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Okinawa Hai reader, Lisa, has a question. Can anyone help her out?

I have been in Okinawa for about 5 months now. My husband and I are looking to expand our family and had to do IVF (in-vitro fertilization) to conceive our son. Does anyone have any info on that option here on the island – availability, cost, success rates etc – has anyone had luck with tri-care paying for any of  it?

NOTE: We have closed the comments on this post as of October 12, 2011.  We have since published a new post on this subject and have continued the conversation there.  If you have asked any questions on this post that have not been answered please ask on the more recent post.  Thanks!


  1. I just wanted to say that my husband and I are currently going for infertility treatments at AMC (Adventist Medical Center). We had our first visit on 23 Mar 2011, we were very pleased with the initial consultation with Dr. Vaughan. He is American and speaks both English and Japanese very well. He was straight forward and honest with us and answered all questions that we had about the type of procedures that we would incur. He also went over costs and what he would suggest for us to do per our specific situation. I am schedule to go back on 2 April 2011 for an ultrasound to make sure that I am ovulating and so forth. Our next step after that is completely up to my husband and myself as it pertains to either do IUI or IVF treatments. I have read that some people have had some non pleasing experiences and others have had good experiences. I think it completely depends on the person, if you are the type to not ask questions and havent done your research then you will not have a pleasant experience with Dr. Vaughan because he doesnt waste time and is straight to the point! I suggest doing your research first and ask all the questions you can ask on your visit.

    According to the paperwork we were given:
    IUI – Approx. $300 a piece (depends on yen rate)

    IVF – Approx. $3000 (depending on yen rate)

    They also do egg retrievals, sperm retreivals, and semen analysis (of course)

    If anyone has any questions about the procedure or would like to follow me with my experience at the hospital feel free to email me @ :

    I dont mind sharing my experiences with you at all!

  2. Sam and Amy,

    I hope I can answer both of your questions.

    Sam for fertility treatments you will get most of your medication from AMC. You will have to pay for these out of pocket. Each appt. for us was about $200 each. You can put in for the reimbursement, but I think they only pretty much cover the office fee. It really doesn’t seem like they cover much. We have been with this clinic for about 2 1/2 years now.

    We haven’t had luck yet. The communication is hard. They speak great English, but you do not get detailed information like you would in the states. We never knew what grades our eggs were or anything specific like that. I only knew from looking at the computer screen. I could kind of read what was going on.

    I do not want to discourage people because I have heard many success stories from here unfortunately we are not one of them.

    Amy if you want more information I will e-mail you if you wish.

  3. It’s been a while since anyone has commented. We just did an unsuccessful cycle at Ft. Bragg and we are PCSing to Okinawa. I have found old posts on a fertility board about the quality of care and lack of communication at Adventist.

    Has anyone had any recent experience there?

  4. Has anyone used Donor Sperm from the States while stationed out here? If so, what bank did you use and where did you have them send it to? Thanks!

  5. Nicole (August 17th) – Where in the states did you do your IVF? Has anyone had any luck finding someone here on island to deal with vasectomy reversals or sperm retrieval? Also Dr. T from the earlier posts has opened her own clinic. However, as far as I understand she is only able to do IUI not IVF in her office.

  6. DeAnn,

    It took us about 3-4 months by the time we got the referral to the time we got seen out at AMC, but you never know. They have more doctors down at AMC now, so I’m not sure if it will take that long. I think they can do ICSI in Okinawa, we didn’t though we just did regular IVF.

    Hope that helps.

  7. I know that I haven’t left my previous message up for too long 🙂 I now have another question…how long would it take for a referral from the clinic until you are actually seen by someone out in town? Again, does anyone know if they perform ICSI in Okinawa? Thanks for all of your help.

  8. D;
    I just saw your post on PCOS and I have been dealing with it for about 15 years now. It’s not just about raised insulin levels, it’s a whole ton of other things.

