Gokarna Curry Sign | Okinawa Hai


Last march I was working on a project for Tohoku with a group of friends and we’d meet regularly at Naha High school. After we met for the first time, it was suggested by one of the teachers that we go out for indian curry across the street. There are a lot of curry places in Okinawa, but across from Naha high school there is a cute little curry shop called Gokarna. It’s been open just a short time –  since March of last year.

Gokarna Curry Interior | Okinawa Hai

The owner, Masa is pretty dedicated to the quality of his curry. Everything is freshly made with no preservatives.  There are vegetarian and gluten free options too. The menu is simple. Every time I go back, I always order the the “yasi” curry (vegetable curry). I love that it always tastes exactly the same as the last time I had it.

Gokarna Spinach Curry | Okinawa Hai

Chicken butter curry is the speciality, but the spinach curry is the favorite of many (my friends). As I said before I love the “yasi” curry. The broccoli always tastes crisp and fresh. The rice is always flavorful too. The menu is in Japanese, but Masa speaks a bit of English and will help you out.

Gorkarna Veg Curry | Okinawa Hai

Directions:  Head south on the 330 toward Naha. Make a right onto 221. Follow signs for Naha High school on Sobe Street which will mean turning left at the light by the school. Gokarna is on the opposite side of the street from the school.

Hours:  11:30~21:00, Recommend calling ahead; may close early if curry is sold out, Closed Mondays

Address:  1-1-2 Sobe, Naha, Okinawa, Japan

Phone:  098-855-5558

Website: http://spicecurry.ti-da.net/

Payment:  Accepts Yen only

Menu:  Click on the right to enlarge


  1. We found this on our way back up from the peace park… It was tricky, but paid off. The curry was excellent and they now have an English version of the menu! Not super spicy, even though I ordered it to be- they had a shaker of chili powder on the table though 🙂 the sauces were flavorful and the veggies were abundant and fresh (broccoli, lotus, green beans etc). The price was also amazing compared to places we’ve been lately- 2600 yen for three meals, a cheese chapati, and a mini lassi.

    I wish it was closer!