Ishigakijima Kitchen Bin l Okinawa Hai

If you are searching for a truly amazing hamburger on island, look no farther than Ishigakijima Kitchen Bin. I just went there for the first time today for lunch, and I have to say their avocado burger is the best I have had on Ishigakijima Kitchen Bin l Okinawa HaiOkinawa. Not only is the meat cooked perfectly, but the wasabi mayonnaise they put on the burger with the avocados gives it just the right kick. The BEST part of the burger though is the bun. It has the flavoring of a pretzel, but the lightness of a bun. Definitely makes the burger one that I will be going back for.

The place is on the smaller side, with just a few tables inside and out, and it can take a little while to get your food, but the wait is definitely worth it. They have an English/Japanese menu right on the counter-top which you use to place your order as soon as you walk in. You can order just a burger for 910-980 yen, or make your burger into a meal for just 390 yen more. They also have other items if a burger doesn’t sound good to you. From their menu they do have kid’s meals, so I know this will definitely be a place I bring my 2-year-old back to. 

Also, they are supposed to be known for their bakery items. I haven’t tried them yet, but I plan to next time I go. Happy Eating!

Hours: 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Phone: 098-936-7587

Payment: I was able to pay with credit card, so I would say they take both Yen and Credit.

Directions: It is just in Chatan. (Another hidden jewel, right in your backyard.) It is located next to Mike’s Tex Mex.  From 58 going toward Naha, turn right onto 130 going toward ETWS (Blueberry Café is on the corner of the intersection).  Take a left when you hit ETWS, follow that down about a block and you will see the bright yellow Ishigakijima Kitchen building.  There is very limited designated parking, but you can park on the street.

Address: 1-11−21 Chatan, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

Ishigakijima Kitchen Bin l Okinawa Hai

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  1. I have too noticed that the plastic cups there seem to be re-used.
    they are clearly disposable cups, yet they re-use them, look for teeth marks on them.
    additionally they ask if you want a combo meal that comes with a drink..
    the “orange juice” that’s one of the choices is clearly NOT orange juice… it is tang or some kool aid garbage.
    other than that the burger is good, a little bit over priced though..

  2. The burger tasted great but it was small and 1300 yen for just the burger. The biggest turn offs for me was the size of the burger and that they reuse disposable cups. If you want to use disposable cups the dispose of them. Do not wash them and put them back out. If you want to reuse cups then buy actual glasses or non disposable plastic cups.

  3. I went here today for the burger and it was utterly fabulous!! All ingredients seemed pure and believe the beef has less additives as well. I didn’t feel like I just ate a bunch of chemicals and processed food as usual when I eat burgers. The staff were very friendly and welcoming. It was well worth the 1300 yen or so I paid adding cheese to the avacodo- best burger I’ve had since I remember. Recommend for the gourmet and health conscious.

  4. We tried this restaurant for lunch and found it to be good, but not great. The staff are friendly and the restaurant is clean. The service was fast. The burgers looked nice, but the beef wasn’t anything out of the ordinary; kind of tasteless, without a juicy beef flavor. In fact, the fine grind of the beef gives the patty a meatloaf consistency. Almost too smooth for a hamburger. The toppings were good and plentiful. I had the avocado burger, which was good. My husband had the mozzarella burger, also good. Sadly, due to the small size of the burgers, I was coerced into giving him half of mine because he was still hungry after eating his. The set menu option for 400 yen extra gives you a drink and then a triple combo of 2 onion rings, some home made chips, and a few french fries. All of which were ‘meh’. Nothing special. For the price of over 1300 yen per person (burger plus chip/fry/onion ring/drink set), I would have to give this place a 6 out of 10. Probably would not go back due to lack of taste ‘wow’ factor, price, and texture of the hamburger patty.

  5. We finally tried this place the other night and were not disappointed. Awesome burgers! I got the avocado burger and my husband got the mozzarella burger. We also got a cream puff for dessert that was really good. Can’t go wrong with Ishigaki beef 🙂

  6. We ate there today and it was delicious! Both of us had the avocado burgers with homemade fries, onion rings, and chips. They are not shy with the avocados and there was a wasabi sauce on there as well…soooo yummy! It was on homemade bread, messy, drippingly juicy, the way burgers are intended. We also ordered our 3 year old one of the kid lunches. Came with a small burger patty, rice with seaweed, fries, onion rings, soup, and a drink. We all left very happy and with empty plates. 🙂

  7. We tried this place for the first time the other night. The staff was really nice and the service was quick. I loved the fries/onion ring/homemade potato chip combo that you could add to your meal. I had the avocado burger, and my husband had the mozzarella burger. The meat was very tasty, but as previously mentioned, had several chunks of gristle throughout, which I happen to be kind of picky about. Other than that, our meals were delicious. A little on the pricey side for burgers, but not necessarily out of line with other burger joints on island.

  8. I was excited to try a burger here after reading about their use of Ishigaki beef. After trying it, I felt like it didn’t live up to the hype. The bread was a little sweet and too soft to hold the contents of the sandwich–very sloppy. The meat was crumbly and also had bits of grizzle throughout. For approximately $10.00 per burger, it has to be better to come back again.