Should You Bring The Kitchen Sink?


My husband and I have been living in Yomitan now for almost 6 months. Today, on a some what rainy Saturday we decided to venture out and see the Yomitan pottery village. It is a fantastic community of artist living and working together selling their crafts. You go from house to house and see their products. That is worth the journey by itself.

Nestled among those is a restaurant that we stumbled upon; the owner said the name was “Imagine Mountain Tea For Two”. It is a mixture of gallery, restaurant, and home. The menu consists of two entrees and two desserts. We had both and they were fantastic. She will go into her kitchen and cook one a time, serve it, explain it, talk about it, teach you Japanese and just hang out with you.

One is a pancake topped with Nori (Sea weed) and fish shavings. Served with Worcestershire Sauce and mayo. The next is a stir fry with white wheat noodles. Each cost 400yen and both were fantastic! This is really worth a trip for some quiet and goodness!

After I wished her “Yoi ichinichi wo” (I really hope I spelled it right) she even gave me a small present!

Hours: open 11:00-19:00

Address: 2653 Zakimi, Yomitan

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.4076824, 127.75404849999995

Directions: From Kadena AB Gate 1 make a right and go north on 58. Turn left onto 12. The will be a sign for the Village make a right, another sign and a left.  Located inside the Yomitan Pottery Village past the second parking lot, just to the right of the fork in the road.