Kozy's Pizza entrance, Kinatakagusuku, Okinawa


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Since moving to Okinawa we have really enjoyed finding new restaurants, especially those that are kid friendly and this is something Kozy’s pizza has aplenty. Although, our discovery of Kozy’s Pizza was recent, reliving the experience on our subsequent visits remains thrilling. It is located in Kitanagusuku, which is easy
to get to from both Foster and Kadena. It sits on a hill and the views are quite spectacular during the day and at night!

The building appears to be an old house and has plenty of parking behind it. When you first walk in you enter into Dinning room at Kozy's Pizza, Kitanakagusuku, Okinawathe main dining room and kitchen area. I really like that this area was separate from the “child-friendly” area, so anyone would be able to eat and enjoy their meal, even without kids.


However, if you have kids, they immediately take you back to one of the two bedrooms that have a play area and a few tables. The play areas have tents, tumbling mats, slides and a lot of toys for all ages. Everything was super clean and well taken care of. One of the rooms has a raised seating area with benches and the other room is floor tables, so be prepared for that. Both rooms have indoor shoes provided for guests. If you are going and want to take advantage of one of the kid’s rooms, I would highly recommend calling ahead. Honestly, it was so nice to have an open space for our 4-year-old to run around and be goofy.

medium sized pizza and wings at Kozy's Pizza, Kitanakagusuku, Okinawa Personal Pizza at Kozy's Pizza, Kitanakagusuku, OkinawaThe Menu

The menu has several pizzas to choose from. They have specialty pizzas and just a cheese pizza option that you can add up to three toppings on for the included price. The menus are in English, but I noticed there were some items on the Japanese menu that were not listed on the English one. The specials are also listed in Japanese. So bring your google translate, and you are good to go! We were so happy with everything we ordered and the specialty pizzas are ones that are unique and fun to try.

The restaurant is average priced, but definitely one of the cheaper pizza places we have visited on the island. You can choose the size of the pizza, ranging from a personal pizza to an XL pizza. We got one personal pizza for our son, two mediums pizzas (one specialty and one cheese with two toppings) and an order of wings and our bill were about ¥4,500.

If you are craving good pizza in a kid-friendly restaurant, Kozy’s Pizza is definitely the place to go!

Kids playroom at Kozy's Pizza, Kitanakagusuku, Okinawa




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26°17’31.3″N 127°47’34.7″E


11:30AM – 9:00PM

Last order was taken at 8:00 PM

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Yen and Major Credit Card accepted



  1. My friend and I visited the restaurant today and absolutely loved it! The staff is very friendly and attentive, the pizza, salad, and jerk chicken wings are delicious. I tried the German pizza which had cheese potato onion and ham, think mashed potatoes meets pizza.. YUM! Take the kiddos for this lunch date or dinner date. And we were able to stay for quite a while because the five year old and baby were entertained completely.
    We stumbled upon this restaurant after realizing one of our favorites Monoca has closed. And this is a short distance passed it.
    I of course wanted to see if this had a write up yet so others are able to experience it as well!