  9. Does anyone know about ICSI ivf treatments? cost? good place to go? Would love any info you would be willing to share.

  10. Amber, I’m just curious where you do your invitro in the states? We did one cycle in February at AMC and it didn’t work. We are getting ready to do another FET cycle at AMC and I’m really nervous. I keep thinking this is my last chance, but I’m excited to see that there is a place in the states that isn’t so expensive. We payed about that same amount at AMC. We’ve been at AMC for almost 2 years now and still unsuccessful.


  11. I do my ivf in the states even though we are in okinawa. It cost just about the same we paid 3900.00 one time fee. if anyone needs info just let me know.

  12. On Lester’s website, it states that tubal reversals are not done here, but they are. I don’t know if they put that up there to cover themselves in the event that they lose a doctor that does it. There’s one here now. I was going to have the procedure done today, but my tubes aren’t able to be reattached. So, I was browing and reading about the IVF as a possible option, and there are bits and pieces of information in each of the posts on here about it, but I was wondering if anyone had specifics for my arsenal when presenting the idea to my husband. He doesn’t have any kids of his own, and I’ve got 2 teenagers from a previous marriage, but I want him to be able to experience it all from the beginning with his own as opposed to my unruly teens. I’m sure I can get the referral from my doctor easily, but I guess I just need to know costs and things if anyone knows. Thanks in advance.

  13. Hi, I have seen previous posts from women wanting more information about vasectomy reversal… however there were no responses. If anyone has any information about vasectomy reversals on the island it would be greatly appreciated!! Really, at this point, any information would help since flying back to the states would be very time consuming and expensive. Thanks in advance 🙂

  14. I did invitro in San diego and it only costs 5000.00 also Tri care does help you out. Also here in okinawa if you do it you will get remimbursted some of your out of pocket cost for ivf. If you ask your doctor they will help you, you just have to ask for the help if you don’t ask you never know. I am in the process of going to the states to go through it again. If any questions email me at

  15. Hello everyone,
    My husband and I just arrived to Okinawa, and are planning to start fertility treatments here. Based on the posts, it looks like we will have to be referred off base for IUI or IVF. Does anyone have any advice on how to start the referral process? We are stationed at Kadena, so our PCM is there. Do we need to start there, then get referred to Lester, then off base? Any information you can provide would be very helpful and much appreciated. Thanks!

  16. Hello,

    I just wanted to say how helpful this site has been with trying to answer questions that I have had in regards to IVF. But I would like to find out if anyone has ever been diagnosed with something called PCOS – policystic ovarian syndrom. My doctor explained that it had to do with my insulin levels being way too elevated. I was able to have a child after I was diagnosed without any treatment. I guess, in some way, she was a miracle. But we have been somewhat trying to have another one for the past year or so and no luck. We arrived on island about a month ago. And from what it sounds, the OBGYN at lester would probably refer me to the Adventist Clinic right away.

    Sorry, if I started to babble a little. anyway, my question is, has anyone been treated with PCOS here at the naval hospital in terms of trying to get pregnant? or were you referred to the adventist clinic right away? I know we want to have another child, i’m just not sure I am ready to go the IVF route yet, only because my daughter was conceived naturally.

    thanks, any info would help.

  17. Christina, we also have considered that and we’re going through

    They said we could still do it even though we were going to be in Okinawa!

    Good luck with both links that were posted. 🙂

    No one has any information on IVF over there? I saw posts, but they’re from 2008!


  18. Hi! IVF unfortunatley is not an option for us, but can anyone give me any information on adopting while we are in Japan? We are still in the states, but it is something we are interested in possibly persuing once we get to Okinawa.

  19. My husband came across this site and we’re so happy to see that they do invitro in Oki! We’re headed there in Nov! If anyone feels like sharing info on what IUI is and the invitro process please feel free to email me at We’re active duty also. 🙂


  20. Hi Jenna I just read your post I am doing in vitro at AMC I have an appointment on the 13th so next week. So I will ask the doc about sperm retrieval for you..Feel free to e-mail me at We had my husbands vasectomy reversal done about 2 years ago nobody mentioned that if we were doing ivf that they could just retrieve sperm instead of him going through such a painful procedure.

