Hamburger Steak is one of our family’s favorite restaurants. The decor inside and out definitely stands out in Okinawa, as it has a country feel. So if you’ve wondered about that building with all the old looking wood all over — it’s Bikkuri Donkey: Hamburger Steak Restaurant!!

The hamburger steak, my favorite, is stuffed with cheese and mushrooms and has a yummy sauce on it. My husband usually either gets hamburger steak or a regular steak. They don’t ask how you want the regular steak cooked, because you finish cooking it at your table on a little round stone.

The restaurant is kid friendly with options like french fries and spaghetti.  A plate of spagetti is perfect for my two kids to share.

The prices aren’t bad and the quality and quanity of food is great! They do have English menus and we’ve had no problems with the staff understanding what we want to eat.  So get out there and try something new right outside of Camp Foster!

Directions:  Go out the Foster commisary gate and turn right onto Hwy 58, go past McDonald’s, and then immediately past Hotto Motto you’ll find Hamburger Steak (they actually share a parking lot in back). Go PAST Hamburger Steak, the driveway is right past the building. There is parking on either side of Hamburger Steak and behind it.

Hours: 11am- 2 am

Payment:  Yen only

Menu:  Click to enlarge


  1. PLEASE! Anyone know the ingredients to the hamburger steak? I lived in Okinawa back in 2003- ’06 and this was my absolute favorite restaurant. I’ve been dying to know what the heck they put in the meat that makes it soo tender and juicy. Would anyone happen to know how to make the hamburger steak? #Mouthiswatering

  2. Interesting how in Japan the sign for what the restaurant is serving might be larger than the sign for the name of the restaurant. For example the universal banners for RAMEN in kana. You would not see a place like Olive Garden in the states with huge banners shouting PASTA.

  3. The name in Japanese may be Bikuri Donkey, but there is a sign for this restaurant right on Hwy 58 that reads ‘Hamburger Steak Restaurant’. So I’m pretty sure it’s ok if we call it that. I would assume that’s what the owners want us to say since it’s on the sign.

  4. Apologies, all! It was one of “those” mornings as I posted this — I missed some typos! Thank you for the correct restaurant name and please feel free to add your own experiences of this spot to give our readers a fuller picture.