Oceans Pizza Booth
Oceans Pizza Booth

Suppose you met a couple of Okinawa newbies (or, you’re that Okinawa newbie), still bubbling with excitement and ready to explore and find adventure on this tropical island. And, suppose at the top of their To Do List was to try some Japanese interpretation of American cuisine, to be able to eat a lot of yummy food without spending a lot, and to check out one of Okinawa’s beautiful beaches. All at the same time. Oh, and they don’t want to “pull out yen” from the ATM. Very particular newbies, aren’t they? There are two possible responses:

“Nay, nay, you aim too high. Such a place exists only in myths and dreams, and the occasional popular fiction novel.”


“Aye, my dear newbies, I know of the most perfect place, in the village called Yomitan. It sits next to the ocean, indeed, is named after the ocean, and as you sit on the patio and drink in the atmosphere, you can fill your gullet with all-you-can eat Japanese-American fare, for the cost of a crisp Andrew Jackson between the two of you. There’s a salad bar and soup for starters. Taco rice and pasta and the main attraction, pizza. Green tea, iced tea, coffee and soda. Grape juice and Shikwasa lime drinks. The mini muffins are tasty and the fruit is sweet.”

Oceans Pizza View
Oceans Pizza View

You, of course, being the experienced Okinawa excursionist that you are, choose the latter response. But you don’t even tell them how amazing this pizza is–that the thinner crust is both crispy on the outside, and chewy under the cheese. Just hint that they can find typical American toppings, like pepperoni and sausage, favorites like ham and Okinawan pineapple-topped Hawaiian pizza, and more exotic flavors, like Teriyaki (which has ham, potato, onion, Teriyaki sauce and mayo, and seaweed strips), or even dessert pizza (with cinnamon, fruit, and cereal).

Oceans Pizza
Oceans Pizza

DO tell them to bring American dollars, since the exchange rate is favorable ($1.00 = 100 Yen). DO also tell them that they should get a ticket for the buffet at the register before they eat, but pay at the end (they may BE newbies, after all, but they don’t have to LOOK like newbies). Also, DO mention that they can ask the staff to make more pizza for the buffet, if it’s run out or if they don’t see Teriyaki or Hawaiian pizza (which are a MUST TRY), or some other flavor they make. And, DO suggest they go a little before sunset, not only for the spectacular view, but also to avoid the heat during the day.

Oceans Pizza Pasta Bar
Oceans Pizza Pasta Bar

Website: /

Phone: (0)98-958-7711; English (as per website): (0)90 3794-5459

Hours: 10:30 am — 9:00 pm. Seems to be open every day.
Payment: Cash only, dollars or yen. Their exchange rate is really good: $1.00 = 100 Yen. They only give change in yen, so there is some rounding that happens if you pay in dollars.

Oceans Pizza Sign
Oceans Pizza Sign

Buffet Prices (includes salad bar, pizza, pasta, soup, taco rice, curry, and free refills for more than 10 kinds of drinks):
Adult: ¥980 or $10 USD
Senior (65 years or older): ¥800 or $8
Child Age 10-12: ¥735 or $7
Child Age 7-9: ¥630 or $6
Child Age 4-6: ¥525 or $5
Child Age 3: ¥250 or $2

Beer, margaritas, gourmet coffee (such as lattés and macchiatos), cookies and other menu items cost extra. Gourmet coffee items range from ¥300 to ¥420. Cookies average around ¥150 each. Pizza can also be ordered for takeout, but is pricey–ranging from ¥1575 for a small to ¥2940 for a large.

Oceans Pizza Exterior
Oceans Pizza Exterior

Directions: From Kadena Gate 3, make a left at traffic light onto 74. Drive for 2 km, then turn right at the intersection with the big dragon statue and street signs pointing toward Kadena Town. Go until you get to the intersection of 58 (you’ll see a Starbucks and a Caremax gas station on the corners), and make a right on 58. Follow down until you get to 6, where you must turn right or left; make a left (toward Zanpa Beach). Pass Torii Station and keep an eye out for a Lawson convenience store next to a blue highway sign that reads “Zanpa Beach, Zanpa Lighthouse, Zakimi Castle Ruins, Nirai Beach”. At the next traffic light after that sign and Lawson, you want to follow the road that veers left (there will be a sign at that light for “Gala”). Follow this road until you see an intersection with a white billboard for Gala and a lime green arrow pointing left; make that left. You’re pretty much following the signs for Gala from here on out, as Gala is next door to Ocean’s Pizza. There will be a right 90 degree curve in the road, another intersection with a sign to turn left for Gala, Ocean’s Pizza, and Hotel Murasaki Mura, and after you pass the red Hotel Murasaki Mura, another spot to turn right with signs for Gala and Ocean’s Pizza. You’ll start to see the ocean to your left and eventually, a long plaza of shops and restaurants to the right. Ocean’s Pizza and their parking lot are at the very end of this long plaza, next to Gala.


  1. Prices have changed. Basically +100¥ for each price. And don’t pay in American!!! Much more expensive when you pay in American. We paid $41.00 American for a meal that was 3950¥ ($33.25 for today’s rate of 115¥/$1)

  2. We checked this pace out tonight and really enjoyed it. My son is a very picky eater, but my husband and I will eat just about anything. We wanted to go somewhere that would make everyone happy, and Ocean’s Pizza did not disappoint! The view from the restaurant and deck are spectacular, but we didn’t time it right (coming from Kadena Gate 3 it took about 40 minutes because of traffic) so we missed most of the sunset. I am gluten free and was still able to get my money’s worth from the buffet, and I think my son and husband probably polished off the equivalent of a few pizzas. The taco rice and cole slaw were my favorites. For two adults and an eight-year-old, we paid ¥2590.

  3. the “58” described here with the starbucks at the corner is actually 58 bypass (バイパス). i have no idea why the word bypass is written only in japanese considering the locals really don’t use highway numbers at all but mostly give directions based on the names of the towns and neighborhoods and the locations of prominent landmarks.

  4. Ocean’s Pizza is only okay. We’ve eaten there a few times because we were in the area. The crust is like cardboard and many of the toppings don’t taste quite right. I guess that is what you get when you order pizza in Japan. I will say that the staff is very friendly and accomodating though.

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ocean’s Pizza! We live about 3 minutes from it and eat there often. When we walk in we see what is on the bar and if our favorites are not there, we let them know. In about 10 minutes they are on the bar. Your directions are really specific which is great, but a little confusing in one part. People may not realize that they will cross over the “real 58” before coming to the 58 that you describe with the gas station and Starbucks on the corner. Both roads are numbered 58, but they actually run parallel to each other. The directions will get you there, just make sure you turn on the 58 with the Starbucks on the corner. Thanks for this write-up. I hope a lot of folks venture out here and check it out! Oh, if you go past the Gala plaza that holds Ocean’s Pizza and past the hotel, there will be a BEAUTIFUL new white wedding chapel on the water. It is a must see in my opinion if you are out this way. Thanks again!

    • Sarah – What else can you eat there besides the salad bar? My daughter has celiacs (no wheat), and we are always looking for places she can eat with us! Is there enough for her to enjoy going with us?