  21. Does anyone have any information about if AMC or any other clinics out in town perform sperm retrieval. If so let me know what you think, also any help with pricing for it would be great! Thanks for your help!

  22. Hi,

    Does anyone know the cost with AMC for an IUI? I had one done in the states for my first child and we would like to have another baby.

  23. Hi..I have been in Okinawa for only about 4 weeks and just read all the previous comments. I am going to be 40 this Sept and have 19 mos old twins conceived with IVF. (The first time….we were truly blessed.) I had major issues and our doctor really had no hope of us getting pregnant. I had Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance in the States and was very lucky that they covered basically everything. It sounds like it would be a lot cheaper here if insurance is an issue. If anyone wants to talk about the procedure…meds, shots, etc. let me know. I would be happy to share my experience with you. My email is

  24. Hello I just moved to Okinawa June of 2009. My husband and I do not have kids of our own, but I have 3 of my own from previous marriage they are teenagers now. I am 36 and would like to have children with my husband, but the bummer is that I had my tubes tied 9 years ago, Does anyone know if a doctor on Lester can refer me to a infertility clinic? even after my tubes are tied? I would prefer to go strait to In Vitro..

  25. Thankyou so much for this info! My hubby and I have been trying to conceive for more than a year now and with no luck. We have yet to have any tests run but are getting used to the fact that we’ll probably being trying Chlomid and then IVF if it doesn’t work. We’re due to PCS to Kadena AFB in November so knowing that when we get there we can still receive treatment is a great reassurance to both of us!!

  26. I have an appointment with Dr. Vaughn next month. Does anyone know the process when the male partner has had a vasectomy? I know that I would have no problem conceiving naturally but my hubby had a vasectomy 6 years ago. I know we could do IVF with ICSI but do they do that at AMC? Any information would help….

  27. Has anyone stayed with Dr Vaughn after becoming pregnant? The guy at the Tricare office said I would have to try to get a referral for that as well if I decided to stick with his monitoring when I bacame pregnant, since my first referral was for infertility. Has anyone does this and is it hard to do?

  28. Hi Lau!
    Yes, that would be great 🙂 I’ve had a pretty difficult time with my infertility news, but not ready to give up, as I haven’t even tried the main fertilty methods yet, but I do now realize the percentage drops significantly over 35, and it decreases even more each year 🙁
    Have you started IVF yet?

  29. Hi evrybody,
    We’ve been trying to conceive for almost 2 years now… We arrived to Okinawa about 2 months ago and are very hopeful about having a solution to our problem.
    Well there is really no “problem” as we did all kinds of tests with our previous base, and everything seemed fine. So now we have been told about maybe having to try IVF.
    I’m quite nervous about that news… even though I know it’s good news because we want a baby soooooooooo bad. And 2 years is 24 months… 24 times that we hoped and have been disappointed…
    I read Sarah’s comment (Sarah wrote on April 25, 2009 at 11:07 PM ). She was asking if people over 35 are trying… well, I’m almost there… I’m 33… almost… I’ll be this summer..
    Sarah (and anyone else) who wants my email address, I’m more than willing to share.

