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My husband, son and I love to go to Peter’s Place. It’s the best Chinese we’ve had on island! The bottom floor of the restaurant has beautiful furniture for sale, and the actual restaurant is on the second floor. The tables and furniture used are also examples of what you can find downstairs.

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The environment is amazing, as are the owners. They are very personable and take a genuine interest in all of their customers. Peter is willing to special order any dish, and if you don’t see what you want on the menu (which is extensive anyway) he will try and make whatever you want! One of my favorite dishes is the Kung Pao chicken. My husband likes the Beef and Broccoli and requests it spicy. We also love the fried rice and spring rolls. The other dish pictured is the Chicken Curry on rice that my 2 year old loves. They give you a pitcher of iced tea and a pitcher of water, which with the prices of some drinks off base, is worth it’s weight in gold! The food is all very reasonably priced, with Regular size dishes, and Large. I have yet to see the size of a large dish as the regular is plenty!

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Peter’s Place

Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. (Lunch) and 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. (Dinner). Closed Tuesdays.

Phone: 090 8290 3887

Payment: Yen and US$ – no cards accepted

Address: 3 Chome-9-8 Kubota

GPS Coordinates: 26.3177778, 127.79382370000008

Directions: From Kadena Gate 2, take a right onto 330. Once you pass the Plaza House shopping center, Peter’s Place will be on the left directly after Kadena Oil gas station. The drive for it is right after the building which leads to a parking lot at the bottom of a little hill.


  1. Had lunch here with my wife and two friends. It was good, the place could use a good cleaning but wasn’t bad enough to keep us from eating there. Peter was awesome, he was friendly and was good waiting on us. Food was very good, we went based on previous reviews and they turned out to be accurate. I plan on eating there again.

  2. Peter’s Place Chinese Restaurant is a great mom and pop restaurant; it’s so good we ate there two night in a row.

    As soon as you walk in the door you feel like you are a part of something special. Once you have ascended the staircase to the second floor you come upon two swinging doors that look like you are about to enter someone living room. The cozy feeling of a home continues throughout the restaurant; from their book shelves to the dining room tables and music selection. Peter’s Place Chinese Restaurant has the appearance and coziness of grandma’s house with the comfort (Chinese) food to go with it. You can taste the love in each dish; from their egg drop soup to their sweet and sour chicken. In fact their food was so delicious we came back the next night for dinner again. So don’t wait parking and dining space is limited; however they do offer take-out for those on the go.

  3. We had the pleasure of eating at Peter’s Place today! The service was great and food was fantastic! We’ll be going back for sure! We liked the comfy feel of the restaurant and the atmosphere was nice. Peter was very friendly and even made a few jokes with my daughter. 🙂 They take cash or ¥ only no card. If the parking lot next to Peter’s is full you can pull into the lot and go down the hill. There’s more parking there you intangible to walk back up the hill.

  4. UPDATED PHONE NUMBER: 090 8290 3887
    Is written on the front glass of the restaurant.
    The take YEN & US DOLLAR – NO CARD!!!!
    My husband and I tried Peters Place today and we really enjoyed it. We paid US dollar $20 for a regular size beef and scrabbled egg dish (served with side of white rice and egg drop soup), 4 spring rolls, and a regular size sweet and sour chicken dish (served with side of white rice and egg drop soup).
    I lreally liked the sweet and sour chicken, it is dark meat chicken so it’s not the white chicken breast meat I’m used to in the states but it was yummy! It also was breaded a little but bit fried and then dipped in sauce like typical stateside Chinese sweet and sour I’ve had, it’s red sauce was sweet and not spicy at all (just my thing), and it also had onions, green pepper & a few pineapple slices.
    My husbands beef and scrambled egg was delicious, it was served looking like a big half moon shaped omelet with the beefixed inside lol! He loved it. The egg drop soup was amazing and had a little bit of corn in it. And last but not least the spring rolls were delicious finger length sized and fat, full of a beef or pork gravy kind of mixture and served with a sweet red dipping sauce…. Really enjoyed them!
    Different Chinese than what I’m used to getting stateside, but it’s delicious and not far off from what I am used to, we’ll be back for sure!!
    We did visit on a Friday lunch hour so we may have gotten a 20% discount off our bill, I read a sign at the front door saying that was there special ..I was on my way out & I didn’t pay attention to individual dinner prices to add it up. I hope you’ll try it out and calm your Chinese craving a little like I had to do lol!!

