little greek kitchen

Little Greek Kitchen, Yomitan, Okinawa



I actually stumbled across this gem called “Little Greek Kitchen” the day after it officially opened summer of 2015. Just a lucky find when I was out adventuring on the southeast corner of Ikei Island. The Greek food is amazing! As of December 2016 she moved her location to Yomitan.


And now the food!

The huge lunch plates are between 1600-2000yen. Options are chicken, pork, or lamb. The plates are served with several sides on the plate. More than enough food!

The dinner menu is simply the “Meze” set course for the day for 3,000 yen: 4 course meal with Dips & bread, Greek salad, Meze-main plate (chef’s choice a variety of Greek dishes), finishing with coffee and dessert!

little greek kitcjen

little greek kitchen

little greek kitchen

“Meze” defined: “Unlike appetizers, which are intended to whet the appetite for the meal to come, it is common for Greek groups of family and friends to gather or go out for “mezethes”, share several of these delightful dishes, a drink, conversation, and laughter. The plates are shared by everyone at the table, which not only provides a wonderful variety of flavor and texture sensations, but also creates the kind of happy, convivial atmosphere for which Greeks are well known


First key thing about Little Greek Kitchen, since the place is small, reservations help her prepare the right amount of food…

Second key thing, Evenings will be reserved for adults only!

Third, parking at Little Greek Kitchen shared with the rooms above so make sure you park in the correct spots, there is a sign posted, but if you aren’t sure, please ask her if you are parked in the right spot!


Pamela has an incredible story of how she ended up cooking Greek food in Okinawa, but I’ll let her tell the story when you visit. Once you step into her place, you will feel like you are home. Oh, and huge plus, the view from the new balcony is awesome!!!

little greek kitchen


little greek kitchen

Little Greek Kitchen


Tuesday & Wednesday – Closed.

Sunday, Monday, Thursday lunch only: 12:00-5:00, Last order: 2:00.

Friday – Saturday, Lunch: 12:00-3:00 Last order: 1:30.

Friday – Saturday, Dinner: 6:00-10:00 Last order: 7:30.

While reservations are not required for lunch, they are STRONGLY encouraged!

Please follow her facebook page for more up-to-date info on ‘fully booked’.

You will always need reservations for dinner and for parties over 5!

Phone:  080-8566-0802 (owner’s cell, Pamela)


Payment: Yen only. No credit cards or USD.

Address: Nagahama 1189-3, Yomitan, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa 904-0324



  1. We just did our day trip out to the sister islands (Ikei, Miyagi, Henza) and had our lunch here as planned. I will preface this by saying that I have only had Greek food in the United States in various states and at Greek festivals. I am not a connoisseur of Greek food, but this was simply amazing. The best Greek I have ever eaten personally. A sunny day not too hot with a wonderful breeze set a wonderful atmosphere that was simply the epitome of my expectation of a tropical island.

    We enjoyed a five course meal that began with bread with dipping sauces (a beet and yogurt dip, eggplant baba ganoush a feta cheese dip). A Greek salad so tasty I even enjoyed the olives followed, only to be one-upped by a seafood pasta. The main course consisted of perfectly marinated and cooked chicken & pork with dipping sauces, potatoes, and stuffed peppers. A light and tasty ginger cake with Greek yogurt and iced frappe sealed the deal. A great amount of food for the price without even considering the quality, which was delicious.

    A couple of additional notes for potential guests. We were lucky to show up at a non-busy time. Pamela mentioned how the day before (Saturday) was slammed packed and nobody without reservations got a chance to eat there. So if this is something you want to do (and you should) I would recommend calling if it is for a weekend OR if you have a party or four or more people. And Pamela is a great host and very friendly if you want to chat and also happy to leave you in peace with your meal if you wish. One of the best dining experiences we’ve had here so far.

  2. This restaurant is a true treasure! I’m so thankful I had a friend recommend this place. As a lover of Greek food, there’s finally an authentic place to enjoy the flavor and styling of traditional greek food. The owner Pamela and her story are amazing. This is one of my favorite places on the island. Each course provides a flavor unlike the other, absolutely amazing.