  30. I was 34 when I did the first IVF cycle and 36 when we did the cryo transfer. If you want I can share my experience with you. Send email to In the subject put Infertility Oki

  31. I am a patient of Dr. V at AMC. Once we had been trying to conceive for over a year, we went to Lester to get preliminary tests and all tests came back normal. With no where else to go to (we’re civilians btw)…we went to the AMC. Dr. Vaughn is very kind, he will talk with you and give you options. At my very first visit, I received an ultrasound so he could check my follicles. I’m pretty regular and ovulate, so Dr. V told me that I would make an ideal candidate for IUI. Just to be sure however, Dr. V wanted to run some more blood tests. The blood work revealed that I had slightly elevated insulin so Dr. V prescribed Metaformin to improve my fertility. I was able to fill this at Lester. During a 3rd visit, I went in for a HSG x-ray to check on my tubes. Unfortunately, the x-ray revealed some blockage so that has changed things a bit. Dr. Vaughn recommended we go straight to IVF. However since I’m not ready to give up on conceiving naturally, Dr. V gave me the option to have a laproscopy to confirm the blockage. I want to exhaust all options of conceving naturally and try the less invasive methods first, so we decided to move forward with the laproscopy surgery. I’m due to go in on June 2nd. We have paid for all of our visits with CC and will have to submit our claims through our insurance. I think things move pretty quickly with the AMC, which in my opinion, is essential. When you’re frustrated, having a hospital staff that cares and sees patients in a timely fashion is very important. Best of luck to you….let me know if you want to chat further. I can give you my email.

  32. I go for my initial consult with Dr Vaughn on the 18th, can anyone give me some insight on what will take place that day. And also what types of payment do they take?

  33. I saw Dr T a year ago – our daughter is 14 months old now. When we last talked to Dr T – we took our daughter in when she was about 2 months old – Dr T said that she would be returning…and the way she talked, it sounded like she was having a baby…so? I will try to talk to the staff at Itokazu and get more info – I can see them saying that she was retired, even though she’s planning on coming back – total lost in translation.
    I don’t know if I will go to AMC – we are on the island for only one more year, so I don’t know if that’s enough time to get everything done with a new doctor…? ugh, it’s such a tough process starting over each time we move…blah!

  34. Thanks Amy – for checking…

    I have an appointment this month in May ’09 with Dr. Vaughn at AMC. I am nervous. But more stressed than ever !!! What should I expect from AMC?

  35. Amy, Thanks–I appreciate it! So I take it that you saw Dr. T a few years ago? Wow, there’s quite a difference between retiring and going on maternity leave. 🙂
    Will you most likely go to AMC if Dr. T is no longer in business?

  36. I’m sorry –
    Dr. T told us that she was taking some time off but returning – I think she might be on maternity leave. I will try to find out for you all (and for me too…). I thought that she’d be back by now.

  37. Oh really? Thanks, Shannon, I appreciate the info, as I won’t waste my time calling them then. Thanks again!

  38. Today, I called Itokazu Women’s Clinic in Naha and was advised that Dr. T had retired and the current doctor does not speak English.

  39. Hey Amy,
    I’m trying to find the location of this Women’s clinic and don’t find anything yet. Would you mind telling us where exactly in Naha it is? First time I went to AMC, I drove for hours before I found it, now it’s so easy to drive to.
    Thanks Amy!

  40. Amy–THANK YOU AGAIN for the info! Since neither my husband nor I have TriCare, we realize when we attend an off-base hospital that we pay up front, then I’ve been submitting my claims to insurance—sounds like they cover office visits, etc., just not IVF, and who knows what else.
    But I did not notice this GYN on my Provider list, so verified with Blue Cross, and they said that I could still go to this physician and submit my claim. I’m going to call first thing in the AM! I’ve been put on hold at AMC because the specialist is away at a conference all of May, and I really don’t want to sit and just wait around.
    Thanks so much! NOw hopefully they’re accepting NEW patients!

  41. Here is the info for The Women’s Clinic Itokazu for all those interested.

    1-29-12 Tomari, Naha
    Tel : 869-8395
    Fax: 869-8396

    Dr. T speaks English very well – she trained in the states for a couple of years. WE LOVE HER. Her staff is wonderful too – and a few of them also speak English. Nothing but WONDERFUL experiences with them through a VERY challenging process.

