The guacamole burrito truck-Okinawa hai



Looking for a great place to eat a burrito

Our family enjoys eating out and we are constantly looking for new places to try and thankfully Okinawa has an abundance of cafes & restaurants, so that even after 2 years here we feel like we haven’t even scratched the surface of what is available.


However we also have a handful of places that we continue to return to over and over again; The Guacamole Burrito Truck and Taco Loco.

Craveable burritos and awesome service

There are a couple of things that keep us returning to The Guacamole Burrito Truck, but the first is the food! I tend to switch between the chicken and the pork carnitas burrito because I can’t decide which is my favorite; I love them equally! I’ve never had a picadillo (ground beef) burrito but I am certain that it too would be good!The other thing that keeps us returning is the owner, Ken; he is so friendly, hospitable, thankful for his customers and is ALWAYS happy!

The Guacamole Burrito Truck | Okinawa Hai!

One of our favorite things to do is to pick up some burritos from the always smiling Ken, and take them down to Araha Beach to watch the sunset, however, we are also content sitting on the plastic chairs provided, just watching the traffic go by.

Prices and options

If the standard burrito (¥ 850) isn’t your thing you can also get a gluten free burrito bowl (¥ 850) or even quesadilla’s (¥ 450 – ¥ 650) which are the perfect size for our young children to share. There are also vegetarian and vegan options available.

The drinks menu includes soda, juice & beer (¥ 200 – 500) and there are even t-shirts available for ¥ 2,000!


One final thought, if you want to keep track of how many burritos you eat during your time on Okinawa you can tally them up on the side of the burrito truck itself, or if you don’t want to know just how many you have eaten you can always just leave Ken a message, like so many have done already. I always enjoy reading the truck while I wait!

The Guacamole Burrito Truck | Okinawa Hai!


Phone: 090-7293-4624

Payment: Cash Only (Yen or USD)

Address: 1-2-12 Mihama, Chatan, Okinawa 904-0115

Coordinates: 26.3103533, 127.76191760000006


The guacamole burrito truck-Okinawa hai

The guacamole burrito truck-Okinawa haiThe guacamole burrito truck-Okinawa hai


Editor’s Note: The Guacamole Food Truck was originally reviewed on Okinawa Hai on November 7, 2012; you can read a PDF copy of that original review here. The post below is an updated take on this restaurant, published January 27, 2016.


  1. Hannah,
    Thank you for posting on okinawahai.
    We have recently changed our open hours. So if you don’t mind, could you change our open hours?
    WED,THU,FRI:11am-2pm(LUNCH) and 4pm-8pm(DINNER)
    SAT,SUN:11am-SOLD OUT.


  2. I’m not sure where you guys have had your Mexican food in the past but these are not amazing. The rice is dry and they have absolutely no flavor. I could eat Mexican food every day because I love all the fresh ingredients and these just didn’t add up. Won’t be going again.

  3. I also lived in San Diego and I do miss some good mexican food. I’ve tried a few places here in Oki but was always disappointed until now. These burritos definitely hit the spot…delish!! Great food and great service. It’s now my place to go when craving mexican 🙂

    • Tried these a few weeks ago with my hubby. Amazing! I’ve lived in TX, AZ, and CA, and these are fantastic burritos! I got the double guac vegan burrito, and it’s pretty much my new favorite thing in the world. Delicious guacamole, smoky rice and veg. The hot sauce that Kentaro includes is surprisingly delicious! I would buy a jar of that! It has a delicious smoky flavor and a good amount of heat. I’m planning on heading there for dinner tonight after my sea wall run. 😀

  4. Tried this place yesterday! Amazing! definitely will be going back, my husband and two boys were exhausted after the sale at ETWS so when I saw the food truck I was excited because I love Mexican food and haven’t had any since our arrival. Well it was delicious, I had a chicken burrito and my husband had a carnitas burrito plus a quesadilla to share. All of it was great and the owner was super friendly!

  5. Man I suck because I forgot to write up my review earlier. I went there this weekend on the way to the farmers market. I got the carnitas burrito with no rice and my husband got the carnitas burrito with everything. What can we say? We love the pork. It was damned delicious and the owner is super nice. And yes I will echo others in saying that the taste is authentic to (good) California style mexican grub (which I love.)

    The only thing that could make this place better is if he offered up a salad/bowl with all of his meaty deliciousness on it. 😀

  6. I’ve eaten here 3 times already. The burritos are great, better and more authentic than anything else I have found in Oki. Guac/SourCrm/Salsa are all additional adds for no extra charge. Also, if you prefer having the hot sauce added before wrapping (like me), just ask and he can do it for you.

    I talked to the guy too, he is really laid back, lived in SD for some time, pretty cool dude.

  7. We just went there tonight and got carnitas burrito, chicken burrito, and chicken quesadilla. Now, I just sent my hubby to get me another carnitas burrito. I’ve live is SD most of my life. This is the closest burrito I’ve tasted since arriving in Oki. Wish he’s open during lunch 🙂

  8. Tonight was my second time at this truck. The owner remembered me from my first time! The food is delicious. I got the carnitas burrito with guacamole and pico de gallo. I have had the carnitas quesadilla as well. Everything I have tried is great. If you like a little spicy kick ask for hot sauce, its tasty.

  9. My husband and I just went here and were from Texas so I was thrilled to hear of this place and I can’t even explain how amazing that burrito was 🙂 I absolutely enjoyed it and it was very filling for the price I paid. We will be going back again very soon

  10. My husband and I had chicken and pork burritos a week or so ago! We absolutely loved them. Everything was fresh and delicious. The owner was fantastic and even asked about where we are from. You can tell he cares about his customers! We will definitely be back and might try a quesadilla next time!

  11. This place is AWESOME! We saw the reviews on here and thought we would give it a try. My husband and I are from Texas and have been dying to find any type of decent mexican food on the island…we surely hit the jackpot here! We went today for an early dinner and we are still smiling from the experience. Not only was the owner super nice, the food was great! We haven’t found anything else like it yet! My favorite part was the rice on the burrito, it tasted just like home 🙂 Give this place a try and you won’t regret it. We will be back for sure.

    • Brandy! This is GUACAMOLE’s owner Kentaro. Thank you for your comment(^^) Today, November 7(wed) is closed.
      Here is open Hours:  Weekdays- 16:00-22:00, Sat. & Sun.- 11:30- 22:00, Closed Wednesdays.

      Again thank you for your comment(^^)
      I’m looking forward to seeing you!