This fancy restaurant is called Gueuleton. It is a place where when you arrive, you don’t know what you’re going to be eating only because the menu is written all in Japanese. But when we usually eat there, we are never unhappy with the meal. It’s a set menu and you get 5 courses. You usually get a beautiful salad that looks too good to eat. Next will be a beautiful fish dish followed by some sort of pasta dish. Then the main course which will consist of steak or pork or something main dishy. Then the grand finale…dessert! Which usually consists of homemade ice cream (coffee or vanilla or whatever the flavor of the day is), some delicate fruit and a sugar snack intricately placed on the plate. This too, is almost too pretty to eat but my mouth tells me otherwise!


It looks like someone’s amazing home and has an incredible view of the city below! I definitely recommend this place for a date night. When we went, we brought our son who is about to turn 2 and they were totally fine with that. We were fortunate enough for him not to throw any tantrums that night. I recommend making reservations too just for the simple fact that they can know when they have Americans coming to visit.


Lunch: 12:00~1430 (This is half the price of the dinner menu.)
Teatime: 14:30~1600
Dinner: 18:00~23:00

Phone: 098-933-7607

Address: 1 Chome-4-14 Takahara, Okinawa

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.3230168, 127.81377169999996

Directions: The directions are crazy, but if you know where the Mint House is you can get there pretty easily.

Ok here goes:

Go pass the Awase Golf Course and follow that road until it Y’s. Stay left – take the 1st right passed the CALEB sign (the sign will be on your left). You will go uphill and you will pass the PACIFIC VIEW HOTEL. You will see the MINT HOUSE on your righ. Turn in there and GUEULETON is there with the trees covering almost the whole place.


  1. Went here for our anniversary dinner! It was very intimate and we were able to really enjoy each others’ company! It was a bit exciting not really knowing what we were going to get but we enjoyed each course. We had a cucumber melon salad that was excellent and so fresh! Second course was a beautifully cooked fish. Third course was a risotto that was ok. Fourth course was a really tasty filet mignon. Fifth course dessert was dessert and really was a great ending to our evening! Will definitely go back for a special occasion!

  2. Ilsa, I got the following Baby Smile info from a friend who has used them. Here is what she says. Hope it helps you! -kelly

    You can call or email is great, too. With one telephone call or email you can set up a time for an interview. She will come to your house (or I am sure she could meet you somewhere, but I think she wants to see exactly where you live, etc.). She is very kind and genuine. Yes, she works off base. If you decide to go with BabySmile, Maho-san will let you know which member of her team will be helping you. I am not sure how many people are on her team. They are very punctual, reliable and most of all very sweet, patient and tender to your special one. To set up an interview:

    E mail address:
    Phone number: 090-1611-3593
    Please call between 9am to 6pm

  3. Hi Ilisa. I know that Baby Smile works off base. I’ll try and find the rest of the info for you!

    On a side note, I went to Gueuleton for lunch with a friend a few days ago. Although the food was quite elegant, lunch was a pretty casual affair dress-wise. Very cute interior. Like a hunting lodge! We didn’t make reservations for lunch, but it was pretty crowded.

  4. I am looking for more information about Okinawa Baby Smile. Do i just call/email them and schedule an interview time? Do they work off base?? How many people do they employ. How do i know who i will get??


  5. I’m a new member and was wondering if you all have done a review on Tenkai? It was one of our favorite places to eat last time we were here and we visited last Saturday and were not disappointed. I have info if you would like!!!!

  6. MA, great to hear another positive experience with BabySmileOkinawa. I’m sure my husband and I will be needing their services soon, so it’s good to know! Also, I’m not sure how up to date this is, but the link to Gueuleton (not their website, but a Japanese site w/ restaurant reviews) has lunch at 1,580 yen and dinner at 3,150 yen. Thanks for the question!

  7. How much is the restaurant!? Am i a total flake and missed the price in the post?

    AND, i LOVE LOVE LOVE BabySmileOkinawa. Maho, the owner, and her staff are all awesome with the kids. My daughter keeps asking when she’ll be back over to play. Highly recommend her.