    Sarah – I’m not sure if she accepts Blue Cross/Blue Shield, it wouldn’t surprise me though. If you call her office, they will be very helpful. I am planning on going back to her in a couple of months – so I’ll probably see you there! 🙂 Good luck to you – and let me know if you need anything else!! I know what you’re going through.

  42. Amy, thanks for that info! I’m wondering if this Dr. T in Naha accepts Statside Blue Cross/Blue Shield (FEP), since we’re civilians here, not active.

    I was very dissapointed when I went for an appt last Saturday at AMC–Saturdays they are not fully opened, but for fertility–since timing is crucial, I had a f/u and discovered days later while filing claims that the cashier charged me 5000 YEN for my husband, and he wasn’t even with me! They already charged me $50, along with other fees, but I went back several days later and disputed the charge. I would have checked more closely on Saturday, but there was no one there that spoke English, and I was advised to return on a different day. They did not make sense, but said something to effect that since they did the lab work (husbands sperm analysis), which we paid for separately (??), but said that since the doctor talked to me about my husband’s lab work, he was charged in addition to me (???) I then said that I no longer wanted to have a separate chart for him (they had suggested I have one for him (?). My husband isn’t the problem, and he is not the one being seen–I am. So that right there turned me off from that medical center.

    But I need to see someone here. So, Amy, please send me info on this other doctor in Naha!!! 🙂 I’d really appreciate it!

    And Wow! It is indeed a big cost difference! I was quoted that $5,000 for IVF here; I think $200 for ICU…


  43. Hello,

    Does any one know if and how much sperm retrieval at AMC or other clinics here on island are. MY husband had a vesectomy and we are trying to weigh our options about a vesectomy reversal and retrieval. Thanks ahead of time!

  44. It is definitely cheaper in the Japanese community for fertility treatments! I went to Itokazu Womens Clinic in Naha – I don’t know if Dr. T is still approved through tri-care, but even if she isn’t you won’t be paying as much as you would in the states. We did 3 rounds of IUI with her and the 3rd time worked – after 5 previous years of stateside treatments. I have several issues with conceiving, and was told in the states that I would only be able to conceive through IVF – when we started to see Dr. T she refused to do IVF until we tried IUI 3 times. She didn’t want us to spend too much money if we really didn’t need to. (new concept?) My experience at her clinic was WONDERFUL. I will be going back again later on this year – even if we have to pay the entire amount ourselves. Tri-care was difficult all the way through, and we only saw about 1/3 of our money back. BUT, since it’s so much cheaper than in the states – AND IT WORKED – I won’t complain!
    IUI – $200 per time – Stateside IUI is around $1500 per time
    IVF – $3500 (approx) – Stateside IVF around $20,000
    I’ve never been to Adventist – but it was an option when we first started the process, and we chose Dr.T at Itokazu. We don’t regret our decision one bit!!

  45. I’ve been to Dr. Vaughn at AMC several times now for infertility issues. We’re civilians here and have BC/BS FEP, and pay as we go. So far, I’ve been on 1 5-day round of Clomiphene to stimulate ovulation–husband’s SA was done (seemed pretty normal)–my progesterone was good, and I’m regular, and he was optimistic. But when I returned for a later visit, the doctor did another U.S. because I complained of pains in my lower right abdomen. He revealed that my FSH level was high due to my age and that the likelihood was slim of getting pregnant. I asked him about checking my tubes, and it sounds like the next step is to have an HSG (X-ray) of my tubes. I pray that my tubes are not blocked or no other damage.
    After those painful abdominal pains, I thought it would be wise for me to go back to my GYN at Lester for a full pelvic exam, and I’m wondering if they can check my tubes (?) From what I’ve read above, it sounds like I’ll have to have this done at AMC also. Given my age, I don’t want to wait around, or even try ICU, or even IVF, for that matter until we’re certain that my reproductive organs are in tact.

