I know we’ve all been to American village and done the normal shops & eateries. But have you ever noticed the two story building right past the Makeman parking lot and wondered what’s up there? Well, today’s your chance to go check it out. We love a little newly renovated Sushi place on the 2nd floor of the blue twirly stairs- Okinawa KAMI Sushi!

Kami Outside

Along with great food, a wonderful view, amazing service, a beautiful clean restaurant, you can get sushi for LUNCH as well as DINNER! (A huge plus- I love sushi luncheons.) And  If you’ve lived on island long you know not many places offer sushi for lunch.

Kami Interior

My family frequents this place- we have been here at least once each week since discovering it over the holidays.  My husband even joked about not posting to keep away the business- but I guess I’ll share! The wait staff knows us all by name and greets my children every time we visit!! How friendly is that?

Kami Sushi 2 Kami Gyoza

Here are a few menu items they offer: French fries, fried gyoza, edamame, sashimi, fried spicy tempura roll, Spicy tuna roll, California roll, dynamite roll, Chicken fried rice (Delicious by the way) and many more. The list goes on! So the next time you have a hunger for sushi give this place a try! Man now I’m hungry just loading these pictures- I may have to eat there again before this posts!

Kami Fries Kami Sushi 1

Hours:  It’s open every day of the week. Lunch time: 11:30-1500, Dinner time 15:00-22:00 (Close 23:00)

Payment:  They take Yen, American dollars and Credit card. Don’t forget to ask for their stamp card either, every visit and purchase earns you a stamp credit and each line on the card is good for a “treat.” Our favorite treat is the 2nd line – a FREE Orion draft beer!

Phone: 090-926-3290

Address: 9-8 Mihama, Chatan, Nakagami District

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.316673399, 127.75578947100007

Directions: If you aren’t familiar with American Village – From Kadena: make a left out of Gate 1, turn at Kuwae Road right before Lester’s gate. Follow down to the four-way intersection and park in the lot next to Makeman’s.  From Lester: Shoot straight out and follow that road down to the right towards Jusco American Village area! Parking is also more available in the NEW American Depot area near the water. From Foster: Head towards Kadena’s Gate 1 and make a Left at Kuwae Road (the light with Lawson’s/Four Season’s restaurant). Follow down to four-way stop and turn right into AV area and park!

Added directions from comments below: “If you’ve arrived in American Village and the Multiplex is on your left (or in front of you) at that intersection, keep going down that street. When you see the Red Lobster turn right into a parking lot and you will be facing the building which also houses the Seaside Bowling. The building also has a huge SEGA sign on it. [T]here are clear signs NOT to park in the Makeman’s lot.”


We hope you enjoy this place as much as we do! Thanks for reading!


  1. FYI the phone number starts with 098 not 090. We tried to call and the 090 would not go through. Anyways, we love Kami sushi! It’s important to make a reservation though because it can get pretty busy!

  2. Definitely the most Americanized sushi I’m eaten on the island. I guess most Americans enjoy mayo and other sauces on their sushi, but it’s not my thing. I wasn’t wowed by the quality of the fish either. It was pretty busy however, even at 3:00, so take this review for what it’s worth.

    • I tend to agree with you on your opinion. I’ve eaten here a few times. I’ve never disliked my food, but I’ve always had the sensation that I was actually eating at a sushi restaurant in California instead of in Okinawa.

    • Most amazing??? , ive tried 3 sushi places so far in Okinawa and this is the worst on my list. Ive had even better sushi in the states. the presentation for my elaskan roll was horrible. also had a hand roll of salmon, it the salmon did not taste fresh at all, I didn’t eat the rest. also this place is really expensive. I went yesterday, bad experience. they don’t offer ginger or soy sauce on the table, a BIG let down because I love both !!!

  3. My wife and i enjoyed the overall flavor of our sushi roll combo plate. We did have one complaint and it was a deal breaker. There were four different rolls on the platter. The inside of eack one of them was the same: Krab with a “k” and avacado. The top of them had the different fish types on them. We expected more. Needless to say we are still searching for “our” sushi place. The edamame was off the chain!

  4. Love this place! We thought the name of this place was just Okinawa Sushi and been waiting for someone to write a review 🙂 This place is up there with Newport Sushi and Sushi Zen without the need for reservations and has easy parking. Great lunch specials and lots of variety. Also happens to be next to our favorite shabu shabu place. Great food, service and prices!

