Editor’s Note: Back in 2008 Gordies Hamburger was reviewed in a post with Hearth Cafe.  In an effort to help you make more informed dining choices we’ve moved Gordies to its own post. 


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Gordies Hamburger is a quaint little Hamburger joint which is run by a really sweet married couple.  They have owned the establishment now for 4 months and it looks like they’ll be around for a long time to come.  Their slogan is “Gordies Hamburger, Homemade in Sinserity” and they stay true to this.

Parking is available on the street and they have four tables inside the restaurant, two corner booth seats, a bar that seats about five, and they have a few tables outside as well.  The decor reminds me of that at the Cactus Eatrip Cafe with lots of cute little tables (my favorite being the converted school desk), and exposed/ painted rustic walls that have been cleverly half torn down.

Their menu is kept simple and contains what they make best.  My husband and I ordered two BLT burgers with cheese that were outrageously gooey and good.  The burgers had the basic lettuce, tomatoes, and onions on them and were served on a soft roll.  However the condiments were what surprised us.  They each had ketchup, mayo, brown mustard, and their own homemade barbecue sauce on them.  I’m normally a ketchup only kind of gal but the flavors were perfect!   Our burgers (and all the other sets there) came with seasoned potato wedges, a light vegetable soup with bacon in it, and a pickle.

We also ordered some onion rings that were hand dipped and fabulous.  My daughter being the two year old that she is, wanted only chicken nuggets and wouldn’t even try the hot dog that we also ordered her but that was good too.  The prices were also pretty darned shocking here.   I would have expected to pay a lot more for what we ordered.   Their hours are from 11:00-10.00 p.m. every day but Thursday when they’re closed.  I’m going to list their menu below so you can really get a good idea of what they have and their prices…

Hamburger set 600 Y     Cheeseburger set 680 Y     Teriyaki burger set 680 Y     BLT burger set 700 Y (cheese is an extra 100 Y)     BBQ Chicken burger (grilled chicken sandwich) set 700Y     Hot dog set 550Y (includes sauerkraut, ketchup, and mustard)     Chicken nuggets (a la cart) 300Y     Fries or Onion Rings 300 Y     Drinks (fountain and juice) 250-300Y     Beer 500-700Y     (Orion, Corona, Heineken, Miller Lite, Coors, and Guinness)

If you get a chance to swing through Gordies, you’ll be more than satisfied.  Nothing makes me happier than to be able to enjoy a good burger, a Corona with a lime (that is, when I’m not pregnant), while listening to some good old Otis Redding playing in the background.  I hope you guys love this place as much as we do.

Directions from Kadena Gate 1:

Take a left outside gate 1 onto 58 and take an immediate right at your first light (this will be the road that takes you by Pizza Inn, U-Time, and GI Bill Pay).  Take this road all the way down to the Sunabe Sea Wall until the road dead ends at the wall.  Take a right at the wall and follow the road until the paved road turns into a dirt road; take a right on the adjacent paved road and follow this road about a half a mile up past a playground on your left and a baseball field on your right.  You’ll then see a sign for Gordies on the right hand side.



  1. Outstanding and well anticipated. I heard about this place months ago and finally made it here. I wish I came sooner. Great food and great atmosphere. Need more places like this. I will be back and will recommend to friends

  2. The 50’s cafe located in donki hote (Don quijote, http://www.donki.com/en/store/shop_detail.php?shop_id=322) in uruma city has the best fries I have had (for their category). They are medium cut fries, crispy outside, flaky inside. Their burgers are great too. The philosophy of this place is not bigger is better, but perfect balance and perfect crunch. Order the bacon cheeseburger set, its a little pricey but its the best deal between the burger and fries you will be stuffed (Y1100; 1/3 pound burger).

  3. Sitting at Gordie’s Hamburgers for the second time this week and I am in no way disappointed by that fact. If you need a good burger and the commissary meat just isn’t meating the mark (so puny), then head over to Gordie’s and order up! The burgers will hit the spot and the fries will finish you off. Not a bad deal either; 1300 yen will get you a bacon cheese burger with fries and a drink. They take yen and USD ($1 = ¥1), but no cards so be prepared. Parking can be tight, but you can park all down the road and even in the Gordie’s parking area(it is park-behind-your-friends style so beware). As I was writing this, my wife eat half the burger we were sharing and she is eyeballing the fries hard….gotta go! See you at Gordie’s!

  4. This place used to be a big hit with my family and friends. Their burgers were always juicy and flavorful. At night, when I would frequently get burgers to go, you can see the staff baking their brioche like buns. Lately (as in the last year) it seems like their meat is off. It has a sour smell and tastes as if it had been sitting at room temp too long. Anyone else notice this?

    • Never had a issue with taste or “off flavor.” If you have a bad experience, go back and talk to the staff– they are very personable. I eat there about once a month and love it every single time… I think the only thing from the menu that I have not tried are the hot dogs!

  5. Tried them out today for lunch… With 2 toddlers! They make great burgers and hot dogs! Had high chairs, kids utensils, along with some toys. I Definitely plan to go back!! It is just down the street from a really fun park! Lunch followed by playground was a hit!!