    I must admit–I’m somewhat frustrated with the language barrior–yes, the doctor is American and speaks English, but I just realized, while completing my claim form for submittal, that the cashier there charged both my husband and me for a 5000 Yen office visit. Well, my husband was not even with me–I went by myself. I went ahead and paid all the charges + our office charges, but $50.00 adds up when you’re paying all charges out of pocket.

    In one of my previous visits, we returned to drop off my husband’s SA and stopped at the front desk with some questions, then left. I found out at my next appt that we were to do the first injection (after being on Clomiphene for 5 days and leaving my husband’s sperm, but we had already left, and the nurses never mentioned anything. Later the doctor said it was partly my fault and partly their fault for not having me take a seat when we stopped by after bringing the semen sample (?)

    Sorry, I realize I’m rambling right now because I’m extremely exhausted now and need to go to bed, but I was glad I stumbled across the “fertilty” issue here. I’ve been posting in, which is a great fertility/infertility site!

    Is anybody else here over 35 and trying to conceive? I’m curious to know. It is quite cheaper here, I’m told, than in the U.S., but to pay $5,000 for each IVF treatment makes me cringe! I don’t know why insurance doesn’t help at least with a portion (???)

    Thanks for letting me share. Night! 🙂

  46. it wasnt hard at all for me to get a referrel out in town. i exhausted every mean possible that i could thru on base medical and everything that tricare would cover for my infertility. the referral got approved in about 2-3 days. the initial visit is covered ( you have to pay upfront; you will later be reimbursed) and for the most part, everything else is covered (reimbursement style) with the exception of IUI, IVF, Egg Harvesting, Embryo Transer <-- reading from paper now. compared to stateside prices- everything is MUCH cheaper. you can get most of your meds thru your own pharmacy. wether it be the base you live on or the naval hospital. we are looking to receive our first round of injections. if no conception, we move onto injections + iui (which will probablly run less than 500 bucks... everything included. i would like to speak to anyone here on oki who has went thru the iui/ injections/ clomid at AMC. Thanks!

  47. Hi all. i will be pcsing to oki this summer and would like to know how hard it is to get a referral from the docs there? what base will i have to get the referral from? thanks in advance.

  48. We had 3 of our children thru IVF. 2 were from a fresh cycle and one was from a cryo cycle. We used military and civilian doctors for the IVF. I don’t know how it works here in Okinawa but if you contact me via Oki Hai society I will be more than happy to share my experience with you.

    Incase you are wondering we didn’t go straight to IVF we started from the least evasive procedures and worked our way up.

  49. Tubal reversal (reanastomosis) is a surgical procedure which can restore the function of fallopian tubes which have been blocked by a previous sterilization operation. Most of the time it is performed after a change of partners, so congratulations on your recent or upcoming marriage!

  50. This is semi-related but figured someone who went to the medical center might know.

    Do they do vasectomy reversals anywhere on-island?
    Do you have to get a referral?

    A friend of mine’s husband wants a reversal but Tricare will not cover it. I know it’s very expensive in the States and figured since IVF/IUI is cheaper here, maybe a reversal is too. I am just trying to find some information for them!

  51. Jessica & Anna-

    Initially you will start with an IUI/Clomid before jumping into IVF. The IUI is very straight forward and non-invasive. It just requires a donation of sperm from your husband or donor depending on his condition and it is directly deposited into your uterus. It’s inexpensive as compared to IVF, I paid $120 for it at Walter Reed. Good luck!!

  52. I was wondering if anyone knew where else IVF was done in Okinawa. We are new here and are wanted to expand our family. We have heard about Adventist but would like to know other options.

  53. I just came across this post. I’ve been on clomid for 4 cycles now and have been at 150mg for the past 2, and still no ovulation. My doctor gave me Clomid and steriods for this round to see if anything will happen.
    He also gave me a referral for Dr Vaughn.
    Just waiting for Tricare to approve.
    Does anyone know of anyother medicine that might be helpful that I can talk with my doctor about. My husband doens’t want to do any treatments that are too invasive but we really would like a second child.
    Also does Tricare cover all the visits or just the first initial consult. I know they won’t cover the invitro but the actual visits would be nice.

