On top of the Seaside Beach Hotel near the Sunabe sea wall is Hokulea Restaurant. It’s not the least expensive place you’ll ever go, but you can’t really beat the sunset view and the service and atmosphere is really fantastic. The menu (a good English one!) has everything from sushi/sashimi to taco rice and pizza (as you can see by the pictures of the pages, there are MANY items on the menu. ANYONE can find something to eat here.). I’ve been to Hokulea three times, and I haven’t had a bad meal there. (Though admittedly the lomi lomi salmon is my favorite and I order that as an appetizer each time.)

The restaurant is kid-friendly, I almost always see other kids there besides my own. The menu is so large, that even if you’re kid is picky – like mine – you’ll find something for him or her to eat. I try to go early (around 5:30 or so) when I have my daughter with me. It’s not as crowded then so if things get loud or she meets a friend we aren’t disturbing people. They do take reservations at 098-926-4908. Probably not necessary unless you have a large party.

Hours: As of 1/2014, Hokulea is only open for breakfast

Phone: 098-926-2674

Address: 3 Chome-1-3 Mihama, Chatan

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.3209385, 127.75823420000006

Directions: From route 58, go west on the road that takes you to Pizza Inn & GI Bill Pay outside Gate 1 of Kadena. Make a RIGHT at the last traffic light before the sea wall. Pass Coffee Casa and the Turkish restaurant on your left, and start looking for a white sign with blue lettering on the wall on your left: “Seaside Hotel, The Beach”. Make a left there, and the hotel is on the right – a peach-colored building, enter the hotel, and the restaurant is on the 5th floor directly out of the elevator.


  1. We love this place! Our favorites are the spring rolls, beef with oyster sauce (add white rice), and tofu stir-fry/champulu! They have lots to choose from, a wonderful staff, and you can’t beat the view!

  2. I’m pretty sure Hokulea makes food to order instead of pre-making a bunch and then re-heating later. I think it’s worth a wait if the food is fresh and prepared well, then I can enjoy some drinks too!

  3. The ambiance of this place was great. The food was good, nothing exceptional. We were the first ones in the restaurant and soon after our arrival the place got a little busy, We didn’t order right away and that was a mistake. Our food took a LONG time to get to the table, and the entrees came out one at a time within a span of 20 minutes. My husband was the last to eat and we were all finished. Though the ventilation was very good, they do allow smoking.

  4. Great sunset view! yummy extensive menu and always good people around this spot!! We have had many dinner parties here and just love it!!Happy hour is perfect and the exchange rate is super friendly!

  5. The food did not take long and it was all delicious. You can literally close your eyes and point to whatever you want on the menu and be satisfied. I definitely recommend the fried chicken stuffed with minced pork.

  6. Not really too fund of this restaurant. Ive been to hokulea with my friends and the first thing i noticed is that our food never came out on time. We waited for so long, the food was ok… nothing exciting about it. should’ve learned right there and then…but i went back with family and friends and same thing happened…. It took so long for our food to come, and still wasnt satisfied… sorry but i dont really recommend this restaurant…