Marugame Front
Marukame Front
Marugame Line
Marukame Line


One of the first restaurants we ate at when we arrived in Okinawa was MOS burger on 58 next to the Kanehide grocery store. I remember eating the burgers with “rice” buns while living in Singapore and wanted to try the ones here. After that, we haven’t been back because there are so many other places to eat! Then we saw it being torn down but since there are other branches, I didn’t panic. We couldn’t help wondering what they are building. So I have been eyeing that spot for months until the building came to life with all Japanese/Kanji words. The only kanji I could recognize is noodle but what attracted me most were all the banners with 280yen on them!

The restaurant always looks packed because I could see people standing in line through the windows whenever I drive by. But when we finally went there, I found out why. The cooks behind the counter couldn’t speak English, but the one who was at the cashier did a little. She told me the restaurant is called Marukame Noodle. She also gave me a Japanese website for the restaurant so for those who has a translator tool can find out more. This is a self-service udon restaurant. There are three tatami seating areas at the back of the room, but plenty of tables available as well.

Marugame Tables
Marukame Tables

There is only one way in and another door to exit. As you enter, you will see the udon menu overhead. There is no explanation in English but they do have the items in romanji so you can say it to the cook behind the counter. There are pictures to show you what comes with the udon. The prices are in kanji which ranges from 280yen – 530yen. Each item has a lower price for medium size and higher price for large bowls. Almost all of the udon can be served hot or cold.

Marugame Menu
Marukame Menu

If in doubt, order the kake udon – hot. They will boil your udon, put it in a bowl and you can help yourself with as much broth as you want at the end of the counter. I ordered torotama udon which came with a half-boiled egg on top of the udon in broth. There was also a dollop of white paste which I assumed is pureed radish. *After you paid, you can garnish your noodles with scallions and deep-fried onion strips.

Marugame Kake Udon
Marukame Kake Udon
Marugame Torotama Udon
Marukame Torotama Udon

If you didn’t want just udon, after you get your bowl, you move on to the counter with a variety of tempuras and rice balls. There have English tags and how much they cost a piece. They have shrimp, chicken, squid, pumpkin, sweet potato, eggplant, half-boiled egg just to name a few. Prices range from 80 – 130yen a piece. We didn’t try the rice balls but they range from 100 – 130yen a piece. There is also a drink station where you can help yourself to water and hot tea.

We ordered way too much food but only paid 2160 yen for our family of 4.

Hours: 11am to 10pm

Payment: Yen only

Directions: From Foster, head north to Kadena. After you pass American Village and then Obbligato restaurant, you will see Kanehide grocery store. Get ready to turn left into Marukame Noodle’s parking.  The girl also told me there is another branch in Misato as well as Okinawa city.


  1. Okay- this place is fantastic. We ( 5 of us- two older kids; two teens) went today. It is crazy fast. We ordered two curry bowls (medium size- which was big) , three kake bowls, and three pieces of tempura which was only ¥20 ( excatly!) . The curry was voted best choice by all but one. You will leave full !

    It is very easy to navigate the process once you get there. And the staff was able to communicate very well ( despite my lack of Japanese).

  2. We finally went here today and missed out on a few things because the site wouldn’t load for me to take notes. 🙂 Others have mentioned it, but we missed the “fried pieces” and scallions at the end of the line in our excitement to sit down and eat. We did get the vegetable tempura, which is mostly onion, and added that along with the spicy red flakes and ginger to our udon. So good! The sweet potato tempura could have been dessert! Also, I’ve read a couple of other reviews and they refer to the restaurant as MaruKame. Not sure it makes a difference unless you are looking to google further info.

  3. Our family loves Marugame Udon near Kadena/Lester. We have been there two or three times over the past 2 months and enjoy it every time. There is an English menu tacked onto the wall at waist-level as you enter so you can understand the slight variations as far as what is offered on top of your udon. One of the best options is a tempura soft-boiled egg. Amazing! I don’t know how they do it, but I love soft-boiled eggs and I love tempura, so this is a match made in heaven. The sweet potato and pumpkin tempura are delicious as well. My son likes the squid tempura. Very kid friendly (small child forks/spoons/cups available at the drink station) and extremely clean. Gets very busy during M-F lunch hours and on weekends. I suggest going early when they open or mid-afternoon if you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by people. Enjoy!

  4. To get to the 75 location from Courtney’s main side turn left out of the gate. You will pass 36, 16, then 85. The next main intersection with a blue sign you will see a taco place on the right corner (Taco King, I think) and it is two or three buildings past that on the right side. I hope that makes sense, I am really bad at giving directions! If you pass a McD’s on the left you went too far.

  5. WOW people, just get out and try the restaurants Okinawa has to offer. Get away from greasy mediocre fast food that plagues our bases and explore a little bit. There is a reason why Marugama is usually packed. The food and value is excellent!

  6. this place went up so fast and it was always so busy! we did end up making it out there finally. i loved the noodles but the broth was boring and kind of ruined the awesomeness of those homemade udon. i will mos def be going back

  7. A second restaurant is located off of 75 closer to Courtney and the other side of Kadena. My Japanese neighbor took me to this location and it was awesome! I will be lining out the door for this place again!

  8. Thank you so much for posting this! You took the words right out of my mouth: wondering what they’re building, what is this restaurant with all the kanji, and why is the line always so long? I’m more of a ramen person than an udon person but I’m willing to try it just for the experience. Now, I don’t have to go in there blind. But how did it taste…was it good soup?

    • Yes they are delicious. My daughter love Okinawa soba noodles but was not a big fan of thick udon yet she emptied her bowl! The broth for the kake udon is milder than mine. I’ve had several friends that went and they all enjoyed their meals as well.

  9. I am SO HAPPY to see this post! I have been wondering what kind of food this place has and was just telling a friend yesterday that I wanted to go in (with four little ones I have avoided going on my own yet!) Now that I know what they serve, I will definately be trying this place. Even with the four little ones in tow!