  54. I’m seeing a doctor at Kadena, an OBGYN, who’s refered me to Dr. Vaughn at Adventist Hospital for my HSG. My HSG came back clear and husband’s SA is good. So we have unexplained infertility after 13 months of trying.

    I keep hearing from reading online that there are so many other tests that can be done by an RE (Reproductive Expert), such as checking my eggs to see if they develop to full maturity, or a laponscopy to check uterine lining, etc… I just feel like there are so many questions left unanswered before I go straight for the IVF.

    Does Dr. Vaughn run all these other tests before doing IVF, or does he just straight do the IVF? Why has my doctor on Kadena not done anything other than bloodtests and a semen analysis? Is this normal? Can I ask her to do the additional tests, or has she not done them because they are not covered by TRICARE?

  55. My friend had her son here via invitro.

    This what she emailed me when I asked about it for another friend that is here now.

    “Here is what I got back from my friend who did the invitro route while stationed here. She says that you do have to have an initial meeting with the hospital or clinic here in order to be referred off base. The doctors offbase are Dr Vaughn and Dr Sakagawa. There is a nurse who also speaks English named Komiko Alderidge. She is Japanese but married to an American guy who is retired here.”

    She was able to get reimbursed by tricare. Some of it she had to fill out herself and some was billed directly.

    Hope this helps someone.

  56. Hi Lisa. We are going through the IVF process too. You have to go to Lester and get a referral to Adventist Medical Center. Tri-Care does not pay for the process. They only pay for the consultations prior to invitro process. Doc. Vaughn (who usually does consultations coz he speaks English)& Doc. Sakamoto at AMC are the doctors doing invitro. Deposit of Y500,000 is required when process starts and whatever is left over will be refunded to you. Hope this helps you to start. You can contact me at and we’ll be happy to share more information.

  57. Hi Lisa,
    My daughter was born here in Okinawa due to our fertility treatments through the Adventist Hospital. While we did not have to proceed to IVF, we conceived in our second cycle with Clomid and Intra-Uterine Insemination. I have heard that the success rates are higher here in Okinawa but I don’t have any hard evidence on that.

    I do know that it is much cheaper. You pay out of pocket first and then Tricare will reimburse you as long as you have a referral. You can get meds through the Pharmacy at Lester. Tricare will NOT reimburse for any non-coital or artifiical means of conception (IVF or IUI), but it is much cheaper here than stateside and the hospital takes credit cards.

    I recommend getting a referral ASAP as the fertility clinic at Adventist only accepts a certain number of new patients per month. I had to wait 3 months for our first appt but once you are in, it is easy to get appointments.
    Hope that helps. Good luck!

  58. The Adnventist Hospital in Naha has an American Doctor on staff and he specializes in fertility treatments. In-Vitro can run you (as of two years ago) up to $4500 per month. Artificial Insemination was priced at about $350 per session. Not bad compared to State-side prices going into the $20,000 range for In-Vitro.
    You have to go to the OBGYN at Lester Hospital first and get a referral to go to Adventist but the referral is good for a year.
    We are civilian and our health insurance did not cover the medical visits for fertility related issues and I have no idea about Tri-Care. I would call your policy holder and ask about those things.
    Hope this helps.

  59. Hi lisa. I just looked on the Lester OB website and unfortunately they do not offer this service. Here’s what the site says…
    Services Not Available: Tubal Reversal Surgery and In Vitro Fertilization – these services are available with civilian providers in the area and warrant a discussion with the Health Benefits Advisor prior to seeking those services because they may incur substantial costs to the patient. Here is an email address for their Health Benefits Advisor though… I’m sure they can point you to an outside clinic that can do the procedure and they’ll be able to tell you if tricare covers the expense here as well. I hope this helps:)

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