Miya Front

Trying new restaurants here in Okinawa is not hard with so many choices. But I have to admit, when a new place popped up in my neighborhood that looked interesting, I got giddy with excitement to try it.  I checked the place out really quick one day just to see what it was about. I walked in and looked over the menu and knew instantly I would be back with my family within the week.

Miya Inside

A few days later, my husband and I with our two kiddos walked to the place called Miya is Heart.  The restaurant is small and quaint. They had several of the tables with the holes in the floor and a few seating areas along the bar where you can watch them prepare and cook your food. The waitress didn’t speak much English, but she really didn’t need to.

Miya Greens
Miya Gyoza

They had an English menu and everything was very reasonably priced. They had food items that ranged from fried, stir-fry, broiled, salads, sashimi, sushi, Okinawan food, and rice dinners.  They also had an extensive drink menu: beer, cocktails, awamori, Chu-Hai, soda, juice and tea. We ordered quite a bit of food and everything was delicious!

Miya Sashimi
Miya Sushi

The food came out relatively fast too-taco spring rolls, gyoza, fried potatoes, buttered sautéed spinach, edamame, spicy tuna roll, tuna sashimi, and onigiri.  I also had a grape Chu-Hai and my husband had two Orions. Our total bill was only ¥4000.

They had signs with Orion Beer advertised for only ¥250. I asked them did they have a happy hour, but I found out that it is an ad for Orion Mugishokunin and not Orion draft (¥450). My husband ordered one of each to investigate. He said you could definitely tell the difference. It was not as smooth, and he would probably spend the extra money to order the draft.

On a closing note, my youngest son has a fetish of going to the restroom in every restaurant he goes to. I would have to say I’m glad he did this time, only because it was cool to see. The hallway there has a glass floor with sand and shells in it. Very neat. We will definitely be heading back to this place!!

Additional note from reader, George:  The owner, Sato, used to work at an izakaya called Ufugi in Yomitan.  He is a very charasmatic sushi chef with a great relationship with U.S. Soldiers.  He recently moved and opened up Miya is Heart.  It’s off the beaten path and very traditional.  You won’t typically find Americans inside but sure to find very friendly locals willing to share a drink and possibly a song with you.  The sashimi is as fresh as I’ve ever tasted and I’ve lived on Okinawa since 2004.  His Orion beer is very cold and Sato is full of magic tricks.  He doesn’t speak English very well but understands enough that once the Awamori kicks in you guys can communicate just fine.  This guy will give you the shirt off his back once you get to know him.  His wife and two daughters help Sato run the place.

Hours: Monday-Friday 5:30pm-1am

Payment:  They take Japanese yen and US dollars only. No credit cards.

Phone: 936-0801

Address: 169 Sunabe, Chatan

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.335353, 127.747751

Directions: From KAB Gate 1: Take a left out of gate, take your first right at the intersection with Family Mart and Pizza Inn (going towards seawall). Take a right at the first stop light (Santa Monica International School will be on your left hand side).  Continue down that road until near the end (about 1/2 km??).  It will be on your right hand side. There is a huge rock in front of the restaurant.

Miya Rock


  1. My wife and I visited Miya is Heart tonight and loved the food! I ordered fried rice with chicken, gyoza, taco spring rolls, and fried shrimp. I’ve eaten a lot of fried rice in my time and can honestly say theirs is by far the best. The gyoza was amazing and the fried shrimp leaves you wanting more. I had two Orion drafts and my wife had a coke. Total bill was 3,200¥ and we were satisfied.

    The main dining area is small, cozy, and a bit smokey…one two-seater table and one four-seat table, a bar for 6 are available. There is a large table in the middle which was occupied by cheerful group of regulars. There is a side room for larger groups as well.

    We were a bit nervous and hesitant to enter at first but so glad we did. We will definitely be back!

  2. Just returned from here. The food was fantastic! We had fried shrimp, edamame, Japanese steak, California roll, shrimp tempura roll, and 2 beers for 3300 yen. Everything was amazing! I recommend all of them. They also have broiled Mackerel which I am excited to try next time. I want to go back tomorrow!

  3. Ate supper there tonight. We had beef fried rice, french fries,2 rice balls, and 4 mugs of draft for 3300 yen. Enjoyed the food and will definitely go again. Sign on wall said draft for 250 yen but no times listed for when this is. Very good!

  4. We ate here the other night and loved it. Service and food were both great. We had a lot of the same things the author ordered, but we also had a sushi assortment, fu champuru, and our gyoza were deep fried–delicious. We ordered 6 dishes 2 sodas and 3 draft beers and got out for Y4,500. A nice walk from KAB Gate 1.