Should You Bring The Kitchen Sink?


{Last week, Casey was trying to find Liberal Sushi Restaurant.  She found it, and here’s what she’s got to say:}

Well we found it and it is a very nice little restaurant. It was 1200 yen for all you can eat sushi for an hour as well as other yummy foods from a mild curry, various salads, miso as well as pastries. We arrived about 1145 and had no problems getting a table. We left about an hour later and the place was filling up. We were the only Americans there.

The food was pretty good. If you want to over indulge this is the place for you. The meat on the sushi was a thinner cut than you would get at a pay per piece restaurant. But if you wanted to try something you have never had before this might be a good place to do some sampling. I had what I think was goose, never had that before as well as something else that was kinda like uni (urchin) but not the same flavor. Translation was not so good with the staff but none the less we managed just fine.  A friend found out she would never eat uni again but found other items to her liking.

No one said we had to leave but about at the 50 minute mark a man kept walking by our table. Not sure if he was amazed at the number of times we made our way to the buffet or if he was offering a subtle hint to get up and let someone else have a go. We left there way overstuffed and headed to the 100yen to walk off a bit of our lunch. It was a fun outing with the girls.

Meredith #2 was kind enough last week to dig up these directions to Liberal:

As you go past Foster going south toward Naha you will have to make a right turn off of 58. The turn is more of a 45 degree. At the light for the convention center gate, make a left turn. At the very next intersection make another left. (Turn left before you get to the light). Take a third left and then Liberal will come up on your right. It is small building with kinda big parking lot left side of restaurant. Lot will probably be full as it is a very popular place with the Okinawans. The sign is in English called Liberal. They open at 1100.


  1. A few little things we learned when we visited:

    Kids under a particuar age eat free (our girls are 2 so I am not sure of the cap age).

    There are no baby seats that we saw. They have booths and traditional Japanese tables. So if you have kids that like to walk around when seated at a traditional table keep that in mind. There where other kids there, young and old, so it is kid friendly.

    Just a couple tips! 🙂 Otherwise the food is good and filling!