  5. I love this place! The staff is so friendly. Probably the most friendly staff experience I’ve had on island. They remember me everytime I go and they speak amazing English. Although I wish I spoke more Japanese, but anyways… I’ve been here for 6 months and this is the place I’ve been to most often. The sushi might be a little pricey but it’s excellent. If you go to yoshis the sushi is cheaper but the rolls are much much much smaller. At kamis you really get what you pay for. I also love their spicy tuna salad and their chicken fried rice. They have great tempura dishes. I just love this place. It’s my second favorite restaurant though, ever since I found Kouwa sushi by kadena. 🙂 YUM.

  6. So the directions to this place are horrible. So to help any of you who might need better directions finding the actual building here you go:

    If you’ve arrived in American Village and the Multiplex is on your left (or in front of you) at that intersection, keep going down that street. When you see the Red Lobster turn right into a parking lot and you will be facing the building which also houses the Seaside Bowling. The building also has a huge SEGA sign on it.

    And if you don’t know what Makeman’s is, its like a Home Improvement/Lowe’s do-it-yourself center. Also, there are clear signs NOT to park in the Makeman’s lot. But my directions above get you to the perfect parking lot in front of the building.

    AND YES, the food was good and service was fast. My toddler enjoyed sitting in the traditional area that has a great view.

  7. I went there for lunch. They have 3 lunch special set only for 980 yen. They all come with soup, salad, tea/coffee, and desert. I got the Chicken Teriyaki set this one come with tempura also. Desert is really good, strawberry moose with chocolate cake. It was perfect size for me cuz all the food already make me full.

    Also they serve their homemade icecream after meal too. Today is rosemary flavour. I love it. It tastes awesome. I feel ap refresh after small scoop of their icecream. I asked them if it will be the same icecream in each day. They said they change everyday sometime Chocolate sometime Cookie. I can’t wait to go back and get the surprise flavour. Haha

    They will have 50% off on blowfish for dinner on 19th, 20th, and 21st of this month. I’m so excited for that.

    Btw I saw the price for the sushi roll is kinda pricey but their lunch set is so good for 980.

  8. My husband and I went here last night! First impression was awesome! Clean and bright and the staff was very friendly! I also loved the fact that there was Japanese style dining as well as American style! We always opt for the Japanese style dining! When in rome right! 🙂 we sat down and took a look at the menu and were very surprised at how pricey the rolls were! We ordered the spicy tuna and the Eskimo roll as well as 2 order of yakisoba. The Eskimo roll was really good, the spicy tuna was nothing to write home about. It was only tuna seaweed wrap and rice. I also did not like the fact that the fish were mashed up! I prefer my sushi to be whole, not look like mashed potatoes! The yakisoba was amazing! By far my favorite on the island so far! I would definitely go back for the yakisoba but not for the sushi! Some of the rolls were like 1200-1500 yen. That’s a little too pricey for sub-par sushi. I recommend going to Ryukyu Sushi House for sushi! Cheaper and better tasting!

  9. Adding this, they will often do a 50% off specials for the menu. Which in the past has included new shrimp & steak sushi creations. But has also included regular menu items, rolls, nigiri, sashimi & even draft beers.

    Couldn’t be happier with any other place 🙂

  10. This place is AMAZING!!! It is a huge favorite amongst my girlfriends and my family….I highly recommend Kami Sushi!! The staff is SUPER friendly, very courteous and professional. The sushi is AWESOME!! In case you can’t tell, I love love love love love this place. If you haven’t been you need to go….LIKE RIGHT NOW!!! LOL Happy eating!!

  11. This is my family’s absolute FAVORITE sushi place. Plus we love that it’s so close to Foster. It’s a great place to take newcomers, because the variety of items is sure to please everyone. Nearly every table has a view overlooking American Village- which is especially pretty at night and during the Christmas lighting season. They are so friendly, and sushi chef remembers my name after just one introduction.
    The Mihama Roll and the Hot Night Rolls are my fav., but the nigiri sushi is just as yummy. I go back and forth between ordering one of the smartly priced sets, and the individual dishes.
    So glad the word is finally out on this place!