  5. Since my neighbors husband was on duty today, we decided to venture out in the rain to find Peter’s Place. The directions listed were great and we found it without any problems. We walked in the door and door and I felt like I was back in NY climbing the stairs of a whole in the wall chinese joint in China Town. How ironic that a chinese restaurant in Asia reminds me of NY! After the climb to the lovely dining room, we were greeted by a very enthusiastic couple. They seated us quickly and served us tea and water while we looked at the menu. Peter was very accommodating, and while he didnt have any sticks he made a special “chicken with no stick” for my daughter. It was a hit with all of the kids. My neighbor had beef with broccoli and I had chicken with broccoli. Both were just ok. It wasnt bad, but certainly wasnt what I had expected. The portions were huge, a regular size is easily enough to feed two adults or at least one hungry Marine. Lol. Overall the service and the atmosphere was charming. The kids were very fascinated with everything. But the food was slightly bland for my tastes. Not sure if I would go back.

  6. Ate at Peter’s place Friday, 3 May 2013. First time visiting his place and the food was very good. Place is easy to find also. Peter was really nice and helped us with menu choices. The iced tea is amazing and you get a big container of it.
    They give you large portions of food as well.

    We will go there again.

  7. ****UPDATE OF HOURS****

    New hours for Peter’s Place:
    Open everyday EXCEPT TUESDAYS.
    Lunch: 11:00-14:30
    Dinner: 17:00-22:00

    Mary Kam one of the owners and speaks perfect English- call if you have any questions 090-8290-7133

  8. We ate at Peter’s last night and it was amazing. It’s the closest thing to American Chinese food I have had on the island. Peter is super friendly and told us if it wasn’t on the menu he would make it. The great food along with the wonderful service has made this a new favorite for us.

  9. Just ate here tonight. I would say this food is some of the best Chinese cuisine I have had in years. Very friendly people with that “Mom and Pop” type of restaurant atmosphere. They even opened up their doors 30 minutes early because we confused the time. Their lunch hours are 1100 – 1430 (with 20% off only during this time), dinner doors open at 1700 (Friday’s 1630). Very highly recommended and close to Kadena. They only take cash and Yen (No Credit Cards).

  10. Peter’s Place is as good as it gets for great tasting Chinese food. Simply delicious! We searched for a long time for a place where my wife could satisfy her cravings for Chinese food and landed here – search over. Peter and Mary are the most gracious hosts. The menu is extensive; but if you would like something not on the menu just ask. Bring your friends!

  11. Went to Peter’s Place for the first time last night. How unbelievably mediocre. Quite honestly, I’ve had better “Chinese” food at buffets. The food was bland, as was the atmosphere. Please tell me this is NOT the best Chinese food on island?!

  12. We ate at this place today and it was yummy! Very easy to find via the directions above. The restaurant is located upstairs with an antique furniture shop below. Inside the restaurant all the tables are very nice detailed carved wood. Along one of the walls is a long display case full of neat items and below are lots of pictures of people who have eaten there. We ordered 3 different dishes: Beef and Broccoli, Sweet and Sour Chicken, and Beef with onions and peppers. All three were very good but the Sweet and Sour Chicken was our favorite. Each dish was 950 yen for the regular size which was a good amount and came with egg drop soup and sticky white rice. You are also given a pitcher of tea and water which they leave on your table. Overall it was very delicious Chinese food and a good price. We definetly we will be returning when in the mood for Chinese food on the island!

  13. This is the best Chinese food on the island. I eat here once a week. For those that say it’s not authentic your ordering the wrong things then. This is authentic as Chinese gets. If you think it’s anywhere close to Manchu wok your crazy. Being as I’m personal friends with Peter and Mary. I also am with a Chinese girl myself. This is as good as it gets. The problem is to many people are used to Americanized “authentic Chinese” this however is the real deal. If you haven’t ate there I highly suggest it.

