseasoned and when the lobster came out it was filled with some sort of tangy cream cheese sauce mixed in with lobster meat . It was strange and made us gag. The garlic rice was amazing but was pretty much the only good thing on the menu, and it was about 9.00$ We even got cheese sticks for appetizer but it wasnt even mozzarella, it was fried american cheese, which was gross too.

  7. I do have one question. It has only been less than a year since we were there and I don’t think it’s changed THAT much in 8 months. The ones who did not like it, which one are you going to? I found the one over by American Village to definitely be a lot better than the one out Gate 2 over by 4 corners (I may just be more partial to that one since that is the one that was more convenient for us to go to and since we did go to that one more often. We went so often (during lunch) that I came to know and love all the Chefs at the one in American Village. I definitely suggest going to that one. And for those reading these reviews GO DURING LUNCH!!!!! It is a heck of a lot cheaper than dinner time. When we did go during dinner (special occasions) my husband and I would order separate meals instead of getting the 2 person meal. Found it to be cheaper for us. Also for Christen, that is just how they make it, that’s why they serve the steak with the sauce.

  8. My husband and two children went after hearing so many rave reviews. We ate for just under 9000 yen! Too expensive and that was with our kids sharing a meal. The Kobe beef melted like butter in our mouths, however everything else tasted terrible. We couldn’t believe it! I am so disappointed- we’re pretty sure we just had bad luck or a bad chef, but the steak had no sere and the shrimp were so tough-way over cooked. Our chef left off all seasoning or something… Just blah with garlic… Couldn’t believe it. We would normally try a restaurant more than once before writing it off completely, but with the ridiculous prices, it will def not happen soon and will be at lunch.

  9. Just got back from there. Their prices have increased from the time this was posted. We did enjoy it and the food was very good. We got the two person meal and one drink cost us 13020 YEN. We will only be going back for special occasions. Their web-site’s prices are not the same as in store. With those prices we would not take the kids.

  10. Been to one teppanyaki restaurant been to them all. My wife and I enjoy good food and have no set price at all to enjoy it. This is another teppanyaki disappointment as usual. This is my 4th because of special occasions not because I wanted. This and like the rest are over priced and horrible food made with boredom. Save you money. Explore anyother restaurant that isnt teppanyaki and you have a better chance at getting what you paid for.

  11. INSANLY expensive. We read the notes above and thought we should try, but when we got there the menu SHOCKED us. After the converstion to $$$$ it would have cost us $80 for 2 of us to eat there. We got up a left….went to yakiniku…cost about $50, much better!

  12. I absolutely LOVE Four Seasons and so does my 3 kids!! Question though. What is that AMAZING soup? I love it! Always have since I first got here, when I was pregnant I would go to Four Seasons almost daily for the soup, and now we’re leaving in 2 weeks :(.

  13. @ Anne,
    In my opinion, Four Seasons is better for families and Jam is better for a date night. Both are great, but have different atmospheres and Jam has a little higher price point (worth it for a date night but perhaps lost on kids).

  14. This is one of our favorite places to eat, The lunch prices are great. My kids love this place too. I have a 5 and 3 year old and the kids meals are big enough to order one for them to split. We’ve never left here hungry!

  15. I was a little hesitant to take my 2 (now 3) year old to 4 Seasons when we first came to island… but he loves it! We have never had many behavior issues because he is always so fascinated watching them cook all the food. He loves watching the steam rise, and the chef always makes a special point to catch my son’s eye as they juggle the salt and pepper shakers.:) And they give you SO much food he just shares with us, and we all are more than satisfied when finished. When our family and friends have visited Okinawa, going to 4 Seasons is always a highlight!