Seafood Mos Burger @ Taipei, originally uploaded by mralenlin


Presenting rice buns (RICE BUNS!) at every Mos Burger across town. Just look for the scarlet arches and put one of these yum-yums in your belly. The food comes fast but the chalkboard easel outside the entrance lists the local vegetables in use and the farmers who farmed them. How bad can it be?

I’d love to see what McDonald’s chalkboard would say on that same topic. Tomatoes hatched, frozen and shipped from some distributor below the equator.

HERE is the menu. Likely an old menu as they up and change their menu with the seasons.

HERE is Mos Burger on Mos Burger in English


  1. So I realize that hoping MOS would be something like In-N-Out was probably a bit on the deliriously hopeful side of things, but I have to admit a little disappointment. I did love the French fries (very “real”) and my vegetarian burger (with the rice buns) was interesting… but I wasn’t overly impressed with the other burgers… will try the salad next time!

  2. Thanks! Always wondered what MOS burger meant. Translates so badly in english that the name doesn’t do it justice. I find them a little pricey but very delicious. My fave is the ebi burger!