Gado Ramen l Okinawa Hai!

There used to be a really good izakaya by Pet Box that my husband and I wanted to go back to. Well, it was closed, but I noticed a new ramen place going in. I really love ramen, so we went opening day. They definitely did a great job remodeling the place!

Gado Ramen l Okinawa Hai!

It’s a vending machine-style ramen place with bright, fresh lighting. The vending machine is in English and Japanese. The staff doesn’t speak much English, but ordering is pretty self-explanatory. Put the money in the machine, press the button to order what you’d like, take a seat and hand over the tickets. Easy-peasy! The food came out very fast. 

I’ll be honest, it is probably my new favorite ramen place. It was that good.  I got my usual, miso, and my husband got soy. 

Gado Ramen l Okinawa Hai!

Gado Ramen l Okinawa Hai!

Both had a good flavor. The pork had a slightly smoky flavor, if I remember correctly. You make your own sauce for the gyoza, which I like. If ramen isn’t your thing, they make rice bowls in a sizzling stone that looked pretty good. Not much on the menu, but what they make, they do well. I wouldn’t let the language barrier bother you, unless you’re a picky eater or can’t eat certain items because they may not be able to answer you. At least it’s a non-smoking establishment!

Gado Ramen l Okinawa Hai!Hours: 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Payment: Yen only

Directions: Next to Pet Box on Hanbytown Road

Address: 904-0115 chatan, 3-2, mihama, 2-chome


  1. The Volcano Ramen is excellent! You can choose a spice level 1-10. It comes with meat (pork, chicken or beef), veggie and an egg. They have instructions on how to use it also. Usually the person that brings it out will dump the broth in your bowl so it doesn’t overflow and burn you.