(Sorry, this is a horrible picture of the exterior. My camera skills are not enough to get the whole name in w/out running across a crazy busy street.  But, just so you get an idea of what to look for!)

Last week I went out with a bunch of friends to the Chinese restaurant, “Peacock” out on 58. I was really looking forward to going because A) I was in need of some good socializin’ time and B) The Peacock is a Chinese restaurant and I haven’t eaten Chinese food in a really long time. I’ve been having withdrawals; before I moved here, I’d get it a couple times a week. I was single, and not into cooking, and the draw of sesame chicken on the way home was just too hard to resist. Also, the guy at the shop used to flirt with me in Span-Chinese-glish, as any takeaway owner doing business in a Dominican-American neighborhood should, if he’s worth his salt. Sometimes you just take your compliments where you can!

Well, The Peacock was a far cry from my beloved corner take-out joint. But not in a bad way. While there’s no flirting going on by the owner, she was an extremely gracious and accommodating proprietress. I think she even wore pearls. Her English was fantastic and she told me the restaurant had been around for thirty years.
The dining area was glamorous – red carpeting, Chinese screens, sculptures, and chandeliers. I imagined it having seen a lot in its three decades. Our group was big, so we got our own private room. It had an enormous round table which ten of us sat comfortably around. If food was too far away to reach, it was simply placed on a fantastic table-top Lazy Susan device and spun our way. Here’s the main dining room.
The food? Yum. Not quite authentic New York Dominican Chinese, but it certainly hits the spot when you’ve got the hankerin’ for familiar, hearty, and comforting Chinese fare. My friend and I shared our orders – ginger pork and spicy cashew chicken. I was very excited to find cashew chicken on the menu. It’s one of my favorites. They were both good, but what I really enjoyed were the big fat homemade gyoza and the delicious egg drop soup. In fact, I’m craving them right now. Here are some food pictures.


I know, you’re thinking, “Coffee and egg drop soup?  Who does that?”….Well, me apparently.
Here’s the spicy cashew chicken.  Interestingly they put the rice and everything on one plate, American style.  So not used to that anymore!  Don’t know why I didn’t get a shot of the pork stir-fry.
Forgot to mention that the egg rolls are very yummy!
Peacock is open for lunch and dinner. I haven’t been for dinner but my friend has and says the menu is just more extensive. You can see it on their website HERE along with prices, which for dinner seem to average around 1500 yen. The lunch prices were reasonable at about 800-1000 yen for a meal set.  I picked up a brochure on the way out with pictures of food loaded on platters. They seem to cater as well. Hmmm…Chinese food for a Super Bowl breakfast?

Peacock Chinese Restaurant

Hours: Lunch 11:30 a.m. -2:30 p.m.  Dinner 5:30 p.m. -10:30 p.m. (last order 10 p.m.)  CLOSED WEDNESDAYS and holidays.
Phone: 098-897-3548
Address: 1 Chome-2-10 Mashiki, Ginowan
GPS Coordinates: 26.2733148353, 127.740390909
Directions: Head south on 58. Pass Camp Foster. Count two lights after the Futenma intersection (also, look for Jimmy’s, which is next to it) and turn left into the Peacock’s parking area. The restaurant is on the second floor.


(Cut off on the bottom right is cabbage and pork, sweet and sour pork, and eggplant.)
IMG_9839  IMG_9840  IMG_9820


  1. I went here last week and enjoyed it very much. Not sure why so many negative reviews, maybe they have gotten better? Had spring rolls, egg drop soup and lemon chicken. Very tasty and good prices. I’m kind of a sucker for old 70’s/80’s decorated chineses restaurants…you know they’ve been in business for while!

    • The appetizers were good but the entrees were extremely oily. I like fried food, I ordered the szcheuan chicken and it looked like soup because it was that covered in oil. The service was was not very pleasant. For appetizers we had the crab wontons and spring rolls. They were very yummy but the spring rolls had shrimp so that sucked because I’m not a fan of shrimp. My hubby had the duck and that was yummy but it seemed like anything that had sauce was mostly oil. We will not be returning here. I second peters for delicious Chinese. By far better than this place and the owners are awesome!

  2. This “Pete & Mary’s” everyone is referring to is called “Peter’s Place” on the outside! It is located past Plaza housing on the right hand side. You must travel down 330 past Plaza housing until you reach the Plazy shopping center. There you will U-turn and Peter’s will be a little ways down on your left! My husband and I dine at both & enjoy both very much. Peter’s is very good and they are so friendly. They remember familiar faces and will come talk to you at your table & they also have sweet tea they bring to your table in a pitcher!! Everyone also gets a cup of the egg drop/corn soup—amazing!! As for the Peacock…it is a little “nicer” a little more pricey and have a few different things on the menu. My favorite are the Crab Won Tons!!! I think their portion sizes are much smaller than Peter’s, but there are a few different things to try on their menu. It all depends on your personal taste!!

  3. I am going to have to agree with Erika. The restaurant was not awful but it was not good either. If you are looking to go here I would pass it up, it is not too expensive, my husband and I each got our own meal and then split a gyoza but it was not worth the 34 dollar total.

  4. NOT diggin’ the Peacock! The egg rolls were alright, the broccoli beef was just slimy and kind of gross, the garlic chicken was okay, lemon chicken had a weird texture and was VERY lemony. A friend had the gyoza and said it was okay.
    I left wondering if I ate at the same restaurant.

  5. I’ve heard quite a few good things about Pete and Mary’s. Who would have thought with a name like that, it’s a Chinese restaurant?!?!?! The only Chinese restaurant I’ve been to on island has been in the Plaza Shopping Center (I’m afraid I don’t recall the name of the actual restaurant). The food there is quite good, albeit pricey. I guess that’s because most of us Americans are used to ‘cheap’ take out Chinese out of a box. Meals are pricey, but I equate that to the fact that it’s upscale Chinese dining. You pay for what you get. I will definitely have to try Pete and Mary’s.

  6. Oh oh! Pero tu ta loco! I was sooooooo in the mood for New York-style Chinese food the other day. I’m definitely going to check this out. Thanks a lot!

    Now if only I can find a nice Dominican spot to have mofongo and La Bandera Dominicana.

  7. We went there for lunch today, and it was very good. The mango pudding was amazing! They have cute high chairs for children, but there isn’t a strap or tray, so be careful. My kid held pretty still, but I kept a hand on him anyway. He also loved the egg drop soup. 🙂

  8. Kelly

    I will work on making the sacrafice to eat again at Pete and Mary’s to try my hand at a post. Hubby comes home in a couple weeks and it will give me an excuse for a date night. For those interested in the meantime Pete and Mary’s is the red brick building on 330 right after Plaza Shopping Center, same side. They are only open Thursday through Sunday. More info to follow.

  9. Suzy, you’d think by now putting the prices in would be second nature to me! Lunch was about 800-1000 yen for a set. Dinner prices you can find on the website which I just added to the post! (Ranging between about 1000-2000)Credit cards are a yes. It’s next to Jimmy’s. I wanna say it’s right before Jimmy’s, but I only wrote next to on my directions and now I’m second guessing my memory! I’m hoping someone will chime in with that info 🙂

    Michelle, Thanks for chiming in w/ Pete and Mary’s. Perhaps a post is in order?!