Maru Outside

After visiting Toguchi Beach yesterday we decided to check out the food choices at the shopping center near the closest Max Value. There were many choices but Marumenya looked promising. They offer ramen and Chinese-style food for a reasonable price.

We sat down and were given glasses and a pitcher of water quickly. We looked through the menu and had a hard time decided what to choose but finally settled with the Beef Fried Rice (500 yen), Fried Gyoza (300 yen), and Miso Fried Pork with Cabbage Set (700 yen). The food was served right after it was made as many other restaurants in Okinawa do. Both meals were good and left us full with enough left to take home.

The restaurant isn’t too large. They have tables with chairs and tables with 1/2 booth and 1/2 chairs. We ended up sitting at a booth since it was more convenient to keep our 3 month old sleeping in the car seat. They also had high chairs and Bumbo type seats for older children. We will try it again when we visit that area again.

Click below for the MENU.

Maru Menu 4 Maru Menu 3 Maru Menu 2 Maru Menu 1

Hours: 11:00-23:00

Payment: We paid in yen; I’m not sure if they accept dollars.

Address (approximate): 675 Furugen, Yomitan

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.36852237314239, 127.74520088014833

Directions: Head North on 58 towards Kadena. You will pass Navel Kadena. Turn left at the light where Kadena Gate 4 is. You will see the Koban station das well. When the road forks, go left. You will go over a red bridge. When you see the Starbucks, it is in the plaza beside it on your left.