UPDATE: As of the summer of 2011 Yogurtand was bought out and now operates under the name “Partyland.” This is true for both the American Village and Kokusai Street venues. The concept and yogurt is still the same, just a name change (the cute spoons seemed to go with the franchise) 🙁


Who knew that creating your very own frozen treat could be so fun?  I was turned on to this concept while visiting Southern California recently – make your own frozen treat and you pay by the weight.  This could be a very dangerous new obsession, especially if you have several people in your family.  I thought I was safe because I was visiting California and I live in Okinawa, Japan.  Then Yogurtland arrived!


The concept is simple:  Grab a cup, dispense yogurt, add toppings, weigh, pay and enjoy!!!  I love the enjoy part and enjoy we did!


Remember, this isn’t 31 Flavors, they only have 16 choices, unless you count the numerous combinations you can create when you pull down the mix lever.  You will be more than satisfied with 16+ choices as each flavor is incredibly intense.

Here were our choices today:  Pistachio, Mango Tart, Green Tea, Tiramisu, Toasted Coconut, Vanilla Wafer, Fresh Strawberry, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla with Salt (I have no idea why), Dutch Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Double Cookie and Cream, Pineapple Tart and Pomegranate & Raspberry Tart.  One recommendation we all had when choosing your flavors is to choose only one.  Two flavors or more, with toppings, can get overwhelming in the taste bud arena.  Just FYI!


The first time I visited Yogurtland I tried the N.Y. Cheesecake flavor and loved it!  Unfortunately it was not available today.  Also, the first time I visited they were offering samples so you could taste how tart the Pineapple Tart truly was.  Today, they did not have the sample tasting available.  I’m not sure if that was a special deal because they had just recently opened or not.


Once you have dispensed your yogurt you move on to the buffet of fresh and dry toppings.  This is when the real fun begins.  My partner-in-crime, Dasha, said it reminded her of the Cold Stone Creamery back home – only this is self-serve.


Some of your fresh topping choices included kiwi, passion fruit, persimmons, mango, dragon fruit and nata de coco.  Some of the dry topping choices included brownie bites, cheesecake bites, mocha cake, fig, Oreo cookies and assorted nuts.  My favorites were the cheesecake bites and the Koala Yummies – you can buy the chocolate-filled Koala Yummies at most Y100 stores.  Once you have created your masterpiece you take your cup to be weighed.  You are paying Y200 per 100 grams of frozen yumminess and it’s amazing how fast the weight adds up.  Our totals ranged from Y573 to Y827.  Can you really put a price on your own creation though?


Happy Eating!!



Special Note:  Yen, American Dollars and credit cards.

Interesting fact:  Their spoons are biodegradable.  Check out nutritional facts and stateside locations here.

Hours:Open 7 days a week from 11a.m. until 23:00

Location:  On the 2F of the Ferris Wheel area in American Village.

Directions:  Leave out of Kadean Gate 1 and make a left onto 58.  At the Kuwae signal make a right – across from Camp Lester.  Follow a short distance until you get to the large American Village intersection.  Make a right at the signal, heading towards Makeman.  Pass the two-story building with the Ferris wheel and make a right, entering a parking area.  You can park anywhere but this will get you the closest to Yogurtland without having to cross the street.  If you are lucky you will even be able to park in the shade – outside of the Dragon Palace.

Alternate Okinawa location: There is also a Partyland (Former Yogurtland) on the south side of Kokusai street, just east of the McDonalds.


  1. Is there an alternative to Yogurtland anywhere on the island?? We LOVE yogurtland and go there in the States all the time, along with Golden spoon etc. for those who have spent time in Southern California. But I’m just wondering if there is a cheaper alternative? The Yogurtland here is SO overpriced!! Any ideas?

  2. We decided to try Yogurtland while we were enjoying the great weather in American Village yesterday. I got the cheesecake yogurt and was disappointed to take a big mouthful and discover that it had little to no flavor. I thought maybe it was just me, so I had my husband and daughter taste it as well. Both of them said it didn’t taste like anything. Speaking of my husband and daughter, they both got the pomegranate and raspberry tart yogurt which tasted crisp and refreshing. My youngest son opted for the coffee yogurt (I know… He’s a unique kid…). I tasted a bit of his coffee yogurt and wished I would have got that one instead. It had a strong flavor, so you might have to be a bit of a coffee fan to fully enjoy it. My oldest son tried to get three different flavors, and all three machines ran out of yogurt before he could get more than a spoonful. There were no signs posted saying the machines were out of order or empty, and the huge line of people behind us became even longer as various customers discovered certain flavors were empty and had to decide on a new flavor. After our visit, my opinion is that Yogurtland is not a place we will be going back to anytime soon. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great either. It was also very costly for a family of five. Our bill was 2780yen, and four of us had very small portions with very few toppings.

  3. Just FYI, there’s one on Kokousai in Naha as well. I don’t know if it’s new, but this weekend was the first time I noticed it. And there were giving out free samples to passer-bys, which was a nice treat!

