La Fonte, originally uploaded by kahoristori.


If you are looking for a good Italian restaurant in Okinawa, “La Fonte” is the place for you.  This restaurant uses organic food, so if you like good Italian food with healthy ingredients, you have to check out this place. They have a lunch buffet everyday, even on weekends. They have a wide variety of dishes for 1350 yen for lunch.  They serve wine on weekends in the buffet menu, so the buffet price for weekends is 1575 yen.  In general I find it hard to find a good quality buffet lunch, but this restaurant serves good quality food (based on my taste). The menu for the buffet includes drinks such as tea, juice, coffee, etc., salad bar, small appetizers, soup, 4-5 pasta dishes, several kinds of pizzas, and desserts.  It is a nice restaurant, but you should feel comfortable taking little children.    For more pictures, click HERE.  It is a Japanese blog, but you can check out the pictures of the food served at the buffet. Also click the photo above for more of my pictures.

Phone: 098-884-0595

Address: 1 Chome-13 Shuritobarucho, Naha

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.2233265, 127.71598100000006

Directions (from Kadena and Foster): Get on the expressway from the nearest entrance and drive south toward Naha. Leave the expressway at the Exit 2 Nishihara. After you pass the toll booth, the road splits. Take a left fork to merge onto 330 toward Naha.  Take the second ramp to get off 330.  At the first stop light turn left onto 241.  Follow this street. You’ll drive on this street for a while. You’ll come to a junction where you go under the monorail overpass.  You go under here and the road curves to the right and after the first stop light, the restaurant will appear soon on the left side. Parking is available on the street between the restaurant, La Fonte, and a gasoline station on your left.



  1. I have been wanting to go here since I love pizza & Italian food. We went for lunch on Friday and I enjoyed the ambiance. If it was a bit warmer i would have eaten outside. The pizza was yummy & I really liked the juices too. Tha pasta was just ok and kind of cold. They also had a salad bar, rice, curry, and soup.

  2. Just went there today for the lunch buffet with the family!! We were pretty pleased with the pizza and pasta selection!! My 4 year old loved the marguerita pizza! It is a LONG while on the 241 but the directions above were on target! We would probably go back again if we are ever in the area.

  3. We tried La Fonte last week and really liked the food. However I think the next time we go it will probably be for the lunch buffet as you recommended.

    We ended up going for dinner on a Friday evening and it took us an hour to get there from Foster mostly because of bad traffic. Dinner ended up being a two-hour affair because we went with the multi-course dinner that consisted of antipasti, soup, bread, pasta, a fish or meat entree, coffee or tea, and dessert. The food was all really good with beautiful presentation and service was fantastic. There was no English menu so we didn’t know if the multi-course was for one or two people but we found out when we got the bill! At 3800 yen per person and then 1200 yen for pizza for the kids it’s a little expensive for a regular dinner out. Lunch buffet sounds like a much better deal.

    We were lucky that the kids were pretty good the whole time. It helped that we were seated in the back where the kids could roam a bit and had a view of the kitchen and their beautiful garden. Also,the restaurant was empty when we got there at 6 pm so it felt like our own private place. It’s definitely a sit down and enjoy your food type of place. Would be really nice for a date night.

    Traffic on 241 was still bad going back to exit 2 so we ended up going to the Shuri Castle entrance to the expressway. Going home only took about 20-25 minutes that way. Not sure how it would be heading towards the restaurant from there though as the traffic was still pretty bad on the opposite side of the road at 8:00 pm.

    All in all we had a really good experience but I don’t think we can risk a 2 hour meal with the kids in a nice restaurant again for a while. It worked out this time but the stars and the planets are in alignment only so often!