Good Day Coffee

This was a great discovery! Most Fridays my friend and I set out to find a new-to-us cafe and we usually never end up where we decided ahead of time; instead, we talk and lose track and get lost and stumble upon a great find. This past week it was Good Day Coffee. Located in Sunabe and close to Kadena and Camp Foster. The owners were very friendly and accommodating!

Good Day Coffee    Good Day Coffee

I must say I was excited! The inside is decorated with an industrial beach surfing theme, and there a few artists’ have jewelry available for sale. There are plenty of smaller tables by the entrance, and off to the right is a larger table where my friend and I sat with our kiddos.

Good Day Coffee

The menu is small but I ordered the french toast and, in my opinion, this is the best I have had on the island so far! I like my bacon crispy and they nailed it! Not many places do. They also serve scones and muffins; other items on the menu include an avocado bacon egg sandwich, a ham and cheese sandwich, and avocado on toast. The coffee was very good; they also serve hot chocolate and juices.

Good Day Coffee      Good Day Coffee

I love the fact they have a “walk-up window” you can order from or call ahead. I am so excited about Good Day Coffee and look forward to another visit to their wonderful cafe! I hope you give Good Day a try and enjoy!

Good Day Coffee

Good Day Coffee

Hours: 6am-3pm; Closed Mondays

Phone: 090-4470-1173


Address:  Japan, 〒904-0112 Okinawa Prefecture, Nakagami District, 中頭郡北谷町Hamagawa, 178−1 字 S-289

GPS Coordinates: 26.3325669, 127.75366310000004