Should You Bring The Kitchen Sink?

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I know that there is another Indian restaurant listed here on Okinawa Hai but I wanted to give yet another option for those who love Indian Cuisine. Kabab’s Indian Restaurant is my now favorite place to eat on the entire island. I’ve become so enamored with this place that I’m now more than positive that I will never return to the other. I have crossed into the world of Curry and there is no return!

Their menu is huge and literally everything that I have tried thus far has been delightful. The Chicken Masala is my favorite. I usually order it within one of their sets. The dinner/weekend lunch set that I choose starts off with a salad (coleslaw-ish with what I’m assuming is topped with a sesame dressing which my 3 yr old tries to lick off of my plate, literally), soup, chicken tandoori, Naan or rice (get the Naan, get the Naan!!!), your choice of curry (followed by choice of heat), drink, and a desert for a set price. I will say that the weekday lunch prices are really, really affordable! I think the only difference in the lunch set vs. the dinner was the soup and the curry portion size but it was still a lot of food. I’m pretty sure that my set for lunch was about 950 yen and my dinner set (which had a lot more food) was 2200 yen. My husband ordered a similar set but his included a Kabab which was sort of like a spiced sausage that has similar seasonings to that of tandoori chicken. His dinner set was 2400 yen and I think the same lunch set would have been about 1050 yen on a weekday.

On the weekends Kabab’s offers a kids set that included a salad, rice or baby naan, chicken korma (yogurt/coconut milk sauce), jello, and a drink for 750 yen. I usually just share my food with my daughter and add a small order of rice because there is literally so much food but we opted for the kids set the last time we visited. She ate almost all of it so I think the chicken korma is a keeper!

I also want to mention that the Naan comes in 3 flavors…plain, rosemary, or garlic. The flavored Naan is fabulous! I had never had rosemary or garlic naan until I went there and I now have delicious dreams of it. If Samosas are your thing…they are very tasty here as well. The other recommendation that I have is to try the Mango dessert. We ordered it the very first time we visited and it was really good. Kababs takes yen as well as credit cards for payment and I just realized that you can also order their food from anywhere in Japan and have it shipped. So, if you by chance end up in Tokyo and are craving their food feel free to place an order! If you have time to browse through their website, you’ll see some amazing pictures of their dishes which literally look exactly like the food served there (no fake food shots there:)!

Hours: Closed Wednesdays

Lunch : 11:30-15:00 (Last Order 14:30)

Dinner : 17:30-23:00 (Last Order 22:00)

Phone: 098-936-9998

Address: 3-1-10 Mihama, Chatan

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.3222717, 127.75712859999999

Kabab’s is located between Camp Lester and Kadena Air Base gate 1 on 58 directly above Obligatos Mexican Restaraunt (up the outside stairs on the far right hand side).

If you haven’t been to Kabab’s yet, you must go and check out this lovely restaurant! I believe you’ll become just as infatuated with it as we have.


  1. I go once a week! This place is legitimate Indian (it’s not the Americanized bland, salty, fast food version of curry they sell down the road via a drive through.) The food was prepared by hand (not microwave). You will certainly encounter chicken, lamb and veg dishes that have been marinated/seasoned and cooked with a variety of spices: star of anise, coriander, cumin, tumeric, carom, nutmeg, seasonal mango, cardamom, Garam Marsala, cumin etc. ) The tandoori bread is huge. I’ve lived in London and NYC – Never thought, I’d find comparable Indian in Japan. Shock and awe!

  2. I LOVE THIS RESTAURANT. I was skeptical at first because I tasted CoCo’s and didn’t like it. I ate it for the first time and have been hooked ever since. I recommend this to everyone. The Indian curry here is unlike that of any other Indian (or Japanese) curry place on island. There’s something in it that I am addicted too and my 3 year old loves it too! It’s funny she literally licks the sesame dressing off the plate as well! Highly reccomend I get the roast chicken curry and garlic naan, yummy!

  3. Just a little tip if you’re taking the kids…try to avoid going on Friday and Saturday nights during the dinner rush. (I think that is common though when going anywhere on the weekend right?) Anyway, we went with a small group of people (2 tables) and were there from 6pm until after 9 and actually passed on the dessert just to get out the door more quickly. The food was more than worth the wait and the company was great but our kids were pretty unhappy that night:)

  4. We went tonight to check it out and it is awesome, I didnt think anything could beat Krishna but was pleasantly surprised at how good this was! 1 change to the original post dinner doesnt start until 5:30 luckily we only got there 15 mins early so just walked around the block and then it was open. Very VERY good food and the chef is so sweet too. He takes a lot of pride in his food and having it fresh cooked to order excellent! Enjoy!

  5. I have been meaning to go here from the first day here when I walked past it from Hamagawa Lodge. You know us Brits and Indian food, t goes hand in hand, so now I will def. go! Thanks :o)

  6. Thank you SO much for posting this! I have been wondering about this place and too in love with Krishna to break free and try it out but now I know that I must! We will go this weekend and then Ill post again Thanks