  4. We just got here a few weeks ago and after reading all the great reviews decided to go. We first went to a restaurant also mentioned on here that sounded good called something like Ginpa Kinpa? I can’t remember completely but it was very good! Anyways afterward we went to the Yogurtland and I loved it! I guess I just like all the different combinations that you can make with your own ice cream! To all that wanted to see the New York Cheesecake come back…it has! I got that with the cheesecake bites on top lol, real creative I know. I think my hubby got the cookies and cream ice cream with cocoa crispies, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, and cheesecake bites on top! He seemed to like it but said the crispies made it weird because they were crunchy (duh lol). I would recommened it for anyone wanting to try something new in the ice cream department!

  5. I do like Big Dip. I have never been to 31 Flavors out in town, but I’m sure I’ll be taking my kids there before we leave.

    I know. I tried. I really wanted to love Yogurtland, but I just wasn’t impressed. I used to think I was alone in my lack of enthusiasm for it, but I’ve come across other people who don’t enjoy Yogurtland either. I think a lot of the people who are repeat visitors at Yogurtland are going more for the novelty and not so much the quality. But if that is what makes your visit a good one, than by all means go!

  6. Betsy – I’m bummed that you didn’t enjoy your experience at Yogurtland but I do understand that we all have different tastes and expectations. I hate eating at any of our clubs on base and mostly avoid them when possible.

    Have you tried the Big Dip on 58 that serves the Blue Seal icecream or the 31 Flavors out in town? Let me know what you think or if you find another icecream place that you do like out in town – it would be great to share with all our other readers as well!!!

  7. I was all excited to make a trip to Yogurtland. So I packed up my kids and we ventured down to American Village to try this place out! We walked inside, got our frozen yogurt, added some toppings, and sat down to enjoy it! Too bad it was nowhere near as good as what everybody claims. My six year old wouldn’t eat his chocolate frozen yogurt and claimed that it tasted bad. I tried it, and he was right- It was disgusting! And I am not a picky eater. My older son got strawberry and it was okay. My daughter got vanilla- again just okay. I got pistachio, and it didn’t taste bad but it wasn’t terrific. It reminded me of the soft serve we used to get in our university cafeteria’s. Also, everyone makes it sounds as though there are tons of toppings to choose from when there are really only two small sections of toppings and a lot of them are just plain wierd. In my opinion, it was not worth the money we spent. I don’t think I’ll go back any time soon.

  8. The COldstone Creamery Japan website has 2 stores listed in southern mainland but no stores listed in Okinawa. 🙁 Did anyone else know there is a Pizza Hut offbase in Naha?!? I saw it this weekend from the monorail. I wonder if the menu is any different and how much more it costs!

  9. We have enjoyed going here too, it’s yummy, but not so healthy as made to believe. Unless there is more fruit than there is yoghurt! That’s an idea! I agree with Joelle, why oh why do they need to add that stuff? Don’t get me started on that subject! That’s a whole other blog!

  10. Jayme ~ there is another Cold Stone closer to Yokota AB in Diamond City mall…yes and actual MALL! There is also one here in Oki…although, I am not too sure where it is…anyone know? Some where near Kokusai, I think….

  11. My family and I went tonight and for 3 of the not so small cups it was only 1262 yen. My son LOVES strawberry so he got that yogurt with fresh strawberries and sprinkles on top. My husband is a simple man and got peanut butter with no toppings. I got the vanilla wafer and I admit I was a little worried at first of what it would taste like but it was amazing! There’s so much flavor in every little bite! My son said next time he’ll be getting the peanut butter. 🙂 Thanks for recommending this place. This will be a new regular stop for us!

  12. I love this place! I went there three times the week I discovered it and I took a new person with me each time! Lol! The last time I was there, I got Peanut Butter yogurt and Strawberry yogurt and topped it off with nothing but fresh fruit. It was amazing and not too much money considering I only filled the cup halfway with yogurt, then leveled it with fruit. It was a great light dessert after stuffing myself with sushi for lunch.

  13. My family went to Yogurtland a couple of weekends ago and really enjoyed it. The kids got a kick out of creating their own dishes (although you have to watch them or they will fill up there not-so-small cup all the way!)

    Another place we love which is located right by yogurt land is this small fruit/icee store at the top of the stairs. They have amazing “shaved ice” drinks that they add fruit and ice-cream too. My husband LOVES these which creates quite the debate when we go to America village, yogurt or icees? (We usually go both places 😉

  14. Judy, they have Yogurtland in the States, but it’s mostly in the western/southwestern states (CA, NV, TX, HI, AZ). I’m pretty sure there’s one in some mall near Ft Bliss. I really like that Yogurtland has fresh fruit toppings unlike some ice cream shops that have frozen fruit or “pie” filling fruit (not that those aren’t good,) but the fresh fruit and variety of it is awesome. I like mixing flavors together, but you have to find the right combination otherwise like some have said, it can be too much.

  15. I think I would like the Yogurtland better than Cold Stone Creamery, they have to mix the choices together and I think I would like the topping on top instead of mixed in with the ice cream, and C.S.C. is pretty pricey. I would like one flavor of yogurt and lots of those great looking toppings and then have to go back A LOT to try the other yogurts. Double Yummy looking, I have not seen anything like that here in US. Love you. Mom

  16. They used to have the Cheesecake flavor, maybe they’ll bring it back later since I’m sure it was very popular.

    There’s another Yogurtland that opened up on Kokusai Street across from the Lawsons with the underground parking area.

    The Kokusai YL had blueberry tart, with was YUMMY! Hope the Mihama location will have that flavor soon too!