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I live in this little part of Chatan Town called Minato. Here in Minato, we have a restaurant called Orange Diner. They have a variety of good food that fits every kind of budget – from 500 yen and up. They serve lunch and dinner with different sets of menu for each. Like most places, lunch is cheaper and dinner is a little bit more expensive. They also have a bigger selection for dinner. Both sets of menu include 500 yen dishes.


For lunch, I would recommend the Pork Bowl for 500 yen or the Chicken Bowl (comes with salad and choice of drink) for 850 yen. Drinks are also cheaper during lunch (100 – 300 yen). For dinner, I would recommend the the grilled veggies for 500 yen, the Sauteed Salmon with cream sauce (500 yen) with an order of garlic bread (500 yen) to dip in the sauce. (Note: the Sauteed Salmon is a pretty small serving, but it’s very tasty which makes it worth ordering.) They also have a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for 500 yen. The atmosphere is very relaxed and they have a very friendly staff.

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Hours: Open Tuesdays to Sundays from noon until midnight and they do take outs on most of their dishes. Please note that if a Japanese holiday falls on a Monday, they will be open that Monday but will close the next day.

Phone: 098-995-7000

Address: 10-18 Minato, Chatan

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.322016, 127.7501456

Directions: From Kadena Gate 1, turn left on Hwy 58. Turn right at the third stoplight (you’ll see Toyohanten and Sega building). Go straight on this road. Make a left at the street after the second traffic light. Then, turn right on the second street (there’s a clothing store and a beauty/convenience store at this intersection). Orange Diner will be on the left side (across the street from a flower shop). You’ve gone too far if you reach the seawall).



  1. I ate there tonight but wasn’t very impressed. I have the shell fish appetizer – just ok – and the “pizza” for dinner – more like a pita with some melted cheese. I had the purple sweet potato cheese cake for desert – that was yummy! total was 1500Y –

  2. Ate here last night and was very pleasantly surprised! They had a menu with pasta, risotto, different meats and fish, as well as many appetizers. They had many sets to choose from or you can order items a la carte. I had the salmon with cream sauce as well as the tomato risotto and enjoyed both. I will definitely go back and try some more items on the menu!

  3. I live really, really close to this fantastic restaurant. 😉 The staff is awesome! They have always been friendly to me and my daughter. I can’t wait to come back from my deployment and spend another great meal here!

  4. I have been to this Orange restaurant for dinner and I remember the food there was good. The restaurant is very modern looking and I liked their decor. Lunch sounds like a great deal! The description made my mouth water!! Yum! Now I live near D.C., where I find eating out at a restaurant (not a fast food!) sort of luxury, I miss dining out in Okinawa!