Two weeks ago, I took my parents to Kokusai Street. I love taking trips there because it’s where my favorite chocolate shop, Ma Kukuru, is located. I’m somewhat obsessed with their chocolate. Since I don’t go to Kokusai very often, every time I’m there I stock up and then inevitably my stash dwindles and I start rationing it.

Ma Kukuru is a store filled with nothing but chocolate… Here that sigh? *sigh* That’s me contemplating a large room of chocolate. Oh, wait. Sorry. I get distracted thinking about it.

I know the sign says “fashion candy,” but it really should be called fashion chocolate. The taste is distinctly Japanese, meaning, there’s very little sugar in the desert. It’s not like eating American or European chocolate where you can taste the richness of it. This chocolate is more bitter and focused on what they place with it. For instance, they have several different varieties over fancy cookies or (my favorite) chocolate filled with things like green tea and plum.

You can’t eat a lot of it at a time. It’s more like a taste experience, where you just want a little on your tongue verses those times where you crave a candy bar.

When you visit the shop, don’t be afraid to try things. The girls there will let you try everything. They keep samples handy (if ones are not out in the section you’d like to try), all you have to do is ask.

Another thing I like about their chocolate is their packaging. It’s so pretty! It’s perfect for gifting, especially to those stateside.

I’ve heard rumors that this company is local, or at the very least from the mainland. I can’t find any evidence online to prove or disprove that, however. The girls in the store speak very little English (only enough so that I can point and try out the samples I want – ha) so I wasn’t able to ask them. Does anyone know? And also, does anyone know if this store has another location? I’d like to replenish my stash next time without going to Kokusai, if I can.

Ma Kukuru

Approximate Address: 2 Chome-1-13 Makishi, Naha

GPS Coordinates: 2 Chome-1-13 Makishi, Naha

Directions: For directions to Kokusai Street, please head to this post.


  1. Head South on 58. Pass the turn for Futenma. Take a left at the intersection that has the Okinawa Actor’s School on the right and the Peacock Palace Restaurant on the left (if you see Jimmy’s then you’ve passed the intersection). There will be a Family Mart on the left. Take a left at the 4-way. Fashion Candy will be on the left across from the fruit and veggie stand. Good luck! : )

  2. Hi, I had to go to the actual Fashion Candy store to take pics for work. You can check out the article in the Feb. issue of Okinawa Living on Fashion Candy. Fashion Candy is located near Foster in Ginowan. I can’t remember exactly how to get there, but you can go to their Web site:

    They sell the Ma Kukuru brand there. It’s a tall building…their factory and offices are located above the store.