One thing I like when it comes to eating out in Okinawa is that I can venture far on a road trip or in this case, so close I could walk there! I’ve driven past Gen many times considering I live at Camp Foster. For some reason, I thought it was only opened for dinner but yesterday I jogged past it and saw that it opens at 11.30 am daily except for Thurs. When a friend agreed to go try it with me, I was very excited to finally get to eat there.

Gen Front

You can’t miss this restaurant. It is right outside gate 3 aka fire station gate on route 130. It has many shisha dog statues on the roof of the restaurant.

Gen Inside

We went right when it opened. It’s not very big inside. Seatings are “easy” tatami style as in there is a cut out under the table for your legs. There are about 8 tables for 4. It filled up fast but service was fast, too.

Gen Sushi

True to what they advertised outside the restaurant, they have sushi, tempura, sea food, beef & chicken teriyaki, combo curry and more (much more!). They also have soba noodles. In fact, the picture filled menu in English & Japanese has so many choices we kept saying we’ll have to go back again. Prices range from 280 yen for 2 pieces of egg sushi to 1500 yen set meals. There are several combo meals from 500 – 780 yen. They also have party platters from 3000 yen to 5000 yen. Children who prefer something simple can have chicken on a stick or combo meal for 780 yen.

Gen Asparagus

We ordered the shrimp and asparagus appetizer, mahi mahi teriyaki roll, and chicken teriyaki fried rice to share.They also have self-service water and ice tea in the middle of the restaurant.  The food was delicious!

Gen Rice

Just as we were about to leave, the lady at the table next to us got her order and it looked so pretty I had to take a picture of it. That is one of the 1500 yen sets.

Gen Boat

Gen Restaurant

Hours: 10:30am to 10:00pm (Last call at 9:00pm)

Payment: yen and dollars accepted

Phone: 098-926-1603

Address: Japan, Okinawa, Nakagami District, Chatan, Omura 県道130号線

GPS Coordinates: 26.3053008414, 127.773291357

Directions: From 58, turn into 130 going to Camp Foster. Past gate 4/the spot gate and keep going till you past gate 3/fire station gate and make a U-turn at the next light. After you U-turned, stay on the left and you’ll see Gen right before the traffic light at the gate. Parking is right outside the restaurant.


  1. I have never left a bad review (If I don’t like it I just done say anything), but GEN deserves special attention because it was that BAD. I have been on Okinawa for 7 years and eaten in many different restaurants from Okuma to Naha. I don’t think there is a type of food or atmosphere that I have not experienced. Last night for the first time in 7 years, I decided to try GEN. So now I have tried it and will NEVER go there again. I will also recommend the others NOT try this deplorable excuse for a Japanese restaurant. I love Japanese food,…well all Asian foods, but GEN is not anywhere close to serving good food. I was with a party of six, and the service was horrible. For 6 meals, it took 10 minutes for the first meal to arrive (reasonable), but it took another 20 minutes for the last meal to arrive (unacceptable). So maybe it was a busy night or the kitchen was having issues (understandable). The food was nothing special. If you want Ramen (just like the ones that come in a plastic bag and costs 50 cents) and desire to pay 10 dollars for it to be put in a bowl with some added veggies and meat, this is that type of place. The Soba (which Okinawa is known for) was the same way,…absolutely the worst I have ever had throughout 7 years in Okinawa. The only reason this place is still making money is because it is strategically located outside Foster Gate 3. San-A has better food in their food court. Eat somewhere else and enjoy.

  2. LUV this place. 5 Stars in our book. My whole family has a favorite dish at GENs, we absolutely love it, and never get disappointed. I can rarely get my 3 year old to eat anything but burger and fries, But at GEN – we always know he has a great meal (buttered fish, mahi mahi set). My daughter loves the soba set, and my husband and I love broiled sushi rolls, gyozas, fried rice, soba soups and the mahi mahi!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this restaurant! My hubby and I went there at least twice a week in the spring and summer, until the yen rate took an absolute tank..we made very good friends with a chef there, Daoson. We were some of the taste testers for some of the newer items on the menu, such as the Lemon Roll, which is delicious by the way! If you haven’t stopped by this place, you need to. The food and those that work there are great-it also helps that it’s right off base!

  4. I highly recommend this restaurant! I’m new to the island, but by far this is my favorite. It’s right outside the gate close to my neighborhood so we walked over there, The service is great & the meals & prices are not so bad either. Try it!!!

  5. This is our favorite restaurant on Okinawa! The gentleman who owns and operates Gen is fantastic and so friendly and accommodating. My husband loves the butter fish and I can never finish my Soba set. We’ve never been disappointed at Gen!

  6. Tried it twice last week and it was delicious. My family and I tried the garlic butter fish, the Mahi Mahi garlic butter with the tempura shrimp rice and soup, the spinach and shrimp appetizer and the kids had the kids chicken kids meal. The next time we tried the asparagus and the spring rolls and I must say both times were superb.