Minatogawa Area in Urasoe City

Minatogawa Address
Minatogawa Address


Hidden away from the chaos of the 58 in Urasoe City is an area called Minatogawa. What once was military housing for families-has become a neighborhood of restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and little boutiques. The houses are chipped and the paint is faded, but the unique and antique businesses are full of charm.

Each narrow street has been named after an American state including; Arizona, Michigan, Kansas, Nevada, and Florida. When I walked into the cafes,I couldn’t help but feel like I was walking into someone’s home.

Ippe Coppe Bakery has slippers at the entrance so you don’t walk in with your outdoor shoes.

Minatogawa Ippe Coppe 1
Minatogawa Ippe Coppe 1
Minatogawa Ippe Inside
Minatogawa Ippe Inside
Minatogawa Rat Sheep

I highly recommend the cafe/restaurant Rat & Sheep. The first time I went, the menu was all in Japanese, but the food was so good I made reservations for six of my friends the following week. When we arrived the owners created menus in English for us.

Minatogawa La Vita 1
Minatogawa La Vita

I also recommend the restaurant/cafe, La Vita. There are three separate rooms in restaurant. I had a group of 14 and they accommodated us in one of the rooms. The service was great. Mostly italian food, pasta, pizza, salads. The menu is mainly in Katakana -がんばって.

Minatogawa Bakery Minatogawa Bakery
Minatogawa Bakery InsideMinatogawa Bakery Inside

You could spend a great afternoon exploring the various treasures of this area of Urasoe.

Which place will be your favorite?

Minatogawa Cafe
Minatogawa Cafe
Minatogawa Cafe Outside
Minatogawa Cafe Outside

Address:  Rat & Sheep, Urasoe City, Minatogawa 2-13-9 〒901-2134
Phone: 098-963-6488
Hours: 17:00~24:00, Closed Sunday
Payment:  Yen Only

Address:  La Vita, Urasoe City, Minatogawa 2-15-3 〒901-2134
Phone: 098-878-9808
Hours:  Lunch 11:30〜15:00/CafeTime 15:00〜18:00/DinnerTime18:00〜22:00,  Closed Tuesday
Payment:  Credit Cards Accepted, Yen

Address:  Ippe Coppe Bakery, Urasoe City Minatogawa 2-16-1 〒901-2134
Phone: 098-877-6189
Hours: 12:30 – 18:30 Thu Fri Sat Sun, Closed Tuesday& Wednesday

Minatogawa Turn 1
Minatogawa Turn 1

Directions:  These are a bit tricky…. From Kadena head south on the 58. Once you are in Urasoe be on the look out for the かねひで (Kanehide Grocery Store) on the right hand side. On the left side of the street is the SGI (Soka Gakkai Center). Make a left at that light. Follow the road up hill and it will curve slightly to the left. This is the entrance into the Minatogawa neighborhood.

Minatogawa Turn 2
Minatogawa Turn 2

Side street parking is available all along the neighborhood. Recommend exploring the area by foot. Cafes/ restaurants/ bakeries/ salons are hidden along the narrow streets.


  1. The Kanehide Grocery Store/turn, off of 58, is between the Esso Gas Station entrance and main gate of Kinser. This neighborhood is well worth visiting.

  2. This sounds so Interesting to me. We have been in other areas where housing has been turned over. It is often a little spooky and makes me wonder at all the people who have passed through. This kinds like a great way to use the resource. Thanks for this write up.


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