  14. This is the best home cooked Chinese on island (coming from a Chinese). I go at least once a week, and it definitely keeps me from being home sick. Peter and Mary are awesome, and I recommend this place to anyone who wants authentic Chinese.

  15. My husband and I love Peter’s Place. We eat here at least twice a month and have recommended it to all of our friends. Nice and quiet Mom and Pop restaurant that is worth trying during your time here on island.

  16. The hubby and I are working our way through a cuisine book we got that lists all of the different cuisings available on Oki. We came across this restaurant and decided to try it out. The atmosphere was nice, the staff was friendly and the food was enjoyable. The sets look like a great idea for large groups and we are now looking for a good night to go with a bunch of friends!

  17. Not exactly authentic chinese food, but they’re still pretty good. Way better than manchu-wok. Not completely Americanized, but just enough if you’re craving take-out Chinese. If you call about a week in advance they can make peking or roast duck 🙂 I especially loved their steam bbq buns! It was warm and fresh!

  18. I think they are only open Thur-Sun, from 11:00-14:30 and 16:30-22:00 and still take reservations anytime for a group of 10 or more.

    I’m pretty sure I didn’t see any crab rangoons on the menu. My friend ordered general tsos chicken, and Peter made something similar and it was still good. Will go back again. 🙂

  19. Just got back from having lunch here with my daughter. It was ok, not sure if I’d go back or not. We ordered the spring rolls which were good and my daughter even liked them, she’s never touched a spring or egg roll in her life. She ordered the shrimp and cashews. It was the most blah chinese dish I have ever tasted. She enjoyed it though. I had the kung pao chicken. Very spicy, and pretty good. Disappointed that the pieces of chicken were so small though, like jelly bean size or smaller. When Peter rang up our bill he took off 300 Yen, not sure why but I’m not complaining. 😉

    I don’t know if it was mentioned before but it’s cash only, either dollars or yen.

  20. Been here a couple of times and it’s always been great! Our squadron held our Christmas party here and it was wonderful! We’ve also had one of our squadron coffee’s here and Pete taught us how to cook everything he served us that night. Was a lot of fun!

  21. I really wanted to like this place – the decor was nice, the service was VERY quick, they left pitchers of tea and water on the table, but the food was not of the quality you would expect for the price. Our spring rolls were soggy inside and were flavorless. My chicken meat was of decent quality, but the breading was very, very soggy and the sweet and sour sauce seemed bottled, not homemade. Our order of fried rice was little more than a bowl of mushy rice, some scrambled egg, and a shake out of a bag of frozen carrots and peas (insulting for the price, really). It seemed like we got day-old leftovers and soulless cooking on a Friday night and won’t be back.

  22. You can get take out too – bring your tupperware if you want the soup. Great food – not at all like manchu wok – delicious, fresh and made to order. I have eaten at Toyohanten and did not care for it. It may be authentic but not better!

  23. To tell you the truth, the food is not so much Chinese food, but Chinese “take-out” American food, similar to Manchu-Wok. The closest thing I’ve had to authentic Chinese is Toyohanten on 58, near the Sega Store.

  24. My husband and I had dinner here tonight. The food was really good. I had the kung pao chicken and my husband had curry chicken, and he liked his dish as well. Peter and Mary were really nice and came and spoke with us and took our pic for their wall. It has a nice atmosphere, too.

  25. I’ve been told by several people to try this place, and last night we did!! It was some of the best Chinese I’ve ever had!! Peter was so friendly. We told him how we are going to China in April and and talked with us for some time about it.
    I was so surprised when I logged on today and saw a post about Peter’s Place!!!

  26. The furniture & anitques are all personally purchased in China by Mary, Peter’s wife. Many of the items are old screens/carvings/window coverings, etc. that Mary purchases and then sends off to a manufacturer who cleans and treats the wood and then places it into new items made from old wood. It’s all beautiful! Ask Mary and she can show you an album of photos of the entire process. Cool stuff!

  27. I’ve often driven past this restaurant but i’ve rarely seen it open, that explains why. Good to know the food is worth it, this is the first review of any kind i’d ever heard of which made me nervous about trying it, but now I think i’ll give it a go!